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Taoist Cosmic Healing (Cut Kung Color Healing Principles For Detoxification and Rejuvenation)

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Item Code: NAQ764
Author: Mantak Chia
Publisher: Destiny Books
Language: English
Edition: 2003
ISBN: 9780892810871
Pages: 240 (Throughtout B/W and Color Illustrations)
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Book Description
About the Book

Taoists believe in an underlying unity that permeates the universe and intimately binds all things. Taoist Cosmic Healing presents chi kung techniques that develop and strengthen awareness of the forces and energetic principles of the universe and the earthly six directions, allowing the reader to draw upon these forces for healing themselves and others.

Taoist Cosmic Healing teaches the reader how to use the major acupuncture points in the hands to activate, open, and balance the chi meridians throughout the body. This practice allows the student to detoxify and rejuvenate the major organ systems and, when combined with specific body positions and the chi kung stance, to heal others. Through Mantak Chia's profound understanding of the ancient esoteric science of guiding chi energy, students can learn how to harness the astral energies of specific stars. Master Chia also explains the important role that compassion and positive energy play in enhancing one's ability to heal. He presents for the first time in the West the details of chi kung color therapy, a powerful tool for activating and strengthening the immune system.


About the Author

A student of several Taoist masters, Mantak Chia developed the Universal Tao System in 1979 and has taught tens of thousands of students from all over the world. He tours the United States annually, giving workshops and lectures. He is the director of the Universal Tao Center located at the Tao Garden Health Resort and Training Center in northern Thailand and is the author of nineteen books, including the bestselling The Multi-Orgasmic Man.


Cosmic Healing Chi Kung is an important branch of Universal Tao, a system of Taoist practices for cultivating the body, the Chi, and the spirit. Chi means "energy" or "life force"; kung means "work." Cosmic Healing Chi Kung is the cultivation of the ability to conduct Chi for the purposes of healing. We call this practice "Cosmic Healing" because we ultimately learn to use the forces of nature, human will, and cosmic particles to transform negativity stored in the body. This discipline can benefit anyone interested in forms of healing that are complementary to Western medicine, either for themselves or as a practitioner; any person who desires a higher level of awareness of the human potential; and any person who wants to heal a physical disorder. Human beings exist because of the unique combination of the forces that are around and within us. The two main forces are electricity and magnetism. Bio-electro magnetism is the Western term for "life force," or what Taoists refer to as Chi. Bio signifies life, electro refers to the universal energies (yang) of the stars and planets, and the magnetism refers to the earth energies (yin) or gravitational force present on all planets and stars. Bio-electro magnetism, or Chi, pervades all of heaven, earth, and nature. For the past five thousand years, practitioners of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung have used time-tested methods to tap into these unlimited reservoirs of Chi, greatly expanding the amount of healing energy available to them.

Human beings contain two types of Chi: Prenatal Chi, which combines Chi and Ching (sexual energy), is inherited from the parents and is visible as innate vitality, and Postnatal Chi, which is the life force an individual cultivates in his or her lifetime and is visible as the light shining behind personality and self-awareness. To build their Postnatal Chi, humans normally access bio-electro-magnetic energy through food and air. Plants take the universal energies of the sun and the magnetic energies of the earth and digest and transform them, thereby making these energies available to all living beings. Rather than connecting to Universal Chi only after it is processed through plants, however, Taoist practitioners of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung go directly to the source of this primordial energy. As we align ourselves with cosmic forces, we become a conduit through which we can absorb and digest these energies through the body, mind, and spirit, establishing a direct connection with the universe. Through Chi Kung and meditation, we are then able to direct this energy of the universe precisely.

Universal Tao views human beings as lamps filled with oil. Many people burn this fuel at very high intensity, without ever taking the time to replenish the oil in the lamp. Alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and promiscuity all quicken the depletion of this fuel. The exercises of Universal Tao strive to refuel the energy within. The Taoist recognizes that human beings have a limited capacity for Chi. However, if we are able to connect with the sources of Chi within the universe, we gain an infinite capacity for Chi, and we constantly fill our-selves, within the limitations of our human nature, with the unlimited abundance of energy around us.

According to Taoist belief, the root of most physical ailments is stuck or stagnating Chi. Practitioners of Cosmic Healing Chi Kung clear these Chi blockages by connecting to earth and universal forces and conducting the stronger, cleaner, more positive energy they provide into the body to move the negative or blocked Chi.

Through their internal quest, the Taoists discovered a doorway to the universe. The more readily we can conduct our internal energy, the more we are capable of conducting the forces of energy around us.

Human beings have amazing potential and capabilities. We are unique creatures in the way we use our minds and hands. Look at the world around us: the skyscrapers, the architecture, the technology, and the myriad creations of man. All have come about through the combination of the mind with the hands. In the Universal Tao practice, we use the mind and the hands, through Chi Kung, to connect to the forces of the universe. We use the mind to project a pattern of energy into the universe, to connect to the force, and to bring this energy back into the body. With the mind and the hands, each of us can journey into the boundless energy of the universe.

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