Science in Samskrit

Science in Samskrit

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Publisher: Samskrita Bharati
Language: Sanskrit Text with English Translation
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9788188220571
Pages: 152 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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Samskrit is not just a language. It is the voice of Bharat’s (India’s) soul and wisdom. It is the fountainhead of our national life spring. It is the link between our past and present. Samskrit is the language of the Knowledge Tradition of Bharat.

Samskrit language and literature is a great repository of knowledge encompassing every walk of life, be it science and technology, agriculture and sculpture, astronomy and architecture, medicine and metallurgy, mathematics and management, economics and ecology. This book is a humble attempt to give the reader a glimpse into the rich and vast scientific heritage of Bharat hidden in the treasure-house called Samskrit.

Samskrit was the medium of communication, education, law, administration, trade, commerce, art, entertainment, research and of all modes of intellectual debates till a few centuries ago. It was the link language of Bharat. Reviving it again is only a matter of our collective will and time.

Learning Samskrit is not learning a new language. Most Bharatiya languages have more than sixty percent Samskrit words. Samskrit being the cultural language of Bharat from time immemorial, it flows in the very blood of every Bharatiya. The teaching method of Samskrit, called Grammar-Translation-Method, employed in schools and colleges for the last 150 years and which continues even today, is an age old foreign method which made Samskrit learning difficult. Now that Samskrita Bharati has developed new methods of Samskrit teaching, learning Samskrit has become very easy.

In today’s globalised economy and in the context of knowledge - society, we need Samskrit more than ever before, to preserve our moorings, to bridge the ancient and the modem, to unravel the knowledge contained in the ancient texts, to protect our Intellectual Property Rights, to explore new avenues of innovations and to lead Bharat into the forefront of the future Knowledge-driven-globe.



1 Astronomy 1
2 Physics 13
3 Engineering 24
4 Aeronautics 28
5 Chemistry 36
6 Metallurgy 45
7 Mathematics 59
8 Arithmetic 61
9 Geometry 63
10 Medicine 69
11 Ayurveda 88
12 Botany 89
13 Agriculture 105
14 Irrigation 120
15 Ecology 121
16 Cosmetics 124
17 Art & Culture 126
18 Yoga 131
19 Geography 133
20 Architecture 134
21 Politics 138
22 Warfare 139
23 Phonetics 140
24 Scientists 141
25 Rishis 142
26 Heritage 144
27 Manuscript Wealth 145
28 Computers 146


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