Tantra Yoga For Beginners

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Author: Ravindra Kumar, Ph.D. (Swami Atmananda)
Publisher: Sterling Publishers Pvt. Ltd.
ISBN: 9788120752306
Pages: 95
Cover: Paperback
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Raisig one’s sexual enjoyment to its highest power and then using it as fuel for spiritual advancement leading eventually to enlightenment is the underlying principle of tantra. Yoga meditation and chanting of mantras are important in tantra.

This book provides briefly yet sufficiently the necessary knowledge for achieving the goal of enlightenment.



The materialistic or scientific view of time is that objects and events were generated through an origin way back in time immemorial and that this origin is untraceable. Tantra reverses this viewpoint and believes that objects and events are being produced continuously in the present in the same manner as a flame is projected by the trail vent of a rocket. The origin is implicit in the projection mechanism and the projection mechanism used by Tantra is sex. Spirituality becomes traceable through this reversal of genesis. This reversal is called paravriti in Sanskrit.

Briefly the underlying principle of Tantra is to raise one’s enjoyment to the highest degree and then use it as a rocket fuel for spiritual advancement which eventually leads to enlightenment. The principle of universal creation is the seed of being called Shiva and the female principle who is the creative partner is the goddness Shakti. Shakti spreads out in space time and the universe before each living being and therefore is nearer for worship than the male principle. She is worshipped in many guises and under many names. Most importantly she is revered in the form of the female generative organ of the world that is the vulva. Tantra recognizes the sex drive and copulation is seen as the symbol of bliss and divine worship. Performed with proper rituals and mantras it is supposed to be the most powerful tool for achieving enlightenment.

This book provides briefly but sufficiently the necessary knowledge for achieving the goal of enlightenment. A practical formula is presented which when followed reigorously can lead one to success. Important associative wings of Tantra are yoga meditation and the chanting of mantras. The academy of Kundalini Yoga and Quantum Soul provides full guidance on them. One is taught about energies in the human body which most people usually dissipate in their pointless exertions and recreations. The crux of the matter is to arouse passion and then sublimate it opening thereby the gates of higher consciousness.



In India from the Vedic times a variety of methods have been designed for attaining enlightenment. Tantra is claimed to be the fastest of them all. It begins with the recognition of the sex drive and aims at transcending it. In fact all methods lay stress on eradication of sex form within the individual which then open the way for god to come in. thus transcendence of sex is an essential step before the attainment of enlightenment. Just as iron cuts iron and a thorn removes a thorn in the same manner it is sex that transcends sex. And with this goal in mind it can be said that all other methods are comparable to the slow speed of a bullock cart while Tantra is comparable to a fast moving helicopter. Although it is risky like the helicopter it can work safely if proper precautions are taken and if performed under guidance. From ancient time specially endowed female initiators have been the partners in advanced sexual rituals. The temples of Khajuraho in Central India have been there for centuries and depict the technique of transcending sex. Tantric pictures engraved on the temple walls, stimulate a special kind of mental activity which invokes psychosomatic forces. These forces can transform a person completely providing him or her with a new basis for life. Even constant staring at these pictures does not arouse any feeling of vulgar sex. Rather sexual feelings are wiped out from the mind giving way to subtler religious thoughts.

Tantrics arouse all the energies discovered in the body heart and mind and combine them into a vehicle which leads to enlightenments. They use every possible means adapting every possible emotional stimulus and act to their purpose.

One assumes that things which one actually does repeatedly and which have associated with them a powerful sensuous and emotive charge transforms one far more effectively than anything else. Furthermore the change is radical only when one combines various kinds of doings. This kind of change is fundamental and total.

The four main components of Tantra are yoga offerings, meditation and copulation. A successful combination of them for a specific period of time changes a person forever. It introduces one to a world which can only be accessed by following the maps drawn by the tantric. Someone who has not visited it can have no idea of what it is like. One cannot examine it from the outside. By following the tantric principles one can be in a position to experiences truth about oneself and one’s world just as one can directly see and appreciate the Taj Mahal. A complete transformation of personality is required to attain this position where one can experience the truth. As said earlier this requires every kind of effort physical mental, sexual and moral. Tantra does not advocate abstinence from all enjoyment mortification of one’s flesh and fear of god’s punishment. On the contrary it advocates that joy be raised to the highest pinnacle and then used as fuel for spiritual advancement. This results in knowledge of truth about the origin of things and humans. This is called enlightenment.




  Preface 7
  Introduction 11
1 Tantric Model of Genesis 15
2 Importance of Women in Tantra 21
3 The Whole and Creation 24
4 Techniques of Re-Conversion 31
5 The Subtle Body 40
6 Enlightenment or Self Realization 44
7 Buddhist Tantra 49
8 Freedom from Lust 54
9 From Sexuality to spirituality 58
10 Spiritual Sex and Celibacy 65
11 Summary of the Method of Sex 74
12 Tantric way of living 79
13 Historical development of Tantra 81


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