Rasa Sanketa Kalika of Kayastha Camunda

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Publisher: Chowkhamba Krishnadas Academy
Author: Uttam Vaidya, Pammi Satyanarayana Sastry
Language: English
Edition: 2005
ISBN: 8121801842
Pages: 152
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 8.9" X 5.1"
Weight 240 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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23 years in business
Book Description

Introduction :


It was my longing desire to translate, atleast one book on Merucury. My grandfather, Rasacarya Civukula Satyanarayana Sastry used to mention this book Rasa Sanketa Kalika often. Hence, I had a liking to this book. While I was preparing for Vaidya Vidwan, in 1970's I read the original text, which was Greak and Latin to me at that time. I first, transliterated it into Telugu to quench my desire temporarily. Later I started understanding the Yogas by comparing them with Hindi commentaries of Rasa Yoga Sagara & Bharata Bhisajya Ratnakara along with Telugu translations. I also used to comapare with other yogas with the same name. I jotted down all the information. Later, I compiled all my jottings and translated the entire book into Telufu with the blessings of Lord Tryambakeswara at Nasik, when I happened to stay there for a week. I found that this small work of kayastha Camnnda filled this book with all his life time experiences for the welfare of Ayurvedic fraternity. I am at loss to know that why this treasure was not translated even to Hindi till 1984. It was a difficult task for me in finding appropriate words in English for Sanscirt terms. Hope, learned readers will forgive for the mistakes, if any. I will correct them in the next edition, if intimated. I preferred to give the Latin names for the herbs to make them known to all, avoiding the confusion in identifying them with the local names. I have also tired to give these names along with the original Sanscrit names for better understanding. I also tried to give my own explanation to the names of the formulae and also at few other places, where it demanded. Though, it was my desire to present the pictorial explanations to all the Yantra (apparatus), Kosti (furnaces) Puta , Mortar etc., I could not do so due to few constrains. I gave Glossary of sanscrit terms used in the text for the benefit of the readers. I have taken the help of the books at items 06, 07 & 08 of the List of "Books consulted" for rendering the Botanical equivalents of drugs and book under item no. 09 for rendering modern medical equivalents for the diseses/ailments. Though the translation was done three and half years back, for some reason or other, the typing and computer type setting could not be done. At last now it is ready for publication by the grace of Rasesvara without whose blessing this could not have been done.

About the Author: Born : 29th June, 1940 at Nuzvicd, Krishna, Andhra Pradesh. Parents : Vaidya Pammi Suryanarayana Murthy and Smt. Devidatta. Maternal Grandfather: Rasacharya, Mahamahopadhyaya, Ayurveda Sathapaka, Pandita Chivukula Satyanarayana Sastry. Paternal Grandfather: Pandit Pammi Peri Sastry. Educational Qualification: Licentiate in Electrical Engineering and Vaidya Vidwan. Felicitations : Awarded "Uttama Vaidya" by Pranacharya Prof. Divi Rangacharya Centenary Committee on 04.07.1999 Responsibilities held : In Government: Asstt. Electrical Engineer, in Railways (Retired). In Ayurveda : Ex. Hon. Associate Editor- *Indian Medicine *Indian Medicine House Journal Secretary : Harita Ayurved Kendram (Regd.) Managing Trustee : Dr. Achanta Lakshmipathi Ayurveda Library Trust (Regd.) treasurer : Rasacharya Trust




Introduction iv
Commendation vi
Index of contents vii
Invocation 1
Origin of Mercury 1
Kinds of Mercury 2
Purification methods of Mercury 3
Purification by Grinding 4
Purification by Steaming 5
Purification by Swooning 5
Purification by felling (throwing) 6
Process of assimilating Sulphur in Mercury 7
Methods of binding mercury. 9
Kinds of Bhasma of Mercury 9
Preparation of Bhasma by sublimation 10
Preparation of Bhasma by baking 12
Kinds of Mercury Bhasma by Colour 12
Red Bhasma 13
Yellow Bhasma 13
Black Bhasma 13
Blue Bhasma 14
Pale-red Bhasma 14
Other Methods of preparation of Mercury Bhasma 14
Other Processes 15
Method of Testing the Mercury Bhasma 17
Properties of Mercury (Bhasma) 17
Acquiring better qualities when combined with others 17
Containers for storing Bhasma of mercury 18
Quantities of Livers & Poisons 18
Dosage of Bhasma of Mercury 19
Virtues on worshipping Mercury 19
Toxic/Allergic symptoms 19
Antidotes 19
Virtues on worshipping Mercury 20
Second Chapter
Classification of Metals & Their Bhasmas 20
Killing of metals without Mercury 21
Varieties of Gold 21
Purification of Gold 22
Killing of Gold 22
Therapeutic Values of Gold Bhasma 23
Varieties of Silver 23
Purification of Silver 24
Killing of Silver 24
Therapeutic Values of Silver Bhasama 24
Test for the Gold Bhasmaand others 25
Lodestone-the best alternative to Gold and Silver. 25
Varieties of Copper 26
Toxicity of Copper 26
Killing of Copper 26
Varieties of Tin 29
Purification of Tin and Lead 29
Killing of Tin 30
Killing of Lead 31
Qualities of Tin and Lead Bhasmas 32
Varieties of Iron 32
Purification of Iron 33
Methods of baking iron 34
Killing of Iron 34
Tests for Iron bhasma 37
Nectarial Process of Ironbhasma 37
Qualities of Iron Bhasma 38
Dietary restrictions 38
Iron Slag 38
Killing of Kaphari(Calamine) and its qualities 39
purification & Killing methods of Bronze and Brass 39
Antidotes for Toxic effects of Bhasmas 40
Quick process for killing metals 40
Test for Nirutha Bhasma 40
process for making Nirutha bhasma 41
Varieties Mica 41
Killing Mica 42
Process of making Mica bhasma as Nectar 43
Properties of bhasma of mica 44
Dietary restrictions while taking Mica Bhasma 44
Third Chapter
Processes of Purification of Sulphur etc. 45
Killing of Poisons 45
Qualities of poisons 46
Dosage of poisons 46
Antidotes for Toxicity of Poisons 47
Contra-indications for poisons 47
Indications for poisons 47
Semi - Poisons 48
Opium - Origin and properties 48
Birth of Cannabis 49
Properties of Cannabis 50
Fourth Chapter Mercurial formulae
Sitabhanjil rasa in malarial fever 51
Caitanya Bhairava Rasa in Typhoid fevers 53
Laghu sucikabharana Rasa for Typhoid fevers  
Sighra Jvarari Rasa 56
Caturdhikari Rasa in Quartan fevers 57
arthanari natesvara Rasa for all fevers. 58
Hemasundara Rasa in Fevers with diarrhoea 59
Arka Lokesara Rasa in Dysentary 59
Svasa kasari Rasa orsila talesvara Rasa 61
Raja Mruganka Rasa in consumption 62
Siddha Mruganka Rasa 63
kasyari Rasa 63
Udaradhvanta Surya Rasa 64
Sankha Bhaskara Rasa in Colic pains 65
Raktari Rasa for Skin diseases 65
Vadavagni Rasa in Obesity 66
Trivikrakma Rasain Dysurea 67
Svetakusthari Rasa in Leucoderma 68
Svcchanda Bhairava Rasa 72
Unmada Gaja kesari Rasa for insanity and Epilepsy 73
Krvyada Rasa for indigesion 75
Vadavanala Rasa in Indigestion 78
Agikumara Rasa in indigestion 80
Sankha drava Rasa Gastumour etc. 81
Haragouri Rasa do for Dhatu Kshaya 83
Madana Kamadeva Rasa in Dhatu Kshaya 84
Mrutyunjaya Rasa inDhatu Kshaya 84
Haragouri, Kamadeva & Mrutyunjaya Rasas 85
Manini mana mardana Rasa as aphrodisic 88
Kamadeva Rasa In Urnary disorders 88
Putra prado Rasa for progeny 89
Divya drustikara Rasafor Eye diseases 93
Sarana sundara Rasa for Stomach disorders 93
Vamanamaraka Rasa 95
Unmattakho Rasa in Typhoid 95
Vamakesvara Rasa 96
Sanja prabodhananjanam in Typhoid 96
Uddulana Rasa for excessive sweating 97
Fifth Chapter
The Chapter on Gutika's - Pills 98
Jaya Gutika for all diseases 98
Vijaya Gutika in coughs etc. 98
Sankara Vatika in Piles etc. 100
Sankha Vatika- for Chronic Diarrhoea etc 101
Kasa kartari Vatika for Coughs 101
Surya Prabhava Vatikafor Colic pains 102
Candrakala Gutika in Urnary disorders 103
Bhogapurandari Gutika in Impotency 104
Nagarijuna Gutika 105
Maha Mrutyunjaya Gutika in poisons 106
Kitava Vatika 107
Alarka Visaha Gutika 107
Mruta Sanjivani gutika in Typhoid 108
jvaranasini gutika 109
Nagarjuna vartika in Eye diseases 110
Supracetana Gutikain tyuphoids 112
Purgetion as Febrifuge 113
The Rasa that induces vomiting 113
Mahadvatari Tailam forVitaDiseases 114
Karnamrita Tailam 115
Rajavallabha Dhupa 116
Glossarry of few of the technical terms used the text. 118
Glossary of Sanscrit terms 124
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