Phala Deepika: A Unique Classic on Hindu Predictive Astrology by Mantreswar (Sanskrit Text, Translation and Notes)

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Author: Dr. G. S. Kapoor
Publisher: Ranjan Publications
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8188230103
Pages: 328
Cover: Hardcover
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Text Book of Scientific Hindu Astrology

For many years there has been a persistent demand for an up to date comprehensive text book of Astrology based on scientific treatment of the subject. This book is complete in itself includes every aspect of Astrology and does away with the necessity of purchasing and additional volume as text book.

The present work in the beginning emphasizes on relation of Astrology to science and philosophy and thus establishes the validity of Astrology. There is added stress on the importance of aspects and value of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in modern times, as new horizons have evolved in the fields of employment and social values. The work includes exhaustive chapters on longevity determination scientific determination of bhavas principles of judgement Yogas Astro medial diagnosis, Transits, Ashtaka Varga and element of Jaimini System.

A number of example horoscopes confirm the validity of the principles especially in chapters on professions and diseases. The sanctity and intrinsic character of Hindu Astrology has been maintained through out which makes the book equally indispensable for the beginners as well as scholars as well as scholars of Astrology.

Text book on Transit Of Planets

Transit of Planets is used in astrology for précising the occurnance of an event. In consonance with Vimshottari Dasa system and other methods of timing of event the transit of planets are used for pin pointing an event. The present work is an effort to delineate the transit secrets in a text book fashion.

A complete Guide for understanding Transit for beginners as well as advanced students of Astrology.

Planetary Aspects in Astrology

Planetary aspects are the combined influence of two or more planets on a native on earth. They are harmonious or inharmonious according to lordships natural significations and characteristics of the planets involved. Their intensity varies according to strength of planets in a particular chart. Aspects operate like conjunction of planets.

The treatise on planetary aspects is the first of its kind equipped with Vedic interpretation of conjunctions and aspects of along with exhaustive interpretation of conjunctions and fast changing trends and culture of the society.

About The Book

Phaladepika is the great monumental work by Mantewara. It holds a distinguished position amongst the greatly valued ancient astrological classical along with Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Brihat Jataka Saravali and Jataka Parijata, Hora Sara etc.

A work of the 13th century it comprehensively covers all astrological aspects of human life as will be seen from the table of contents. The book is so instructive and authoritative that beginners as well as advanced students of Astrology can obtain very useful and valuable guidance from its study.

Complete text in Sanskrit Translation and Exhaustive notes with example Horoscopes by an eminent scholar of Astrology.


Shri Mantreswara's 'Phaladeepika' holds a most distinguished position amongst the great ancient astrological classis alongwith Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra Varahmihira's Brihat Jataka and Vaidya Natha's Jataka Parijata. It deals in a most com prehensive and authoritative manner with almost all the astrological aspects of human life. There can said to be nothing that this great work has Om itted from its purview.

Some of the important subjects dealt with in a lucid manner in the book are: description and characteristic features of the various signs, planets and bhavas (houses) the various kinds of strengths of plants and their awasthas with their effects sources of livelihood yogas or planetary combinations leading to affluence different Ascendants female horoscopy matters relating to matrimony and progeny determ ination of longevity judgment of house various kinds of Dasas and their effects, Ashtakavarga and its importance in the judging of effects of transit of plants transit effects of planets and constellations, and description and influence of upagrahas.

The author of his this book Shri Mantreswara's is believed to have lived in the 13th century when valuable work must have been compiled. It is said that he belonged to a family of Nam boodari Brahmins and he was born in tirevelley District of the erstwhile Madras presidency (now know as Tamil Nadu). He was a devotee of Sukuntlambki Devi. As a young man his name was Markandeya Bhattadri. To attain knowledge he is said to have travelled to far off places like Badrika Ashram in Himalayas and Mithila Predesh By sheer dint of hard work and devotion, he become well versed in the Vedanta philosophy and in the knowledge of other Sastras, and by severe observance of fast penance and meditation he become gifted with divine knowledge and assumed the name of Mantreswara. His knowledge of Astrology was profound and the reference in his book to Parasara Varahamihira and other learned astrologers indicates that he had made a deep study of all the ancient astrological works existing in his time.

The present book is no instructive that beginners as well as advanced students of Astrology can obtain very useful guidance from its study.


Chapter 1 Description of characteristic features of sings and houses
Part of the body of Kalapurusha, Abdoes of sings Lords of the sigh Moolarlokona sighs exaltation and debilitation points own sings of planets Biped centiped Watery and quadruped, Shirshodaya Nocturnal and dlurnal sings Moveable fixed and common sings Dwara Bahis and Garha sings Dhatu Mula and Jeeva Sings Kruna Saumya odd even male female sings Twelve houses and subject with they are concerned
Chapter 2 Characteristic Features of the Planets and the matters falling under their jurisdiction 1-11
Subject to be determined from the Sun and other planets temperament form colour dress appearance etc., of the plants places belonging to the planets Gunas Satwa Rajas and Tamas of Planets relations signified by them Grains germs and substances ruled by the plants Ages indicated by the planets.
Chapter 3 Divisions of a sign 12-27
Rasi Hora Drekkana Panchamsa Saptamsa Navamsa Dasainsa Dwasainsa shodasamsa and Shastyamasa -Saptavargsa and shodasamsa -Shadvargas Matters to be considered from various vargas and their significance meaning and significance of Vargottama-Parijatamsa Uttamamsa Gopuramsa Simhasanamsa, Parvatmsa Devalokamsa Airavatamsa and Suralokamsa Awasthas of planets Pradeepta Sukhita Swastha Mudita Shanta Shakta Vikala Nipidita Khala and Aribhjeeta Effects of planets in various conditions 28-36
Chapter 4 The Strength of planets and Houses
Kalaja Chesta Uchchaja Dlk Ayan Sthana. The method working out Chandra Kriyas Chandra Awastha and Chandra Vela Effects of 60 Chandra Kriyas 12 Chandra Awasthas and 36 Chandravelas Tables for guidance 37-56
Chapter 5 Source of livelihood
The Indication of the sources of livelihood or profession by the Sun and other planets56-60
Chapter 6 Yogas
Panchamahapurusha yogas viz., Ruchaka Bhadra Hansa Malavya and Sunapha Anapha and Durudhara Kemadruma Papavasi and Papakartari Amala Mahabhagya Kesari Sakata Adhama sama and varishta Adhama sama and Varishta Vasumati Pushkala Shbhamala and Ashubamala Lakshmi Gouri Saraswati Srikanta Srinatatha Varunchi parivartana Kahala Raja yoga Sankhya Adhiyoga Chamar Dhenu Saurya Jaladhi Chhatra Astra Kama Asura Bhagya Khyati Parijata 0..00and Musala yogas Avayhoga Nisswayoga Mriti Yoga kuhu Sarla Yoga Nirbhagya yoga Duryoga and Vimala yoga 61-89
Chapter 7 Raja Yogas
Description of various planetary combinations 90-100
Chapter 8 Effect of the sun and other planets in the twelve house
Chapter 9 Effect of different Ascendants Effects of plants posited in exaltation own friend's inimical and debilitation 117-122
Chapter 10 Matters relating to the 7th house
Planetary dispositions for loss of wife issuelessness possessing a chaste fortunate and beautiful wife a crippled wife liaison with other people's wives wifelessness having two wives time of marriage 123-127
Chapter 11 Female Horoscopy
Peculiarities of female's horoscope planetary combination for a good husband and sons mascullne feature and sons masculine featured and uncontrollable women lack of chastity becoming a prostitute being chaste happiness Effects of Trimsamsa occupied by the Moon at birth untoward effects of the birth a female in certain Nakshatras Circumstances favorable for conception 128-134
Chapter 12 Birth of Children (the 5th house)
Planetary combinations for acquisition of children is suelessness loss of children limited progeny having a child late in life having a son by adoption male and female children number of issues and having children with great efforts inauspicious Tithis for births and their adverse efforts and remedial measures for the same Method for finding out Dasa and Antardasa Effects of transit of Planets on the Birth of children

Chapter 13 Determination of Longevity
Essentials at the time of birth--- death due to own sings or those of father and mother and remedial measures Balarishta Yogarishta Alpayous (short life ) Madhyamayus, circumstances in which father or mother or both will die after the birth of a child Evil yogas viz Dinamrtiyu Dinnaroga or Vishaghatika death soon after birth fateful degrees of the moon which cause early death. The decanate Rasis of the Lagna and the moon. Bnavamsa Rasis of the lord of the Lagna and lord of the sign occupied by the moon and the Dwadsamsa Rasis of the lord of Lagna and the lord of 8th house planetary combinations of long medium and Lagna happy long life if Jupiter and lord of the Lagna are posited in Kendra 146-156
Chapter 14 Diseases death and past and future births description by the various planets Planetary combinations for occurance of different kinds of diseases Manner in which person meets with his death Description of planets and Rasis and the disease caused by team Planetary combination for happy and troublesome deaths and going to heaven or hell Planets which give information about past and future births 157-166
Chapter 15 Assessment of Houses
Circumstances in which the various houses are strong and when are weak circumstances causing total destruction of a house Description of planets causing destruction of the Lagna their Dasa period--- Good effects of lord of the Lagna occupying a house even if he be a malefic--- Effect on the house when a planet owns two houses Effect of a planet in Bhava Sandhi Description of subjects falling under the Jurisdiction of the various planets Karakas a method of judging each house Circumstances under which the planets are inter connected 167-177
Chapter 16 General efforts of the Twelve houses
The plants effecting the appearance of the native and his body and limbs-Effects of the good and had disposition of body and limbs -effects of the lord of Lagna being stronger than the lord of the 6th house time when the god and bad effects of a house will be realised 178-188
Chapter 17 Exit from the world
Destruction of a house during transit of Saturn through certain positions-Occurrence of death during the transit of Saturn through certain positions Occurrence of death during transit of Jupiter the Sun and the moon in certain positions -the time of death of the native 189-196
Chapter 18 Effects of conjuction of two planets
General efforts of conjunction of two planets effects of moon in different sings being aspected by different planets Effects of the moon being in Navamsa of different planets and being aspected by them 197-202
Chapter 19 Dasas (major periods) of planets and their effects the span of Dasa (Vimshottari Dasa) of various planets-how to work and the balance of Dasa at birth? What is a solar year? -General effects of Dasas of the various planets 203-213
Chapter 20 Effects of the Dasa of the lords of houses Effects of the Dasa of Vargottamamsa planets -unfavorable effects of the Dasa and Antar Dasa of a planet occupying the 8th house ---Effects of the natal of a planet owing to the 3rd 5th or 7th star from the natal star in the Dasa of a Malefic Evil effects if the 4th Dasa is of Saturn sixth of Jupiter and 5th of Mars of Rahu-Favourable effects of the Dasa of Mars if in Urdhvamukha sign of the exaltation sing -identical with the 10th or 11th house -Unfavourable effects of a planet if he inimical to the lord of the Dasa -Quantum of effects of a planet passing in the course of his transit through his house of depression or inimical house, house of exaltation his own house or a friendly house -Effects of Dasas of benefics owning kendras and those of planets in Trikonas and vice verse -evil effects of Jupiter and Venus owning kendras -Attainment of Yogakarka status by Rahu and Ketu if posited in Kendra or trikona -Avarohini and Arohini Dasas.214-231
Chapter 21 Nature of Antar Dasas and Pratyantar Dasas Method of Calculating the spans of Antar Dasas and Pratyantar Dasas ---Effects of the Antar Dasas of the nine planets during the Dasas of the Sun the moon Mars Rahu Jupter Saturn Mercury Ketu and venus. 232-251
Chapter 22 Kalachakra Dasa
Method of preparing a Kalachakra Distinguishing between Apasavya and savya chakras period of the seven planets reckoned from the sun description of allotment of sub-periods according to four padas of the Nakhatras Details of parama Ayus in years for the 12 Rastamsas reckoned from Aries in the Apasavya chakra and those for 12 Rastamsas reckoned from scorpio in the Savya chakra Calcuation of cycles of Dasas Utpanna Adhana and Mahadasa Nisarga Dasa and its details Amsa Dasa and its details. When the Kalachakra Dasa system has not to be followed?256-263
Chapter 23Ashtakavarga
importance of Ashatakavarga Meaning of Ashtakavarga Reckoning of auspicious places in the Ashtakavarga of the seven planets and the Lagna Effects of nil to 8 benefic Bindus (dots) in the Ashtakavargas Method of Preparing prastara or Sarvashtakavarga Effects of benefic even in his exaltation signs while owning a Dusthana.264-276
Chapter 24
Effects of Ashtakavarga according to Horosara Sodhyap inda Method of Trikona Shodhana Method of Ekadhipatya Shodhana Description of Rasi multipliers and planet multipliers 277-288
Chapter 25 Gulka and other Upagrahas
The names of Upagrahas viz Gulika or Mandi Yamakan taka Ardhaprahar Kala Dhuma Vyatipata Paridhi Indra Dhanus and Ketu or Upketu Calculation of their position and their effects 289-294
Chapter 26 Effects of transits of various planets and constellations (Nakshatras)
houses reckoned from the nine planets in which they produce good effects in the course of transit Description of Vedha places from the various planets transit effects to be reckoned from the sign occupied by the Moon Effects of transit of the planets through the twelve houses Effects of transit of Nakshatras Saptasalaka diagram effects of Lattas preparation of Sarvatobhandra chakram and its importance Information extracted from Hora Ratna about Sarvatobadra chakram Diagram of Samastobhandra chakram 295-325
Chapter 27 Yogas leading to asctism
Planetary combination leading to ascetism the order of ascetism to be taken up as a result of the influence of the seven planets 326-327
Chapter 28 Conclusion 328
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