Servant of God: Sayings of a Self-Realised Sage: Swami Ramdas

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Author: Susunaga Weeraperuma
Language: English
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8120813286
Pages: 257
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

About the Book:

Never before have all the various facets of the teachings of Swami Ramdas (1884-1963) been brought together in one comprehensive volume.

Like a beautiful multicoloured garland of fragrant flowers, Servant of God is a collection of extracts from the writings of Ramdas that are arranged under 101 chapter headings.

The very phrases of Ramdas form the chapter headings which range from "Adoration of the Lord' to "Zoroaster Taught the Suzerainty of God". The first word of a chapter heading indicates what it mainly contains. Thus the subject of LOVE predominates in the chapter "Love Breaks All Barriers". The order of the chapter is determined by the alphabetical sequence of these first words. Therefore the CONTENTS list itself serves as a very useful subject index.

Ramdas was not only an extraordinary spiritual teacher but also a master of the English language. His books are among the leading classic of sacred literature because of their great inspirational value. Profound philosophical insights blend in well with moving devotional passages.

The chapter entitled "The Life of Swami Ramdas" by Susunaga Weeraperuma is a long and detailed account that is replete with fascinating anecdotes about this saint.

About the Author:

Susunaga Weeraperuma, a Doctor of Letters, lives in France. Although he was born in Sri Lanka where he was raised in the Buddhist religion, he has been spending most of his life in England, Australia, Switzerland and France. After taking a Master's degree in Economics and Political Science at London University, he qualified as Librarian and worked in the British Library and the South Australian Parliamentary Library. It was during his period that he wrote three books on Library Science and A Bibliography of the Life and Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti.

After retiring early from his profession, Weeraperuma now devotes his time to spiritual practices, hatha yoga, gardening and the writing of books. Hi is deeply acquainted with both Oriental and Occidental religious systems. Consequently his writing are predominantly on philosophical and religious subjects. A skilled and vivacious writer who enjoys producing works of fiction and not-fiction, he is the author of two collections of short stories -The Holy Guru and Other Stories and The Stranger and Other Stories.

Some of Weeraperuma's important books are as follows:
Major Religions of India
J. Krishnamurti: As I Knew Him
Living and Dying: From Moment to Moment
That Pathless Land
Bliss of Reality
Homage to Yogaswami
Divine Messengers of Our Time

Back of the Book:


Roy Eugene Davis

Because only God exists and all souls are expressive aspects of God's consciousness, we are living in God now. Until we are conscious of our true nature as spiritual beings abiding in God, it can be helpful to nurture aspiration to authentic spiritual growth, internationally choose a wholesome lifestyle sustained by a clear sense of meaningful purpose, pray and meditate regularly, and frequently refresh the mind with constructive thoughts.
The God-centered themes in this book will inspire and motivate readers to live skillfully and effectively for their highest good. The affirmations can be used awaken and actualize soul qualities and provide awareness of possibilities for demonstrating excellence. Quotations selected from inspired sources supplement the theme pages.


Roy Eugene Davis


The book is written with the understanding that we are not mere mortals with wishful aspiration to divine status; we are spiritual beings with virtually unlimited capacities and functional abilities which are to be acknowledged, awakened, and creatively expressed.


The Kriya Yoga Way of Soul Liberation
Roy Eugene Davis


Kriyas are the constructive actions as well as the transformative actions. Yoga can be defined as "procedure," as "practice," and as the end-result of successful practice- "wholeness".
After presenting an overview of philosophical principles, the focus is the author's comprehensive commentary on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras (circa 200 CE, perhaps older). This is presented in four stages: concentration and superconscious state; international practices; awakened soul abilities; and liberation consciousness. Besides the book provides guidelines to recommended lifestyle regimens and instruction in meditation techniques and practice routines.
It is further supplemented by a glossary of primary English and Sanskrit words in addition to Transmission of the Kriya Yoga Tradition in the Current Era.




Acknowledgements   v
Introduction   xi
Glossary of Indian Terms   xiii
The Life of Swami Ramdas   1
Adoration of the Lord   27
Avatars Release a World-Redeeming Spiritual Force   29
Beauty in the Eyes of God   31
Bhakti is the Adoration of God   32
Bliss of the Atman   35
The Buddha: Truth is Inexpressible   37
Communion with Your Eternal Beloved   39
Compassion is the Noblest Virtue   41
Contemplation of God   43
Death is False   45
Divine Consciousness Destroys the Ego-Sense   47
Divine Consciousness of the Eternal and Cosmic Reality   50
The Divine is the One and Only Reality   52
Divine Protection and Grace Through Unshakable Faith   55
Divinity Permeates Everything   57
Ego-Sense Has No Place in Your Life   59
Evil is Our Own Creation   61
Faith in God   65
Faith Works Wonders   67
Gandhi was a Saint or God-Man   69
Glorify Him and His Name   71
God-Experience is the Highest Acquisition   75
God Has Revealed Himself in Me   77
God is a Living Reality   79
God is Absolute Joy   81
God is Behind Everything   83
God is the Friend of the Helpless   85
God Wants a Heart Longing for Him Alone   87
Grace is Ever Pouring on Us from God   88
Grace is Sure to Descend   91
Grace of a Saint   93
Gurus Awaken the Dormant Spirit   95
The Heart is Really a Temple of God   97
Hinduism is a Universal Religion   99
Humility Leads to Self-Surrender   101
I am That   103
I am the Still All-Pervading Spirit   105
I am Thyself   107
I Live in Ecstasy Always   109
Immortality is the Birth-Right of Mankind   110
Intuition is the Voice of God   112
Japa: Oh! the Charm of the Name!   114
Japa: The Repetition of God's Name   117
Japam Purifies the Mind   119
Jesus is an Incarnation of Infinite Love   121
Joy is His Nature   123
Life Has a Beautiful Meaning and Purpose   125
Life is Intended for Attaining This Supreme Goal   131
Life Lived in the Thought of God   133
Love Begets Love   135
Love Breaks All Barriers   137
Love is the Expression of God   139
Love is the Mystic Solvent of All Diversity   142
Man is an Embodied Divinity   145
Meditation: Posture and Method for Silent Meditation   147
Mohammed: The Great Prophet   150
Mysticism in Excelsis   152
Nanak: The Founder of the Sikh Religion   154
Nature Smiles - God Smiles   156
Pain and Sorrow Purify Your Heart   158
The Pathless Path   161
Peace is an Internal State of the Soul   163
Peace is Ever Within You   165
Pray to Him, Sing of Him   168
Prayer: What is the Best Prayer?   171
Pride is the Greatest Weakness   172
Ramana Maharshi was a Saviour of Souls   174
Reality Which is Deathless and Changeless   176
Reborn in a New and Glorious Life   179
Religion is a Matter of Experience   181
Religion is an Intensely Practical Thing   183
Religion is as Vast as the Very Heavens   185
Renunciation is an Inner State of Mind   188
Researches into the Realm of the Soul   192
Saints are Verily the Redeemers of Fallen Souls   194
Saints: Who is a Saint?   197
Self-Control   199
Self-Realisation: Its Impact on Society`   201
Self-Realised Persons: Jivan Muktas   203
Self-Sacrifice: The Elimination of the Self   204
Selfishness is the Root of All Evil   205
Service is Work Done Out of Pure Love   207
Silence is Brahman   209
The Soul Experiences a New Birth   211
Spirit and Matter are One and the Same   213
Spiritual Freedom Should be the Goal of Life   215
Spiritual Practice: Some Simple Rules   217
Sri Aurobindo   222
Suffering and Sacrifice Soften the Heart of Man   224
Suffering is Essential for the Evolving Life   227
Surrender: The Most Natural and Easiest Path   230
Surrender to God   232
The Triune Path   234
Truth is Eminently Beautiful   235
Unity of Mankind   237
Vegetarian Food Will be Helpful   240
Vision of Equality   241
War: What are We to Make of It?   243
Work is Worship When It is Done Selflessly   248
Yoga: Perfect Union with God   249
Zoroaster Taught the Suzerainty of God   251
Bibliography   253

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