Sri Sathya Sai Baba and The Golden Age (The Fourth Dimension That Will Change The World)

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Item Code: NAE501
Author: Amla Chaudhuri
Publisher: New Age Books
Language: English
Edition: 2008
ISBN: 978817822264
Pages: 308 (7 Color Illustraions)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 8.5 inch X 5.5 inch
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Book Description
About The Book

Pollution, corruption, lack of human values, greed, selfishness natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, extreme whether conditions and viral outbreaks are increasing daily.

Visions of Doomsday in 1999 were glimmers of hope and comfort for many ! Has Doomsday been postponed to 2012 ? Are we given a period of Grace to amend our unsustainable lifestyle.?

Is The Divine Energy Of Love and light amidst us in the form of Sri Sathya Sai Baba to bring us back to the path of Truth, Love, Righteousness, peace and Non-violence to usher in the “ Golden Age of Peace, Love and Harmony on Earth?” will this cleansing involve geo-physical and political upheavals of unimaginable proprieties?

The author a retired researcher in the medical sciences, examines these questions in the light of our collective ancient wisdom, the teachings of Sai Baba and current scientific revelations. She also offers valuable insights into how we can empower ourselves to lead a healthy to lead a healthy and peaceful life.

About The Author

The author was born of Indian parentage in 1921 in the Caribbean Island of Trinidad. After graduating from the University of Toronto, Canada with the Doctor of Medicine degree(M.D.) post graduate studies in the U.S.A and England, she adopted India as her homeland. The new York Academy of Sciences elected her a member of the Academy for original research in pediatrics. She pioneered chromosome genetics in India and established the first Indian karyotype. She is the Founder- President of the Dr.K.C. Chaudhuri Foundation in New Delhi and is Editor Emeritus of The Indian Journal of Pediatrics. She is the author of “ The Sai Path to Immortality – The Way of Love” (1993)


The beginning of this book goes back about three years ago when Skye Farris the Canadian Reiki guru of my foster son, Vinod, visited us in our home in the Blue Mountains, the Nilgiris, in the state of Tamil Nadu, South India.

When Skye handed a book to my son and told him to read it, she had as it seemed to me, an inscrutable look on her face which arrested my attention. Needless to say, I look possession of the book at the first opportunity and quickly perused the contents, which I found to be of a somewhat startling nature. The name 0f the book is “Awakening to Zero Point- The Collective Initiation” by Gregg Braden.

After reading the entire book, I was much affected by its contents, emotionally, intellectually and conceptually. However, before being able to accept without question the mind-boggling information presented, I felt the need for some sort of confirmation or second opinion which I failed to find anywhere. Even the internet at that time did not seem to be very helpful.

It was a few years later that Vinod came across, ‘by chance’ in a bookstore the very last copy a book entitled “A Letter to Earth” by Elia Wise. He mentioned to me that she had referred to Gregg Braden’s book the first reference that had come to my notice in years. Wise’s book made a further profound impact on mind as it also dealt with the same subject matter as Braden’s the dawn of the New Age - 1 immediately decided that a detailed comparison between Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s pronouncements on the Golden Age or New Age and the material presented by these two authors was called for.

Being a multidimensional being herself and having been at first somewhat hesitant to reveal publicly her extraordinary experiences and ideas through the means of a book, Elia Wise explains herself thus: “ The understanding shared in this book comes from traveling through and beyond control and fear into realms of energetic and spiritual reality that bought me to reunion with my soul and the nature of the Universe. The insight and vantage point I share my seem extraordinary, but they are not. I am only an early arrival at this convergence of Self and Soul an advance scout. As such I am charged with the challenge and the opportunity of conveying the view and informing you of the nature of things. And so I write to you from my Universal identity from the wisdom I have gained in claiming my soul and my multidimensional origins”. Concluding her letter to the ‘People of Earth’ she writes, “ I invite you to join me on a journey into the Universe and the heart of the matter. It is the ultimate in adventure travel.

Initially, I had planned to make the comparison and to keep the material in my personal life for future reference when events warranted it. But Vinod suggested that I should publish the findings in book form. At first I resisted the idea but as I went deeper and deeper into the material presented by Sai Baba and those two authors, I relented and changed my approach. The publication in your hands is the result.


The Wake-Up Call
The devastation that was caused by a severe earthquake west of Sumatra in Indonesia measuring 9.3 on the Richter Scale and the giant tsunami that followed it was sufficient to jolt the writer out of her complacency and to goad her into starting the writing of this book. An earthquake of this magnitude has not occurred since the Alaska earthquake in 1964 with a magnitude of 9.2. According to U.S. geologists, the earthquake that unleashed deadly tidal waves on Asia was so powerful that it made the earth wobble on its axis and permanently altered the regional map (The Hindu December, 2004).

It was the most powerful in the world since the last forty years. Most destruction was caused by seismic waves or a tsunami hitting India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Thailand within twenty-four hours of the quake. This was the first time a tsunami wave had hit India, causing extensive damage across the southern coastline and killing thousands of people. Geophysicists cannot predict earthquakes because they occur with no warning or foreshore activity. The peculiarity of the tsunami that results from earthquakes or volcanic eruptions is that it has a long body and a short crust and can travel thousands of kilometres. It would be unnoticed by boats and ships. When the wave reaches the coast, it becomes a large wave and can reach up to thirty metres in height (The New Indian Express December, 2004).

What Are The Causes
We may wonder why these natural occurrences take place from time to time in Nature, which has been sustaining and nourishing us throughout countless millennia. One explanation is obvious; there may be others, but this we have to acknowledge with a guilty conscience—that men of greed and arrogance swear that Mother Earth was created to be used, misused and abused and to be ‘conquered’, come what may—to satisfy their insatiable greed, self-interest and corrupt practices. Now after a few hundred years of being victimized by technological advances and the misuse of hi- tech gadgets to suck out her wealth and rich resources which are the life-breath of Nature, she, in rage, like the Goddess Maha Shakti (Primal Energy), has turned her wrath on her erring children, determined to teach them a lesson for all time to come. The Sumatra catastrophe is only the beginning. Others are on the waiting list; none will be spared; all are equally guilty. It is the inexorable law of Karma, the law of cause and effect, and Nature seems determined to have her pound of flesh.

About calamities occurring on the planet, Sri Sathya Sal Baba said that man’s inhumanity to man (and all kingdoms) expresses itself in the form of natural catastrophes, like earthquakes.... God does not decree these calamities (such as earthquakes, floods,, droughts, famine, epidemics) but man invites them byway of retribution for his own evil deeds. Again, he said that we must remember, these calamities occur not because of what God has made of man, but because of what man has made of man. And again, the world is the body of God. There is a cancer in the body, and it must be removed.

So, man is the culprit, accused by no less a person than the Cosmic Avatar Himself.

Throughout the past three hundred years, and with the advent of the industrial revolution, man’s rapacious exploitation of earth’s rich, abundant and seemingly inexhaustible resources, consistently ignoring the cries and warnings of Mother Nature in the form of natural calamities, has brought the situation to a point of no return. The results are there for all to see. Commenting on the destruction that has taken place in the body of the Earth, Tiwari says, “When we inflict damage to the food body, we are breaking down a system that has been stoic and almost impenetrable.... As Earth’s magnetism loosens and her electrical impulses weaken, we drift away from the core of remembering... Smell is created by the Earth. When we smell the Earth’s natural fragrance we remember all time.

” Is it necessary to enumerate the countless insults we have heaped on Mother Nature in the form of toxins, pesticides, pollutants of all kinds, chemicals, industrial wastes and dangerous solvents among others? Are not these foreign bodies sufficient to inflict damage to her food body? Tiwari explains that the natural shifting and decline of a planet does not adequately account for the abnormal seasons and other global disturbances being experienced at this time. These are propelled by humankind tampering with its own nature. Once the food body is diseased, the prana (vital) body suffers. The pranic or vital sheath, the one next to the food sheath, is the second of the five sheaths which constitute our body. It is responsible for a variety of functions relating to the human body as well as the universe. Tiwari says “Prana moves the air, water, nerves and memory cells and controls expansion arid contraction of the earth’s surface. The ebb and flow of the oceans and the moon’s orbit around the earth are propelled by prana.”

With the information described above, we begin to realize at our actions and behaviour towards the planet are intimately connected to its behaviour and activities; and most important of all, to its balance. Whatever we do appears to have a direct effect on the functioning of the planet. Shall we ever be able to estimate the wholesale damage we have inflicted on the Earth during the past two centuries, and at the present time are still engaged in doing; and that too, at an enhanced rate and intensity, plundering and destroying any and everything that hinders our Industrial and so-called progress and development.

As Tiwari says, “When the food body of the planet and its inhabitants is violated and plundered, the whole balance of prana (the universal life force) is disrupted, both internally and externally. Outside, the inevitable harsh storms and killing winds begin bringing with them the swift karmas of...diseases within our bodies.” Tiwari emphasizes the importance and functions of prana, and as it is a subtle energy, is vulnerable to human interference. “Prana is the kinetic force of the universe. It causes the earth’s movement around the sun.... She (Earth) is made alive, and in turn generates life for every organism that dwells on her, whether human or one-celled.”

Calamities due to Man’s Interference with Nature
We understand from the above information that the abnormal conditions currently obtaining on our beautiful planet are due to man’s deliberate interference with Nature’s laws due to gross ignorance coupled with self-interest. Tiwari goes on to say “Prana alone controls the breath of the planetary heart.... this eternal breath moves the entire Universe.... The breath of the planet is the source of vitalization and renewal. When this layer of energy is sickened, the earth exudes fear, pain, tremors and spasms. These are indications that her stalwart food layer has been pierced.” It is therefore, not difficult for us to understand why Earth and her inhabitants have reached a critical point; and unless something gives way or breaks down to allow something more healthy to replace it, humanity is doomed, and as Tiwari says, can disappear within 300 years. She further states”... the system of vibrations is the first to deteriorate within the pranic body because of disharmonious noises and impulses. The vitiation of universal prana—is--directly responsible for the enormous increase of planetary insecurities.

It seems that only man can restore what he has so wantonly destroyed. As the Hopi prophetically says: When the heart of man and the mind of man becQme so distant that they are no longer one, Earth heals herself through the catastrophic events of change.

The remedy lies thus within man’s heart and mind. After the cataclysmic changes, it is he who has to put the pieces together again, with heart and mind in unison.

Sri Sathya Sai Baba’s Role
In His divine pronouncements Sri Sathya Sal Baba has been making over the past several decades, He has been drawing the attention of humanity to the changes imminent in the future and has tried to focus its attention on the immediate necessity to change its way of life. He has been addressing a world of human beings hypnotized by the illusive and delusive lure of materialism, hedonism and sensual pleasures, so much so that it is unable even to conceive of itself as being in imminent danger of destruction and change. We as a race of human beings, the most highly evolved of all living creatures, according to Sal Baba, with a core of divinity and being endowed with consciousness, capable of realizing our oneness with the Creator Himself, have become hopelessly enraptured by the enticements modern technology has brought into our lives in the guise of creature comforts, material possessions, and the whole gamut of technological gadgets that cater to our every whim. Under these circumstances, perhaps, it is natural to consider God as someone redundant to our way of life. Because of this complete absorption with worldly things, we have become blinded and deafened to the higher aspects of our nature as potentially spiritual beings. This is the burden of Sai Baba’s numerous discourses for more than half a century of His life on Earth. But we are not impressed. The lure of the material world and the call of the flesh are too great to resist, and therein lies our downfall.

What Sai Baba has expressed in purely spiritual language, Braden and Wise, the two authors with whom Sai Baba’s sayings have been compared, have written in a manner that the agnostic, the atheist and the rationalist may understand and hopefully accept.


List of IllustrationsXIII
1The State of Society Today1
2Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Warnings About the Future45
3The Arrival of the Golden Age57
4Changes in Vibration and the Level of Consciousness69
5Change of Values, Ideals and Thought Patterns85
6Choice and Free-Will103
8The Fourth Dimension and How it will change the World147
9Geophysical Changes and Others Events as portents of the Future167
10Ecology in the Golden Age197
Epilogue: Sri Sathya Sai Baba- A Brief Life Sketch227
Appendix: Some Experiences With Sri Sathya Sai Baba243
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