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Sri Rudra Ghanam (Samhita, Pada, Krama and Ghana Patha of Namakam With Swaras Meaning in English)

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Item Code: SZZ042
Author: K Suresh
Publisher: The Ghanapati, Chennai
Language: Sanskrit Only
Edition: 2021
ISBN: 9788194895916
Pages: 348
Other Details 8.50 X 5.50 inches
Weight 450 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
Book Description
About The Author

He is a native of Varagur Village in Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu, India. Born on 28th February 1966 as the 2nd Son of Late Sri. P Krishnamoorthy Iyer and Smt. K Meenakshi Ammal. He had his schooling in Sir. P S Sivaswamy Iyer Hr Secondary School. Tirukattupalli. Tanjore. He had his B.Com degree from Vivekananda College, Mylapore, Chennai with a 1st Class and secured the III Rank in his Post Gradution in Commerce (M.Com) from the University of Madras from A.M Jain College, Meenambakkam, Chennai He is an All India Rank Holder in CA, CWA and CS from India's Premier Institutes like Chartered, Cost & Works, and Company Seceretaries of India. He also received his Post Graduate Diploma in Foreign Trade Management (PGDFTM) from the Indian Institute of Export Management, Calcutta. In addition to this, he also got his Diploma in Hindu Astrology (DHA) from Kadalangudi Institute of Astrology, Chennai. He received Business Management Training in INSEAD, The European Institute of Business Administration, Fontainebleau, France and in US GAAP and SEC reporting at Hongkong by Price Waterhouse, Belgium.

Interest in the Vedas: A) Rig Veda: Learning under Sri. B V Surya Narayana Bhat Ghanapatigal, Mylapore and Sri. Govind Prakash Bhat Ghanapatigal, Bangalore.

B) Krishna Yajur Veda: Learnt under Shri. V G Subramanya Ghanapatigal, Mylapore, Chennai and Sri. Ananthanarayana Somayaji, Musiri.

C) Sukla Yajur Veda: Learnt under Shri. Parasurama Ghanapatigal, Ambattur, Chennai.

D) Atharva Veda: Learning under Shri. Mahesh Ghanapatigal and Sri. Raghavendra Ghanapatigal.

Other Achievements:

1. Published an article on "Export House Status" in "Chartered Accountant" Magazine.

2. Held Senior Management positions in Indian and Foreign Companies.

3. Selected as one of the "Top 100 CFOs in India" by CFO Institute in March 2015.

4. Conferred the '100 Most Influential CFO's of India' title by the Chartered Institute of Management Accounts, London in June 2016.

5. Received the "Asia CFO Excellence Award" in Construction & Real Estate Sector from CMO Asia in August 2016.

6. Published a research article titled "More Accurate Prediction Using Ashtavarga" in World Famous "The Astrological Magazine" by Dr B V Raman, Bangalore.

7. Demonstrated a new method of reciting Ghana Patha from more than one Veda Sakha simultaneously to highlight the differences of Swara, Word (Padam) and place of occurrences in the same text, similar to Jugal Bandhi in Music, named Suresha Paddhati.

8. Written and published many books in Veda Ghana Patha from Rig, Krishna Yajur and Sukla Yajur Veda, first of its kind in the world.

9. Recited and published many Audio CDs and DVD in Veda Ghana Patha. Running a successful Vedas related YouTube Channal called "The Ghanapati"

10. Received Doctorate (PhD) in the Vedas, from Vedic Wellness University, Florida, USA in July 2019.

11. Honoured by Vice President of India Sri. Venkaiah Naidu during August 2018, for excellence and achievement in academic, professional, and Vedic fields.

About The Book

1 The book provides the Samhita, Pada, Krama and Ghana Patha with full Sandhi (junction of words or padas) as is recited in any Ghana Parayana.

2 This will be an eye opener and guide to those people who wish to recite Ghana without going into details on Pada, Lakshana (Grammar), rules of Sandhi, etc which they would come to know later and also suggested to know.

3 This book has been prepared after the author learned the given text, from beginning to end, written by himself and rendered in the presence his Guru (teacher) and correcting the same wherever necessary.

4 It is fully phonetic in nature.

5 All lines of Ghana Patha is serially numbered for all Anuvakas to help the learners to locate/ access easily.

6 Avagraha "5" is added at appropriate places to split or stop wherever necessary.

7 Maximum Visargas in Sandhi, occurring in the Ghana Patha, while reciting, have been replaced with suitable alphabets.

8 The words are arranged with gaps to represent Dvithwa, starts from Anudatha, ends in Swarita or Udattha or during extra Maatra to help the beginners in Ghana Patha, so that they can give breath, stop or begin the next word while learning.

9 For Kampa or additional dvithwa, a dash " - " with or without number for extra matra are also provided to help the readers.

10. The book will be very helpful for learners to understand how Swara and letters/words changes due to sandhi.

11. The book adopts the style, which Pundits follow in Tamil Nadu. India.

12. An analysis of Pada Paatha of 11 Anuvakas containing 1234 Padas are given in a separate table showing most repeated Padas and its occurrence in each Anuvaka.

13. Samhita, Pada, and Ghana Paatha on two verses (rik) appearing from Rig Veda are also given.

14. Finally, learners will be able to understand the concept of Ghana Patha with the help of this book, and more so, may find easy to recite Ghana with the help of their Guru/teacher to begin with.

15. The complete meaning in English for entire Rudra Prasna is included, for the benefit of readers.


This book provides samhita, Pada and Ghana Patha of Shri Rudram. (Kindly read the note, about the Book). I will be much obliged to the readers, for their valuable feed back, in rectifying the book, in case they find any errors. Though utmost care has been taken during preparation, I sincerely regret for any errors, that might have occurred or appearing in this book, and request the readers not to consider it seriously with their nobility.

Those who are learning with the help of this book, could approach the Vedic scholars for correct pronunciation, matra, svara etc. It is important to note, learning through Guru (teacher) with due respect would be permanent and good to us, as advised by our forefathers.

At this juncture, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Late Shri. R Swaminatha Ghanapatigal and Shri. V G Subramanya Ghanapatigal, Mylapore, Chennai for their utmost patience, time provided to me, devotion to Veda and sacrificing attitude as an adyapakar (teacher), under whom I learned the Ghana Patha of krsna yajur veda.

Further I would like to express my sincere gratitude and Namaskarams "salutation" to His Holinesses Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipati Jagadguru Sri Jeyendra Saraswati Swamigal and Sri Vijayendra Saraswati Swamigal, Srimatam Samasthanam, Kanchipuram, not only for their gracious "Sri Mukham" to this Book Publication, but also, for their gracious consent to come to Chennai, on 20th June 2002, and Release/ Publish the Book. I think this is my luck, poorva punya and once again express my gratitude and namaskarams to them.

I would also like to thank the great people who have provided me with lot of technical, legal, financial, translation and designing advice and more particularly to boys (Chi. R K Vishwanathan and Chi. V Shankar, Mylapore) for their help in Computer Animation, Graphics and Design even at late night during this project. More importantly, for the guidance and references provided while writing this introduction note on Veda to Sri. B V Suryanarayana Bhat Ghanapatigal, Mylapore (on rig Veda) Late Sri. Parasurama Ghanapatigal, Ambattur (on sukla Yajur Veda), Dr. R Krishnamoorthy Sastrigal, Principal, Sanskrit College, Chennai (on krsna yajur veda), Sri Chandramouli Sroutigal, Ambattur (on Sama Veda) and Late Sri. P S Ananthanarayana Somayaji, Musiri (on All Vedas and on all topics).

There is no need to say, the readers could realise, lot of man-hours, efforts and money have been deployed, to bring the book in shape. Though other books on asirvada Ghana in Yajur Veda and rig Veda suktas and Ghana are to be published in near future, I sincerely solicit your patronage to make this venture a success, which rest with the people like you, who are interested in learning the Veda. I would also like to thank the the publisher of this book.

By learning Vedas, one will be able to discriminate between the permanent and the impermanent. Behold the Self in all beings, in all objects. To realise, that the names and forms are illusory. Fix the mind on the Self when at work. This is the essence of the teachings of the Vedas. Put these things in practice in the daily battle of life. You will shine as a dynamic person / Yogi or even a Jeevanmukta. There is no doubt about this. Good Luck.

yo- rudro - agnau yo - apsuya osadhisu yo rudro vigva bhuvand vive-sa tasmai rudraya namo - astu

We bow to Sri Rudra who is present in fire, in water, in trees and plants and pervaded in the entire universe.

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