Snehana Therapy in Ayurveda (A descriptive and analytical review on Internal Oleation)

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Item Code: IDK386
Author: Vaidya Vasant C. Patil
Publisher: Chaukhambha Publications
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 9788189798130
Pages: 200
Cover: Paperback
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description

Present time is observing a tremendous growth and acceptance of Ayurveda. This science having its origin in Indian subcontinent is now headed to conquer rest of the world. Previously only the lifestyle aspect of Ayurveda got propagate, now the happiest thing is that the curative aspect of Ayurveda is being viewed by different personalities belonging to different fields. In many of the countries works are being carried out to explore Ayurveda by going through its classical literature which is in Sanskrit. At the same time it's not possible for each and every one to go through Ayurveda literature due to inability of them to read and understand Sanskrit literature. Those most interested do learn it and continue further their reading of Ayurveda, rest a bigger part that can't learn Sanskrit start to look for the translated books.

In the present scenario there are plenty of books available to quench to basic thirst of the needy. After quenching their basic thirst for those who are searching for more information on a particular subject or topic, here is a book related to Panchakarma. Snehana is a basic procedure related to Panchakarma and very important in respect of out come of Panchakarma procedures. Author of this book has made an effort to cover the topic in an all round aspect. I am sure that this book will not discourage the reader.


Pancakarma offers a unique approach of Ayurveda to therapy with specially designed five procedures of internal purification of the body. Such purification permits the biological system to return to normalcy & to rejuvenate spontaneously & also facilitates the desired pharmacokinetic & pharmaco-therapeutic effect of medicines administered later. It eliminates toxins & stagnated malas & metabolites from the body, cleans the macro & micro channels, maximizes the absorption & metabolism of nutrients & medicines, & helps in minimizing their does & toxicity.

Pancakarma not merely a Sodhana therapy as it is understood, but also having wider range of therapeutics such Snehana, Rekhshana, Brmhana, Lekhana, Stambhana, Rasayana, Vrshya etc. it is the fastest growing Ayurvedic speciality globally due to its wider range of therapeutics and long lasting, radical relief of chronic diseases. The major contemporary specific areas of application of Pancakarma therapy are :

Pramotive and preventive health care as a part of Svasthavrtta regime.
As an integral pre-requisite of Rasayana and Vajikarana.
Curative treatment of diseases.

The Snehana therapy is the major preparatory procedure (Purvakarma) to be performed before Sodhana. The entire Sodhana procedure depends upon the proper mobilization of Dosas from the Sakha which is achieved with the help of Snehana and Svedana. Out of these two, the Snehana is a major therapy which decides the whole outcome of Sodhana procedure.

Snehana not only having an important role in Sodhana therapy but also in Samana & Brmhana therapy.

Sodhanartha Abhyantara Snehana is in practice since ancient times as a Puvakarma procedure for Sodhana Cikitsa. But the practices have been changed in some or other way in the flow of time period. Also in different regions of India, the procedure varies in the context of dose, duration and regimen. The reason for this is the does & duration is individual Specific. Mainly Agni, Koshtha, Prakrti, Dosha along with Bala, Satmya, Satva, Vaya, etc. are the factors of variables which put the physician in trouble while deciding the dose & duration for achieving adequate Snehana. After knowing all these variations, they have to be standardized.

The two main Aims of Snehana therapy are – (1) To prepare the body for expelling out the Doshas and (ii) To protect the body from the negative onslaught of Vata Dosha, after purification.

In ancient Samhita brief description about Abhyantara Snehana has been told. But what should be the dose schedule with regards to the Agni and Koshtha? Sneha is to be given in increasing or fixed dose? By which practice the Samyak Snigdha Lakshanas appear properly & timely? And where to stop Snehana were still remained imprecise. However indirect reference regarding the dose fixation according to the Agni mentioned by Caraka with an illustration that - just as cloth absorbs the water upto its capacity, then drains off the remaining. Similarly the Sneha gets digested according to the strength of Agni and drains off when exceeds the limit of Agni. Arunadatta also told that administration of Sneha without the consideration of Agni is irrational, while commenting on dose of Sneha.

Currently physicians practice Sodhanartha Abhyantara Snehana by their methods depending upon their experiences. If Snehana is not done properly, it definitely affects the Sodhana Karma performed afterwards. Hence, it is obligatory to start and increase the Sneha Matra in appropriate & judicious way considering the Koshtha and Agni of the subject.

Now a day, physician facing difficulty in deciding the proper dose and duration of Snehana. So, two main discussion points in whole concept of Abhyantara Snehana are the fixation of dose and duration. It seems that Acharyas have considered Agni as a technique to define the dose schedule for Snehana and Koshtha to decide the duration of Snehana.

About the Book

The Snehana therapy is the major preparatory procedure (Purvakarma) to be performed before Sodhana. The entire Sodhana procedure depends upon the proper mobilization of Dosas from the Sakha which is achieved with the help of Snehana and Svedana. Out of these two, the Snehana is a major therapy which decides the whole outcome of Sodhana procedure.

The author has tried to compile the complete matter regarding Snehana including Shamana Sodhana and brumhana Sneha, this book contains regarding the (a) Classification, Properties, digestion of Sneha; (b) Lipid metabolism (c) Snehana Vidhi (Procedure of Internal Oleration), (d) Mode of action; (e) Effect of Snehana on lipi9d Profile, (f) Research works on Snehana Karma (g) Area of research and (h) Appendix includes list of classical Sneha, list of oil & fats of modern era and research proforma.


Ch. No.Chapter NamePage No.
2Historical review4-7
3Abhyantara Snehana8-15
4Classification of Sneha16-31
5Four Best Sneha32-41
6Properties of Sneha42-45
7Digestion of Sneha in Ayurveda46-54
8Lipid metabolism55-62
9Purvakarma of Snehana63-94
10Pradhanakarma of Snehana95-115
11Pascatkarma of Snehana116-121
12Mode of Action of Snehana karma122-126
13Snehana before Basti, Nasya & Raktamokshana 127-127
14Effect of Snehana on Lipid Profile128-162
15Area of research163-164
Appendix – I (Sneha used in classics)169-176
Appendix – II (Oils & their uses)177-184
Appendix – III (Research proforma)185-200
**Contents and Sample Pages**

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