Significance of Ayurvediya Marma Vital Body Points (Susruta Sarira)

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The Marmas (Vital points) are very sensitive, tender and vulnerable points in human body. Injury to them leads to deformity or even to death. Therefore, the knowledge of the Marmas is very essential for physicians and surgeons. This book is an attempt in the direction.

Based on 54 Verses of Susruta Samhita Sarira chapter 6, it explains the Ayurvedic concept of Marmas along with their various types location in the body, nature, their size, anatomy, physiology, pathology and possible treatments. it also tries to correlate the Ayurvedic Marmas with the vital points in other alternative systems of medicine-Yoga, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy and Acupuncture.

Rakhee Mehra is presently a Research officer in the Department of Ayush, Ministry of Heath and Family Welfare, Government of Also, she teaches Ayurveda at Morarji National Institute of Yoga, New Delhi. She has published a book ‘Varna and its Healing’ and nearly 200 research papers in various Ayurveda magazines of repute. She is a member of the Editorial Board of ‘Spandan’, a magazine published by District Administration of Nicobar Island.

Dr. Mehra has participated in more than 20 national seminars and workshops. She has received several awards and medals for her contribution towards the promotion of Ayurveda.


Publisher’s Note

We are happy to place the book Significance of Ayurvediya Marma in the hands of learned readers. We feel happy, as a publisher every time we bring out a book, but this time it is a very special case. Because the subject matter of the book is not only very close to our heart but also very beneficial for the physicians and the public at large.

The book deals with the Marmas the very sensitive tender and vulnerable points in human body. It explains the Ayurvedic concept of Marmas, along with their anatomy, physiology, Ayurvedic Marmas with vital points in other alternative systems of medicine-Yoga, Unani, Siddha, homoeopathy and Acupuncture. The noteworthy feature of the book is that it is written by a practising Ayurvedic physician, Dr. Raakhee Mehra, presently working as a Research officer in the Department of Ayush, an apex body to promote alternative systems of medicine in India. Hope the readers will find the book very enjoyable and useful.



The knowledge of vital points of the body is a defensive mechanism which enables the medicine to set the lines during management either by medicinal or surgical discipline.

A wide vision for humanity conceived by the author Dr. Raakhee Mehra in the concept f science of vital points of the human body in anatomical, physiological and pathological scientific approaches is indeed showing her talent in research field. Description of the Tri Marma; Heart, Lungs and brain under the tripod of the life and total 107 vulnerable points mentioned in Ayurveda has attracted my attention. A well presentation with visual impact in the book gives a milestone in such type of work and should be encouraged.

Moreover a trial of exploration of the subject form the various systems of medicine is an appreciable step by the author. This book is an example of such scientific research and will certainly provide a step ahead in medicinal world to the student teachers and research fellows.

Wish her all the success!

Dr. Jagdish Prasad



Publisher’s Note vi
Message vii
Foreword ix
Key to transliteration x
Preface xi
Acknowledgement xiii
Prologue xv
Preamble xxi
1 What is Vital Points 1
History of Marma 1
Nirukti 2
Vyutaptti 3
Interpreation 5
(1) As a prognostic tool 5
(2) As a part of the body 5
(3) As Prana 6
(4) As Cetana Sthana 6
(5) As a channel 7
(6) As a diagnostic tool 7
(7) As a Cikitsa point 9
2 Vital points in Traditional systems of Medicine 11
1. Vital points in Ism 12
a. Vital points in Ayurveda systems (Trimarma) 13
b. Vital points in yoga system 16
c. Vital points in Unani System 19
d. Vital points in Siddha System 26
e. Vital points in Homoeopathy System 29
2 Vital Points in Chinese system of medicine 38
3. Vital points in other Remedy 92
a. Vital points in Reiki Therapy 93
b. Vital points in massage Therapy /Beautification 93
c. Vital Points I Martial Arts/ Defence 97
d. Vital points in Medicolegal system 98
e. Vital Points in Surgeries 99
f. Vital Points in Sports 102
3 Categories of Marma 103
Classification of Marma 103
Types of Marma 107
A. Material Matrix of Marma –As per Dusya 107
(i) Mansa Marma 109
(ii) Sira Marma 110
(iii) Snayu Marma 111
(iv) Asthi Marma 112
(v) Sandhi Marma 113
(vi) Dhamani Marma 113
B. Panch Mahabhautic Matrix 114
Role of three Mahabhutas in context to the Marma 115
C. Pramana of Marma 116
1. According to size-Pramana –(Breadth of Marma) 116
(i) One finger 116
(ii)Two finger 116
(iii) Three finger 117
(iv)first size of four finger 118
(v) Half finger 117
2. According to site 117
Sakthi Marma 117
Udar and Urah 118
Bahu 118
prstha 118
jatrudhva 118
3. According to symptoms if injured 118
(i) Sadyo pranhara Marma 119
(ii) Kalantar Pranhara Marma 120
(iii) Visalyaghna Marma 121
(iv) Vaikalyakara Marma 122
(v) Rujakara 123
D. Quality Matrix 124
1. Satvadi quality 124
4. Description of Individual Marma 126
A. Marma of Sakthi limbs 126
1. Ksipra Marma 127
2. Tala Hrdaya 130
3. Kurca Marma 133
4. Kurca Sira Marma 136
5. Manibandha/ Gulfa Marma 138
6. Indrabasti Marma 141
7. Kurpara/ Janu Marma 144
8 Ani Marma 148
9. Urvi Marma 151
10. Kaksadhara/Vitapa Marma 154
11. Lohitaksa Marma 157
B. Marma of Kosha-Abdomen 158
1. Guda Marma 158
2. Nabhi Marma 160
3. Basti Marma 161
C. Marma of Vaksa-chest 163
1. Hrdaya Marma 163
2. Stana Mula Marma 165
3. Stana Rohita Marma 167
4. Apastambha Marma 168
5. Apalapa Marma 170
D. Marma of Prstha-Back 171
1. Katika Taruna Marma 171
2. Kukundara Marma 173
3. Nitamba Marma 175
4. Parsva Marma 176
5. Vrhat Marma 178
6. Ansa Phalaka Marma 180  
7. Ansa Marma 182
E. Marma of Griva Neck 184
1. Nila Marma 184
2. Manya Marma 186
3. Matrka Marma 188
4. Krkatika Marma 189
F. Marma of Sira-Head 191
1. Vidhura Marma 191
2. Phana Marma 193
3. Apanga Marma 194
4. Avarta Marma 196
5. Sankha Marma 197
6. Utksepa Marma 199
7. Sthapani Marma 200
8. Simanta Marma 202
9. Srngataka Marma 202
10.Adhipati Marma 203
5 Applied aspects of injured Marma 206
6. Vital points and health 223
7. Nut Shell 238
Finale 250
Bibliography 255
Annexure A 257
Annexure B 259
Index 261
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