The Stars and Your Profession: An Astrological Guide to Choosing Your Career

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Author: Prem Kumar Sharma
Publisher: Rupa Publication Pvt. Ltd.
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9788129109224
Pages: 256
Cover: Paperback
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Book Description
About the Book

To be - a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, a singer, a dancer- or not to be… In a world where a person is judged by their choice of profession, it is very important to take the right decision. But how does one do that?

This book has the answer. In The Stars and Your Profession: An Astrological Guide to Choosing Your Career, the author tells you exactly which professions are best suited for you according to your birth chart. Not only that, the book teaches you to analyse how well you will do in your chosen field of work.

It also provides ways and means of improving your prospects professionally.

This book is a must for all those who want to reach the height of professional success in life.


About the Author

Dr. Prem kumar sharma is a full- time astrologer who has carved a niche for himself in this field. He has received a number of awards for his contribution to the field of astrology, including the prestigious Rashtriya Rattan Award, 2002 by the All India Achievers Conference. He has a number of books on astrology, gemology, Vastu, day-by-day predictions, dreams, etc. to his credit.



Astrology, like any other science, needs constant research. Astrologers need to keep an open and unbiased mind in order to make provisions for the changing times.

Earlier, there were few professions for common people. Now with wonderful developments in many areas due to science and technology, an overwhelming number of new career options are available to people.

We need a flexible and open mind in order to understand the present day scenario through the age-old constituents of astrology: nine planets, twelve signs and twelve houses. The required flexibility comes through research work based on a study of large number of charts.

Because livelihood is of utmost importance to existence, therefore, I believe that the Creator has kept many possibilities hidden not only in the topic more complex and a hard nut to crack.

The aim of this book is not to increase the existing haze but to reduce it so that through the clear skies of good presentation, the ever shining Sun of astrological wisdom may shine a bit brighter.

With the hope that my views, which are firmly based on my years of practice, will provide some food for thought, I present this humble book to my readers.



Once upon a time, a man was passing through a forest on his way to a city in search of work. He saw a fox that could not walk, as it had lost two of its legs. The man stood there wondering how the poor soul would survive without food. The next moment he saw a tiger eating his prey nearby. The tiger had his fill and left the remains near the fox.

The next day, the man out of curiosity went back there and was surprised to see that the tiger had left some more food for the fox.

The man, who was lazy by nature, wondered at the providence of God and decided to shun his efforts, believing thy God would look after him as well.

After sitting idle for a month without food, he was about to die of starvation, when suddenly he heard a mysterious voice say, ‘Wake up you lazy man! Do not follow the wrong path. Imitate the tiger, and not the fox.’

The great saint Tulsidasa also emphasized the importance of action in a beautiful verse: ‘Sakal padarath hai jag mahi, karamheen nar pavat nahi…’

This verse means that there is an abundance of material things in this world, but one has to work to get his or her share.

If we see some people getting prosperity easily or without efforts, this should not teach us to shun efforts. The ways of God are beyond our comprehension; therefore we must do our part well and leave the results to Him.

We, in India, believe that He, who has given us life, has also made provisions for our sustenance. The task of the astrologer is to locate the best probabilities so that the native may enjoy maximum success and prosperity.

The aim of this book is to explain how to take advantage of Astrology, in the selection and enhancement of one’s profession and prepare before-hand for the ups and downs in one’s career.

Some basic information about signs and planets has been provided which will help while analysing a chart. Before analysing a chart, it is necessary to know what are benefic, malefic and neutral planets, for a particular ascendant sign,. Some astrologers ignore the chalit or Bhava chart, therefore, the significance and use of this chart has been highlighted. Navamsha (D/19) chart needs to be given due importance, for general assessment of a birth chart, or for determining the profession. Dashamsha (D/10) chart is particularly important when analysing the birth chart to determine the profession, as this divisional (varga) chart tells us about the tenth house.

Each of the 9 planets, 12 signs and 27 constellations of the zodiac signify some professions or areas, which are described in detail.

Though it is not in the scope of this book to talk about the general techniques and methods for the analysis of a chart, some important tools like Ashtakvarga, Tara Chakra, Sapt Shalakha Chakra, Planetary periods (Dasha) and the last but not the least Transit (Gochar) of planets including the special transits of Saturn called Dhaiya and Sade Saati have been described and these will prove to be quite valuable.

Everybody wishes to compete with others and get the best status, authority, name, fame and financial gains. But everybody may not have the necessary basic qualities, acumen, intelligence and strength of character to achieve professional success. Therefore, a general analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the birth chart will reveal a lot in this direction.

The chapter on educational prospects discusses the inclinations indicated by various planets influencing the 4th house.

One needs to recognize various planetary combinations (Yogas) and their strength and know the time of their fructification. A separate chapter on relevant combinations has been included.

Although, the 10th house is considered the main house of profession, yet, it is observed that it may not always give profession or source of livelihood to a person. Considering this fact a separate chapter has been devoted to describe which other houses (Bhavas) of a chart can give profession.

Promotions and transfers are closely related to one’s professional career. A chapter on this topic has also been included. Significator planets for 76 professions and 24 departments have been added so that analysis of charts becomes more lucid and revealing.

After delving deep into the subject, things have been consolidated and some finer details of determining profession with detailed examples have been included to increase the utility of this book. I only hope that my readers will appreciate this effort and the style.

A number of charts belonging to persons from various professional fields have been analysed, in order to show the applicability of the rules and the data provided.

Some measures for enhancing ones profession and increasing luck have also been described.

I humbly believe that like my previous books, my readers will like this book also and continue their most valuable patronage, enabling me to give them more and more in future.




  Preface ix
  Inrtoduction xi
1 Some useful basic information 1
2 Some useful analytical tools 12
3 Planets and their indications 26
4 Houses and their role in judging the profession 33
5 Signs and their indications 39
6 Classification of signs and their indications 46
7 Constellations and their indications 51
8 Some selected planetary combinations (Yoga) 68
9 Assess the general strength of a chart 77
10 Educational prospects 85
11 Analysis of the 10th house 92
12 Navamsha chart and the role it plays 101
13 Dashamsha chart and the role it plays 106
14 Profession from houses other than the tenth 111
15 Ups and downs in profession 115
16 Promotions and transfers 126
17 Glossary of professional significators 132
18 Determining profession made easy 138
19 Analysis of some more charts 146
20 How to enhance your profession 237
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