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Research Methodology & Medical Statistics - A Hand Book for the Students of B.A.M.S. (As per C.C.I.M. Syllabus)

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Publisher: Chaukhamba Surbharati Prakashan
Author: Dr. Prabodh Moreshwar Yerawar
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789386554024
Pages: 136
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Book Description
About the Book

Research Methodology and Medica1 Statistics is a newly introduced subject to B.A.M.S. students. This book is designed to provide accurate subject matter to the readers.

The salient features of book include:

1. The book is well designed keeping the subject matter concise.

2. The Material is well explained in the form of diagrams, tree diagrams, tables and examples.

3. The content is strictly according to the C.C.I.M. syllabus.

4. The examples quoted in the book are related to Ayurveda.

5. The book is divided in the form of modules to get easy access and understanding.

6. To make it more user friendly, the book is written in easy language.

About the Author

Dr. Prabodh Moreshwar Yerawar is currently working as Asst. Professor at Abhilashi Ayurvedic College and Research Institute, Mandi (H.P.). He did his B.A.M.S. from Shri Ayurved College, Nagpur and M.D. in Samhita and Siddhant from Rajiv Gandhi Govt. P.G. Ayurvedic College, Paprola (H.P). His First Book 'Ashtanghridayprabodhan' was published in 2016 and this is his second work for student fraternity.


Ayurveda is ancient life science that has been providing its mettle for ages. But due to paucity of research and documentation, the science remains largely unexplored. Introduction of 'Research Methodology and Medical Statistics' in B.A.M.S. curriculum is a welcome step and will go a long way in the development of Ancient treasure.

Keeping in view, the requirement of concise and comprehensible material, the book has been designed in such a way that it helps students understand the concepts and prepare for the examinations. The chapters in the book are in the form of modules and are as per the C.C.I.M. syllabus. The book comprises of two parts, one belongs to research methodology and other is regarding medical statistics. Subject matter is well described in the form of flow charts and tree diagrams in a simple language. Numerical and examples are related to Ayurveda.

Although every effort has been made to frame a book that is flawless, yet I extend apologies if some errors have inadvertently crept-in. I humbly request my readers, teachers and scholars to let me know if there are some mistakes and kindly send me a feedback.

With the hope that the book proves to be useful to the students, we are looking forward for more editions.

I thank Prof. Naresh Sharma, (Head, P.G. Dept. of Basic Principles, R.G.Govt. Ayurvedic, College, Paprola) for his valuable guidance. I pay my gratitude to Dr. Rajesh Sood and Dr. Satish Gandharve for their support. I am thankful to Dr. R. K. Abhilashi (Chancellor, Abhilashi University) and Dr. D. K. Mishra (Dean, Ayurveda faculty, Abhilashi University).

I thank my parents, Shri Moreshwar Yerawar and Sau. Megha for their guidance and Mr. Prasad, Mrs. Priya and Rahi for their lovely support.

I thank shalbh for her patience, and helping me out in some sections.


  Introduction v
  Syllabus of Ayurvedacharya- 4 Professional viii
Part-1:- Research Methodology
  Module 1 3-7
i Historical background of Research in Ayurveda 3
ii Historical background of Research in other contemporary medical sciences. 4
iii Evidences of Researches in Ayurveda Classics 5
  Module 2 8-10
i Introduction to Research 8
  Etymology 8
  Definitions 9
  Synonyms 9
  Module 3 11-14
i Research in Ayurveda 11
  Scope 11
  Need 13
  Importance 13
  Utility 13
  Module 4 15-23
i Types of Research 15
ii Basic/Pure Research 15
iii Applied Research 15
  Problem oriented research 15
  Problem solving research 16
iv Qualitative Research 16
  Ethnography 16
  Case study 16
  Phenomenology 16
  Grounded theory 16
  Historical research 16
v Quantitative Research 16
vi Mixed observational & interventional research 17
  Observational Research 17
  Covert observational research 17
  Overt Obervational research 17
  Researcher Participation 17
vii Interventional Study 18
  Preventional trial 18
  Diagnostic trial 18
  Treatment trial 18
  Supportive trial 18
  Compassionate trial 18
  Screening trial 18
viii Observational Research 19
  Cohort Study 19
  Prospective Cohort study 19
  Retrospective Cohort study 20
  Time series study 20
ix Case Control study 20
  Nested case-control study 21
x Cross-section study 21
  Ecological study 21
xi Interventional Research 21
  Rendomized control-trial 21
  Adaptive clinical trial 22
  Non-randomized trial 23
  Module 5 24-29
i Research Process 24
  Selection of the topic 24
  Review of the literature 25
  Formulation of hypothesis 25
  Aims and objectives 25
  Materials and methods 26
  Observations and results 26
  Methods of communication of research 27
  Module 6 29-32
i Role of pramanas as research tools 29
  Aaptopdesha Pramana 30
  Pratyaksha pramana 30
  Anumana pramana 31
  Yukti pramana 31
  Module 7 33-36
i Ethics in Research 33
ii Historical background of ethics 33
  Vedic period 33
  Nuremberg code 33
  Universal Declaration of Human Rights 34
  Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act 34
  Declaration of Helsinki 34
  Ethical Guidelines by ICMR 35
  Module 8 37-42
i Evidence- based medicine 37
  Concept of evidence- based Medicine 37
  History of evidence-based and definitions 37
  Methods or steps in formulating guidelines 38
  Assessing the quality of evidence 38
  Limitations 39
ii Scientific writing 39
  Purpose of scientific writing 39
  Standard format of scientific writing 40
  Module 9 43-45
i Imortance of IT in Data mining 43
  What is data mining ? 43
  History of data mining 43
  Role of Information Technology 43
ii Important Research Data Portals 44
  DHARA 44
  Pub Med 44
  Ayush Research Portal 44
Part-2: Medical Statistics
  Module 1 49-50
i Definition of Statistics 49
ii Scope of Statistics 49
iii Importance of Statistics 49
iv Statistics in Ayurveda 50
  Module 2 51-55
i Common Statistical terms and notations 51
  Population 51
  Sample 51
  Data 51
  Variable 54
  Normal Distribution 54
  Module 3 56-74
i Collection of Data 56
  Definition 56
  Sources of Collection of Data 56
  Methods of collection of Data 57
  Questionnaire Design 58
  Presentation of Data 58
  Definition 58
  Types of Presentation 59
A Tabular 59
  Master table 59
  Simple table 59
  Frequency distribution table 61
B Graphical 61
  Histogram 62
  Frequency Polygon 63
  Frequency curve 63
  Line Chart 64
  Cumulative Frequency Diagram 66
  Scatter/Dot Diagram 69
C Diagrammatical 69
  Bar diagram 71
  Pie digram 73
  Pictogram 73
  Map diagram 73
  Module 4 75-81
i Measure of location 75
ii Measure of Central tendency 75
  Average 75
  Percentile 75
  Arithmetic mean 75
  Median 77
  Mode 80
  Module 5 82-87
i Variability and its measurement 82
  Range 82
  Mean deviation 83
  Standard deviation 85
  Module 6 88-95
i Introduction to Probability 88
  Binomial distribution 89
  Poisson distribution 89
  Normal Distribution 90
ii Standard Error 90
iii Test of Significance 91
  Testing hypothesis 91
  Module 7 96-113
i Parametric and non-Parametric tests 96
  Z test 97
  Student t test 102
  paired t test 105
  Chi- square test 107
  F test 112
  Module 8 114-121
i Introduction commonly used statistical software 114
  SPSS 114
  SAS 115
ii Statical Tables 116
iii Table 1- Rendom number Table 116
iv Table 2- 't' Table Value 117
v Table 3- Chi-Square table 118
vi Table 4- F-Distribution 120
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