श्रीदुर्गासप्तशती: Shri Durga Saptashati (Sanskrit Only)

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Author: Dr. Ketu Ramachandra Shekhar
Publisher: Giri Trading Agency Pvt Ltd, Chennai
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9788179506899
Pages: 514
Other Details 6.0 inch X 9.0 inch
Weight 730 gm


We are pleased to present to the world of upasakas this second and enlarged edition of Durga Saptashati. This edition faithfully adheres to the text and reading adopted by Sri Bhaskararaya in his Guptavati commentary of Saptashati. Sri Bhaskararaya takes Katyayani Tantra as a scriptural authority in dealing with the reading and ennumeration of the verses (full and half). The Guptavati commentary & Katyayani Tantra’s rendition was published in ‘Durgopasana Kalpadruma’ long ago from Bombay. Since the text is not easily available we are pleased to present their reading to the upasakas. Bhaskararaya has applied rules of ‘Purva Mimamsa’ in arriving at the correct reading.

This edition also carries the three Nama Suktas i.e. Kali, Lakshmi and Sarasvati Suktas in addition to the names of 64 yoginis whose chanting is endorsed by Haragauri Tantra. Also Bija Mantratmaka Saptashati is added in this edition.

Again a special Sankalpa too is another gem studded in this edition. Close scrutiny will show us the ennumeration of all the benefits acquired by the chanting of this ‘Saptashati’ enlisted in the words of Devi herself enlisted in the sankalpa.

Addition of 360 names of Chandika culled out from ‘Saptashati’ itself would prove useful for the sadhakas in contemplation of the deeds of Chandika as described in Saptashati while chanting these 360 names.

May Chandika Parameshwari be pleased with these efforts and be a source of comfort for all.

1Saptashati Pathavidhihi 5
2Kavachastotram 28
3Argalastotram 43
4Keelakastotram 52
5Navarnamantravidhihi 57
6Ekadashanyasaha 58
7Devyatharvashirsham 77
8Vedoktam Ratrisooktam 86
9Tantroktam Ratrisooktam 88
10Saptashatinyasaha 93
11Charitratrayam 99
12Uttaranyasaha 263
13Rigvediya Devi Sooktam 266
14Tantrikam Devi Sooktam 269
15Pradhanikam-Rahasyam 277
16Vaikrutikam-Rahasyam 286
17Moorti-Rahasyam 296
18Uttaravidhi 303
19Kshama Prarthana 303
20Chandi Avarana Puja Vidhihi 307
21Shashthyuttaratrishatyarchanam 336
22Durga Sooktam 361
23Chandi Homaha 363
24Siddhakunjikastotram 387
25Parayana Paddhatihi 392
26Nyasaha 393
27Dhyanam 397
28Avahanam 404
29Namani 404
30Sarasvati Sooktam 408
31Lakshmi Sooktam 419
32Kali Sooktam 425
33Dalastotram 431
34Hrudayastotram 436
35Guru Keelakam 440
36Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram 446
37Durgasaptashloki 451
38Apadunmoolana Durgastotram 454
39Durgachandrakalastutihi 460
40Siddhi Samputa-Mantraha 465
41Gaudapadakruta Karikavali 475
42Bijamantratmaka Saptashati 484

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