Shiva The Light of Lights

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Author: Shri Makarand Dave
Publisher: Divine Darshan and Bharartiya Vidya Bhavan
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 9780974373805
Pages: 64 (Illustrated Throughout In B/W)
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details 13.8" X 10.0"
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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Book Description

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Shiva is regarded as one of the trinity and a great one whose existence envelops and transcends the manifested and the unmanifested creation, as per Hindu mythology.

This book illustrates esoteric significance behind them by decoding the symbols and metaphors to give a glimpse of the underling reality at the core. The author helps the reader to unveil the light of lights behind the apparently confusing and often contradictory folklore and brings him in tune with the dancing rhythm of the universe.

The Mystic Poet-Writer Shri Makarand Dave excels in revealing the truth and hidden meaning that eludes a normal human eye. He bridges the unfathomable with the discernable. Author of over 80 titles and an acknowledge seer, bestowed with numerous literary awards, he takes the reader in a world that seems paradoxical and yet unitary. Uplifting human psyche from its deeper recesses to exult into a being, which is free from body-mind limitations, comes central to his life mission. Swinging his vision from folklore to spiritual significance of myths, he weaves a magical veil of divine contemplation.

For instance, the legend of Ganesha’s birth subtly highlights the path of self-transformation in one’s current lifetime. To quote from the book, “Indian seers and rishes have long perceived the elephant as an animal with wisdom. They have also observed its inner abilities through their yogic insights. The elephant’s act of drawing up the water is symbolically similar to raising the base tendencies upwards.”

AT yet another plane, the author describes the cosmic destruction dance (Tandav) in terms of “Dancing Natraj, who plays both sides of Damaru from the meeting point vibrating the worlds with undivided bliss of Shiv-Shakti. This image inspired death to dance while drinking the nectar of immortality. It attracts and fascinates the mind and takes one beyond the realms of mortial limitation. Our whole existence dances in tune with its cosmic rhythm.

Although the myth of Gangadhar (one who bears Ganga) is a relatively well-known household myth across India, very few people apply it to their existential psychology. The human mind is full of conflict and contradictions. Sometimes it is agitated by the waves of uncontrolled rage and sometimes it is submerged in dark depression. It is a curse to humanity to be engulfed in dissatisfaction and self-destruction. Moreover, anguish, anxiety, envy, comparison and competition never allow a person to enjoy a restful state of mind. It is also very difficult to find a person full of peace within himself.”

Photographs of different - Images of Shiva give us a vision of ever new and ever lasting Truth, Beauty and Bliss. In Pashupatinath (Lord of all creatures), Brahma (The creator) is a archetype of every Artist who is bound by self importance and self indulgence, as it is said every prophet is blinded by its own vision.

The spiritual significance of meta-historical myths as explained by Shri Makarand Dave resurrects our being from the quagmire of confusing mental conjunctions and leads us to light, joy and quenches our soul with satisfaction of living a purposeful life.

Spiritual Aspect of the Indian Sculptures 5
Insight 6
Acknowledgements 8
Shiva Lingam 9
(Pillar of Light)
Yogeshwara 12
(Shiva in Samadhi)
Trimurti 14
[Three Faced - Creator, Protector & Destroyer]
Pashupatinath 16
[Lord of All Creatures]
Trilochana 18
[Third Eye of Wisdom]
Shiva - Parvati Parinaya 20
[Divine Marriage Decided]
Shiva - Parvati Vivah 23
[The Marriage Ceremony]
Birth Of Skanda 26
Birth of Ganesha 31
Ardhanarishwar 34
[Oneness of Shiva - Parvati]
Ravana Anugrah 37
[Grace on Ravana]
Nilkanth 39
[Shiva with a Dark Blue Spot of Poison on Neck]
Gangadhar 42
[Shiva - Receiving the Great Celestial River Ganges]
Tripurari Mahadev 45
[Shiva - The Destroyer of Three Cities]
Nataraj 49
[Lord of Dance]
Mahashivaratri 54
[The Great Night of Shiva]
Shivalaya 56
[Shiva Temple]
Divine Darshan, NFP 61
A Divine Mystic Master 62
The Third Eye 64
Book's Contents and Sample Pages

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