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Rasa Sastra

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Author: Dr. Damodar Joshi
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788176370899
Pages: 467
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Book Description
About the Book

The book entitled "RASA SASTRA" is an unique combination of ancient and contemporary wisdom. At one side it is depicting ancient wisdom of 5th A.D. to 19th A.D. means (in other words) references of the subject content from Rasendra Mangal to Rasa Tarangini have been quoted as and when it has been considered necessary. However, 3-4 classical books have been referred frequently and prominently. On other side contents of contemporary sciences such as Geology and Metallurgy etc. have been cited in descriptions of this text, where it is found suitable, relatively.

All chapters of this book are written systematically and had followed one pattern. All the relevant details of Rasa, Maharasa, Uparasa, Sadharan rasa, Dhatu and Upadhatu, Ratna and Uparatna, Visha and Upavisha, Sudhavarg and Puta, yantra and Paribhasa have been described scientifically and elaborately. The unique pattern of this book will help undergraduate scholars, physicjans and many stake holders of Ayurveda to understand Rasa Shastra.

The experiences gained by Prof. Damodar Joshiji at Banaras Hindu University and Gujrat Ayurved University are being conveyed to the learned readers in the form of this book. The essence of 40 year experience of teaching and research in Rasa Shastra of Prof. Joshiji has been preserved in this book. As, Prof. Joshiji has explained his views wherever he understood necessary in this book under the heading of author's note.

Preface of this book is self explanatory regarding many fundamentals of Rasa Shastra


Rasa Sastra is a most important and popular branch of Ayurveda developed in medieval period i.e. 8th/9th Cent. A.D. and onwards. It deals with the knowledge related to Alchemy (Lohavedha) and Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics specially connected to the drugs of mineral origin with a view to remove poverty from the world in general and from the Indian continent in particular and to strengthen the body tissues and the organs of the menkind and also to prevent their ageing process, onset of new diseases and the death so that these may live long and healthy life free from diseases, decay and death.

Historically though, the drugs of mineral origin are in use since ancient times in the therapeutics but during that period their numbers were very much limited probably on account of non-development of suitable and sophisticated pharmaceutical procedures,techniques and processes necessary for their conversion to suitable dosage forms. However since the time of Nagarjuna (8th/9th Cent. A.D.) who was considered to be, the father of Hindu Alchemy and metal related Ayurvedic pharmaceutical sciences) the use of mineral drugs have started to become more popular and frequent in Alchemy and pharmaceutico-therapeutics on account of the development of highly advanced Alchemical and pharmaceutical techniques, procedures, processes and also the equipments. As these greatly helped in rendering the metals mineral and mercurials to change into Alchemically and pharmaceutically most suitable and useful compound forms which possess highly Superior Vedha (Transformation) powers for Loha (metals) and Deha (body) both and as such these have become suitable for transforming Jower metals into higher or noble metals and body tissues into new and healthy tissues. In the same way the pharmaceutically suitable metallic compounds also changed into highly absorbable Rasa like form which Is also least or non toxic for the body tissues and organs and therapeutically most effective.

It may also be noted here that the development of Pharmaceutical Technology had started from the time of Caraka Samhita as in this text a few important fundamentals of Ayurvedic pharmaceutics one found refered to viz. The ‘Samskarohi Gunantaradhanam’ is very important. It means the new or altered properties may be induced in the drugs through the Samskara (Pharmaceutical process or/and operation). And for this following treatments and factors may be held responsible VIZ.—

1. Toya Sannikarsa (Close contact of drugs with different liquids).

2. Agnisannikarsa (Contact of drugs with various types of heat).

3. Toyagni Sannikarsa (Contact of drugs with both liquids and heat)

4. Sauca (Suddhi karana (Purification/Detoxication — External, internal and both)

5. Manthana/Mardana (Churning and/or Grinding, disintegration of particles)

6. Bhavana (Trituration/Grinding with the same or different" types of liquids) extractives

7. Vasana (Flavouring/making the drugs more agreeable)

In addition to the above treatments following factors are also claimed to influence the properties of the drugs during their pharmaceutical treatments. viz—

1 1. Desa — (Place of collection and preparation of drugs)

2. Kala — (Time/Season/duration of collection, preparation/ treatment)

3. Bhajana (container/equipment/apparatus)

4. Kala prakarsa (Effect of long duration during preparation and storing)

Thus, on the basis of above description it may be said that the ancient scholars like — Caraka and SuSruta etc. have given due importance to the pharmaceutical aspect of drug prepara- tion, their processing technologies and to certain influencing factors which are likely to play a very important role in the conversion and/or alteration or inducing their original or new properties in the drugs during their pharmaceutical processing treatment/operations.

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