Songs of Three Great South Indian Saints

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Author: William J. Jackson
Publisher: Oxford India Paperbacks
Edition: 2002
ISBN: 019566051X
Pages: 239
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book:

This anthology provides a representative selection from the songs of three great singer-saints of sixteenth-century southern India. William Jackson translates the songs of Annamacharya, Purandaradasa, and Kanakadasa in an English that is sometimes startlingly contemporary and colloquial, capturing the essence of bhakti as a movement that belonged to the people, and spoke the language of the streets.

Jackson's illuminating essays on each of the singer-saints tells the story of their lives and the literature they originated. A general introduction and an essay on bhakti literature put the songs into their historical and literary context. This book will appeal to those interested in Indian literature, culture, music, history and Hindu saints.

(Note: Cover Painting: Purandaradasa by S. Rajam, inspired by the Haridas tradition, photographed by Ludwig Pesch.)

About the Author:

William J. Jackson is Professor in Department of Religious Studies, at Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis.

Experts from Reviews:

'The author has presented a moving and thought-provoking work. If life is merely a dream… it has… been painted here with brilliant colours.'

-The Statesman

'The author has given a life sketch of the three saints with translations of some select songs to bring out the core of their existence. The message of the songs is loud and clear.'

-The Hindu



Dynamic Bhakti Images in the Songs of Annamacharya,
Purandaradasa and Kanakadasa

Annamacharya's Life

Annamacharya's Songs

    Akativelalanalapaina Whenever you're hungry
    Anni mantramulu I am saying every mantra
    Bhavamulona bahyamunandunu Keep on singing 'Govinda…'
    Cjamda mama Uncle Moon, come to me
    Chudu dindaraku Gaze upon this venerable sage
    Devadevambhaje I worship the Lord of Lords
    Devesaganaradhita Shri Venkatagiri Nayaka
    Dinudanenu I'm a little nobody
    Dolayam Swing, Hari, swing and swing again
    Ekkadi manusha jammamu It doesn't much matter
    Ekulajudemi What if he's this, what if he's that
    Indiraramanu dechchi Please bring the Consort of Lakshmi
    Jaya Janakiramana Hail Rama, beloved of Janaki
    Kondalo koyila When I heard the call
    Kondalalo nelakonna The Lord of the temple bathing pool
    Kshirabdhi kanyakaku Here is the camphor flame
    Madhava bhavatu Glory be to Madhava
    Manujudai putti Having been born as a mortal
    Molla lele naku tanne What are these jasmine flowers for?
    Muddugare Yashoda The Son of Devaki
    Murahara nagadhara Killer of the demon Mura
    Nanati baduku All that transpires in this world
    Paluku tenela talli Our mother, whose words are sweet as honey
    Sandehamu Doubt has vanished
    Sharanu sharanu We surrender, we surrender
    Shriman Narayana Shriman Narayana…I surrender
    Suvvi suvvi suvvi 'Suvvi suvvi suvvi…' singing like this
    Tanda-na-naahi God is only one
    Valevalenani (Deshi Suladi) 'I want you, I need you!'
Purandaradasa's Life

Purandaradasa's Songs

    Adaddella Whatever has happened all has been for the best
    Ambiga Yo Boatman, boatman!
    Anjike yatakayya What is there to worry virtuous men?
    Apamanavadare For him who takes God's holy name
    Barida Time has passed and I've gone nowhere
    Bevu bella dolida lenu phala What's the point of leaving a bitter neem leaf
    Bhagyada Lakshmi Welcome to you, Goddess of fortune
    Baiyiro baiyiro Go ahead, help yourself, harass me
    Dariya Which way is the way to Vaikuntha
    Dasana madiko Make me your slave
    Dasayya Hey there dasa, if you come to my village
    Dayamado dayamado Show mercy, show mercy
    Dhaniye I feasted my eyes upon Lord Venkateshvara
    Donku balada nayakare So what have you eaten today
    Durdu But how is this?
    Enayita What's going on here?
    Giliyu O Lord, the bird has flown away
    Gudasika O I didn't find the nest
    Gudigudiyana Try putting some of this in your pipe
    Guru vina O brother you will never find salvation
    Harihari There's no special exclusive hour
    Harinamadaraginiyu In this world the parrot of Hari's name
    Harinarayana Harinarayana O my mind chant the name…
    Hari Smarane Always remember the name of the Lord
    Hasimayagutada O ma I am so hungry
    Helabarada Could you not tell your child
    Hyange barandito Earlier lives have written the lines
    Idu bhagya This is happiness
    Indu nanenu I don't know what good deed I've done
    Innu daya barade Still your pity doesn't come
    Irabeku illadirabeku The Haridasa should learn
    Isa beku We should swim and we should win
    Jaliya maradante In this world bad people are like Jali trees
    Janara O all you people listen
    Kala O I've wasted my time
    Kallasakkare Have some sugar candy
    Kanakadasa namela When Vyasamuni shows such high regard
    Kanda beda O my child don't eat mud
    Kande kande I saw! Saw him!
    Kande karunanidhi I saw the ocean of mercy
    Kandu kandu ni Seeing me again and again
    Karunakaraka I really don't know why you're called 'Merciful One'
    Kattabeku Tether the rebellious buffalo cow
    Kurudunayi It is said a blind dog
    Kusu Have you seen the adorable child
    Kuttavaru It's all one
    Madhavamathadolate The best matha is Madhava matha
    Madi madi yendu Where do you get this madi?
    Mana hinanige Can a man who has no self-respect
    Mangala jaya mangala Auspicious, let the auspicious prevail
    Marula madi O Lakshmi Goddess of illusion
    Muttu kolliro Pearls for sale!
    Mulama Some people may know hot to wash away dirt.
    Muyyakke muyya Tit for tat O Lord of the universe
    Na donkadareno What if I'm crooked
    Nageyu baruthide It makes me want to laugh
    Na madida karmaIf the deeds I've already done
    Nambiketava Those who have faith in Lord Rangayya
    Namma deva nimma deva 'My God', 'Your God'
    Naneke Why should I feel forlorn
    Nanenu madideno What have I done, O Lord Ranga
    Narasimha You would do well to worship the feet
    Narayana anabaroda What's your problem you can't say Narayana
    Nayi bandadatta Some kind of dog is trotting this way
    Ninya Why do I want you
    Ragi tandira O, have you brought ragi gruel?
    Ramanama payasa Add the sugar of Krishna nama
    Ramanama ratnahara I received the diamond necklace
    Sadhusajjana To be in the presence of sages
    Sakala graha bala nine You alone are the power behind all the planets
    Sanditayasa I am old now and time is passing by
    Sharanu sharanu We surrender, we surrender
    Smaranayonde Isn't remembrance enough
    Summane baruvude Will liberation come to you for nothing?
    Tala beku There should be: good rhythm
    Tambulava kolloTake these betel leaves
    Tandena I have seen Lord Krishna
    Taraka bindya Please dear sister
    Udaravairagya This is just belly vairagya
    Vyapara namagayitu We've gone into business
    Yadava ni ba Come to us, Yadava
    Yakenani Lord why did you drag me to this kingdom?
    Yarige Who is there for whom?
    Yechcharita bhagyaledutu My Lord has made me a wandering fakir
    Yellaru Everyone does all this for the belly
    Jiva paratantra suladi My body and mind are at your mercy
    Srishti Suladi I bow before your fierce Rudra face
Kanakadasa's Life

Kanakadasa's Songs

    Adigeyanu madabekannaAh my brother, I have to do some cooking
    Ajnanigala Better to be at odds with the wise
    Arigadaru It won't spare anybody
    Aru hitavaru Don't be fooled and think 'That man wishes me well'
    Aruballaru Hariharadigala Who could ever comprehend
      How great Shiva and Vishnu are?
    Badukidenu I am saved now I am saved
    Bagilanu Kindly open the door
    Bandevayya O money-lender we have come
    Bhajisi badukelo Listen, people, get a life
    Bombeyatavanadiside While Brahma and Shiva
    Dasadasara I'm the son of a servant woman
    Dasanagabeku sadasjovama Be a servant of Sadashiva
    Dhareya bhogavanu Be careful, man
    Eke nadugide O lovely lady Mother Earth
    Ellaru maduvudu The things people do for their bellies!
    Enandu kondare How shall I praise you
    Enna kanda halliya hanuma Hey little kid, village Hanuman
    Enu illada dinada Life lasts only a couple of days
    Huva karuvara Me, I bring grass to the house of my betters
    Hyange ni dasanadi How, O animal, did you become a dasa?
    Ishtudina I used to think and say 'Vaikuntha is far far away'
    Japava madidarenu So what if you say a mantra
    Kande na tandatandada I saw the gods assembled
    Kattava Even if you go to all sorts of trouble
    Kelirai shivasharanaru I'm afraid to say it
    Kula kula kulavendu Don't break your clan into warring factions
    Kula kula kulavennu People often speak of 'Our community'
    Maganinda gatiyunte Can you really get release
    Mumana Will intelligent folk lodge
    Mutta bandide A precious pearl has come
    Nandinda I've come to this earth
    Nannavva kalla bide Mama let me use the stone
    Narayana emba namada The seed is 'Narayana'
    Navu kurubaru nannu We are the Kuruba shepherd folk
    Ni vayiyilaga Are you inside illusion
    Prachina karmavada Man O man if past acts don't stop
    Ramanujare namo namo O Ramanuja, incarnation of Lakshmana
    Sadhu sajjana Satyagunakidirunte What could prevail against folks with devotion
    Sahaja This statement is true
    Saku saku Enough, enough of this serving fellow humans
    Satyavantara When you have the fine companionship
    Shiva Shiva Shiva enniro O people of the three worlds
    Tallanisadiru Wait a minute mind
    Tanu ninnadu It's all part of you
    Varakavigala The mediocre man should never show off
    Varava Bless me to be in your good graces
    Vishvalokesha vishvalokesha Lord of all the universe
    Yadavaraya brindavanalola O Madusudana!
    Yake ninilli pavadiside O Pashchima Ranganatha
    Yamadutarinnenu Lord of Lakshmi
    Yelli nodidaralli Wherever I Look I see Rama
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