Temples of Trssoor District (Kerala): A Rare Book

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Author: S. Jayashanker
Publisher: Census Operations Kerala
Language: English
Edition: 2001
Pages: 960 (Illustrated In Full Color)
Cover: Hardcover
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Book Description

Temples built in different historical time reflect the spirit and idioms of the people and their way of life as existed then. The splendor of architectural designs of temples are embodiments of the aesthetic taste of the people and society. The cultures heritage reflected in temple designs in different parts of India has evoked interest and has attracted tourists from far and wide. There are wide regional variations in structural design and layout of temples. Temples of South India are different form that of North in both the architectural and technological contents. Apart from the external architecture internal organization of temples such as placement of deities rites and rituals vary widely from place to place within the country.

In Kerala known as God’s own country the study of temples has a special relevance. The study report of 1991 Census on temples of Kerala was acclaimed and appreciated by the well known personalities and scholars alike. The present report on temples of Trssor district is the 8th publication in the series on the study of temples.

This report has been completed by Shri Jayashanker who retired as Deputy Director of Census operations Kerala. The painstaking efforts made by him reflect his sensibility towards Indian religion and culture. The rich collection contained in the present volume perhaps would invoke admiration form those who have interest in Indian culture.

I am confident that this volume would further enrich the existing literature religion art, culture and society.



The monograph Temples of Kerala which was published earlier covered the general aspects on temples in Kerala like history of temples over the last two thousand years mode of worship architectural features carvings and paintings iconography of idols deva-prasnam (astrological prediction relating to temples) rites, priesthood, offerings temple customs and administration ritualistic and performing arts etc. this volume the seventh in the series of district monographs is an addendum to the monograph temples of Kerala and it attempts to cover an account of the temples of Trsoor district.

The background of taking up this exhaustive study needs little elaboration. The census organization of India undertook a study on temples of madras state as an ancillary study of the 1961 census. This study evoked keen interest among scholars, the Government and statutory bodies of Kerala. Late Sree R. Vasudeva Sree A. Chandrasekhar) as early as 1969 to launch a study on temples of Kerala similar to the one that was conducted in madras state and the latter readily pressure to this suggestion. But the study could not be taken up due to heavy pressure of work in connection with the 1971 census. In 1973 the Travancore Devaswam board also came up with a similar request but the backlog of census work of 1971 census stood in the way in launching the study. In 1979 the advisor to the government of Kerala on Temples and traditional Arts again requested the Director of Census Operations to commence the study. But again some unforeseen circumstances prevented the organization form taking up the study. However in May 1990 the Government of Kerala again requested the Census Directorate to take up a detailed survey on temples of Kerala and the Register general (Sree A.R. Nanda I.A.S) directed to commence the survey in June 1991.

The schedule which was canvassed was finalized in consultation with tantris and silpis. Sree A.R. Nanda I.A.S (former Register General India) Dr. K.P Ittaman (former Registar General India) and Sree K.C. Narayana Kurup (former Deputy director of Census Operations Madras) gave invaluable suggestions in designing and finalizing the schedule. The schedules were printed in September 1991 and the work commenced.

Originally it was decided to collect data of temples by mailing the schedules to temple authorities of statutory bodies and by trained field staff to temples exclusively managed by private individuals and institutions. But this procedure did not work well as the response from the statutory bodies was found defective as the filled—in schedules had both content and coverage errors. Therefore in March 1992 it was decided to engage a small team of trained staff (of the Directorate of Census Operations, Kerala) for the field—study. The survey covered all temples, which are open to public, irrespective of whether they are owned by statutory bodies, private institutions, families or individuals.

The procedure for the collection of data for the survey deserves special` mention. The staff deputed for this study was directed to visit all Panchayatts, village offices and note down the names and location of all temples. Then the field-staff visited all such temples located in every nook and corner of the Panchiyatt, some of which situated even in dense forests and in areas inaccessible by roads. During their visits they also made local enquiries on any possible omissions. The data so collected through these visits and enquiries helped to prepare a Directory of all temples open to public and collect data regarding the name, location, principal deity, antiquity, structural type of main sreekovil, time of worship and poojas, utsavam/festival besides details on ownership/management. The data made available through the survey are presented in Section 3 of this monograph.

Further based on certain criteria i.e., all the temples having swayambhoo (self revealed) idols and other important temples depending on number of prakaras, architectural excellence, number of poojas, antiquity and number of worshippers were selected for detailed study. The data thus collected through a separate detailed schedule on all temples, which satisfy the criteria, are presented in Section 2 (Salient features of important temples) of this monograph. This does not mean that other temples are unimportant. But the procedure adopted was to give more weight to more prominent temples.

Section l gives an overall review and analysis on temples of Trsoor district with a backdrop on geographical setting, historical and other aspects.

It is worthwhile to mention here the limitations of the data. The informants, mainly temple authorities, were generally co-operative. However, some of them were reluctant to provide details fearing that their private temples might be taken over by the Government and they took the stand that those temples were exclusively used by family members and not open to public. On the other hand some insisted` on having their temples enumerated hoping to get some financial assistance for their family temples at a later stage. Another difficulty encountered by the field staff was that very often they had to go to the same temple several times to collect details as the temples were kept open only for specified hours (either morning or ‘noon or evening) or on specified days besides non—availability‘ of reliable informants. Similarly it was difficult to verify the claim of informants on the data of antiquity and myths associated with those temples. In spite of these limitations-every effort was made to collect detailed data as one could.

The field-survey of Trsoor district was done at different periods during1993-97 and, therefore, subsequent changes on structures, idols etc. have not been incorporated in this monograph except in few cases where re—visits were done. The data thus collected through the field-survey is published in this monograph. The earlier proposed title of the monograph, i.e., Temple Directory (Mentioned in the first monograph - Temples of Kerala) had to be changed in the district monographs consequents on the introduction of a section dealing with the General background of temples of the district. Thus this volume has three sections viz section 1 General background section 2 features on important temples and section 3 temple directory (which covers list of all temples in the district).

The field survey was initially monitored by Sree K. Sivaramakrishna Iyer (former Assistant Director of Census operations) the field staff included Sarvasree R. Chandrachoodan, M. Chandrasekharan, M.R. Sukumaran Nair, Thampi N. Suresh, G. Sivadasan, R. Madhavan Nair, T. Veugopal and P. Radhakrishnan Nair of the Census Directorate. The wholehearted dedication of the field staff in spite of several odds of travel through difficult terrain on foot withstanding the onslaughts of climate is highly commendable. At the time of writing this volume I had to again directorate. I take this opportunity to record my great appreciation and special thanks for his invaluable and dedicated contribution. I would like to mention my sincere appreciation and sincere thanks to Sree V. Thulasedharan Seniro Draftsman who has meticulously drawn the rough taluk maps and also for designing plates of photographs given in this monograph. The photograph on the temples of the district were taken by Sree Santosh Channankara still photographer. I express my appreciation and thanks to him. I also record my thanks to the Archaeological Survey of India for providing photographs of Sree Vatakkunathan and peruvanam temples and also to Mr. C.A. Menon (Editor Kerala festival Message Trsoor) for giving photographs of Sree parmekkaav temple and Trsoor Pooram.

The keying of data layout of pages and preparing camera ready copy of this volume were conscientiously done by Sree G.S. Sudheer Kumar as a love for labour. I am deeply impressed by his stupendous work and place on record my profound thanks to him.

The writing of monographs was taken up after my retirement. The field data and many published and unpublished reports had to be utilized in writing this monograph. My wife Prof. A. Anandam gladly and conscientiously undertook the brunt of the work of reading the proof and gave me valuable suggestions. I have no words to thank her.

I am ever grateful to all authorities of temples and the informants who willingly furnished date to the field staff.

It is my pleasant duty to acknowledge the co-operation extended to me by officers and staff of the census Directorate. I got full encouragement at the initial stages of this project from late Sree N.M. Samuel, I.A.S Director of census Mr. N.M. Samuel as the director of Census operations for her sincere help as otherwise this monograph would not have seen the light. Sri A.G. Bhaskaran Joint director and his colleagues had given full co-operation to me at all time. I place on record my sincere thanks to all of them.

Now it is my pleasant duty to thank the officers and staff of the office of the register General India for their great help in bringing out his monograph.

It is my great privilege to acknowledge my unfailing obligations I owe to Dr. M. Vijayanunni I.A.S. former register general and Census commissioner India who had always guided me by giving his valuable advice and helped me a lot by his timely intervention at a critical juncture when the project was about to of Kerala and completing the field work and bringing out two district monographs on this subject well in time. I am ever grateful to him for laying the foundation for this project which brings out the cultural heritage of Kerala.

Shri Jayant Kumar Banthia I.A.S. who succeeded Dr. M. Vijayanunni as the Registrar general and Census Commissioner India was also very generous extremely considerate and greatly helpful in solving many problems associated with the printing and release of the four district monographs. I express my deep gratitude to him.

I am deeply indebted to Shri Devender Kuamr Sikri I.A.S. the registrar general and Census commissioner India for the valuable guidance and encouragement given to me in the preparation of this monograph.

While writing this volume I have experienced the divine grace of the almighty and boundless blessings of gurus and I have no words to express my deep feelings. I humbly pray for their continued benediction.

The views expressed in this monograph are my own and do not necessarily represent the views of the Government of India.

I am sure that this monograph will indeed be useful for posterity and I am happy to dedicate this monograph as a background document on the subject for the use of administrators devotees and the general public.




Section 1: General Background
  Geographical Setting (3) History of the district (6) People and religious composition (16) Mode of worship (21) Antiquity of temples (22) Temple Architecture (28) Carvings and Paintings (33) Administration of temples (34) Classification of temples (36) Types of Idols (40) Sakti Kalpa (41) Vishnu Kalpa (44) Siva Kalpa (45) Lord Siva (45) Lord Vettakkorumakan or Kriatasoonu (46) Sree Kshetrapalan (47) Ganapati Kalpa (47) Subramanya Kalpa (47) Sasta and Ayyappa Kalpa (47) Combination of Kalpas (48) Lord Sankaranaraayana (48) Sree Lakshmi Narayana (48) Sree Arddhanareswara / Uma Maheswara (48) Sacred groves and Naaga worship (48) other varied kalpas (49) Lord Hanuman (49) Spirit Cult (49) Ashta Dikpalas and Navagrahas (51) time of worship and poojas (51) offerings (52) Monthly and annual festivals (56) Utsavam (57) Talappoli (58) Pooram festivasl (58) Kalampatt (59) Tolpava Kootu (61) Priesthood and temple staff (62) Priests (62) Tantris (62) Santikkars (63) Kazhakakkars (64) Adminstrative staff (64) Remuneration to temple staff (64) Role of Government and administration (65) Coverage of temples (66) Some unique features (66) Conclusion (67)  
  Diagram 1 : Layout of Temple 68-69
  Diagram 2 : Pratishtha point in the garbha grham 70
  Diagram 3 : Positions of Bali peethas in the antar mandalam 71
  Annexure : Villages/towns falling in physio geographic regions 72
Section 2: Salient Features of important temples
  1. Talappilli taluk 75-256
1 Sree Siva Temple Kattakampal 75
2 Sree Parthasarathy temple Ramapuram 78
3 Sree (Peetikeswaram) Siva Temple Pengamukku 80
4 Sree (Tuppeswaram) Siva temple Pazhanni 82
5 Sree Mangatt Trkkovil Siva Temple Pazhanni 83
6 Sree (Chiravarambatt Kaav) Bhagavati temple Aruvayi 85
7 Sree Rama temple Katavalloor 86
8 Sree Maha Vishnu (Narasimhamoortty) Temple Korattikkara 90
9 Sree Trcchutalayil Mahadeva temple Tippilasseri 92
10 Sree Maha Vishnu (Bala Narasimhamoortty) Temple Bhattimuri 93
11 Sree Siva (Kiratamoortty) temple Poravoor 95
12 Sree (Chenapuram) Siva Temple Akatiyoor 97
13 Sree Kalasamala Siva Temple Akatiyoor 99
14 Sree (Vedakkat) Bhagavati temple Porkkulam 100
15 Sree Bhagavati temple Mangat 102
16 Sree Siva Temple Annoor 105
17 Sree Parkkati Bhagavati Temple Annoor 107
18 Sree (Cheeramkulangara) Bhagavati temple Chemmannoor 108
19 Sree Maha Ganapati temple Kakkat 110
20 Sree Karttyayani Devi Temple keezhoor 112
21 Sree Talakkottukara Mahadeva Temple Kunnamkulam 114
22 Sree Annamkulangara Bhagavati temple Kanippayoor 116
23 Sree Kotuvayoor Siva temple Chovvannoor 118
24 Sree Mahadeva temple Chemmantatta 119
25 Sree Ariyannoor Karikanyaka temple Cherukunnu 122
26 Sree Mahadeva temple Chovvalloor 125
27 Sree Bhagavati temple Aloor Kaav Keezhalloor 127
28 Sree Ponmala Siva temple Aaloor 129
29 Sree Bhagavati temple Parappookaav 130
30 Sree Pelakkat Subramanya temple Payyoor 132
31 Sree Tayankaav Sasta temple Choontal 134
32 Sree Melelkaav Bhagavati temple Choontal 136
33 Sree Pullora Karttyayani temple Kiraloor 138
34 Sree Kiratanallor Kriatamoortty temple kiraloor 139
35 Sree Cherantala Siva temple Vengilasseri 141
36 Sree Cherumangat Ayyanppan Kaav Vengilasseri 142
37 Sree Kantankulangara siva temple Veloor 143
38 Sree Karttyayani temple veloor 145
39 Sree Ramaswamy temple Velattannoor 146
40 Sree Ayyappan Kaav pulyannoor 148
41 Sree Sree Karttyayani temple Eyyal 149
42 Sree Kunnambattu Kaav Bhagavati temple Chiramanagat 151
43 Sree Mattoor Siva temple Pannittatam 152
44 Sree Ramaswamy temple Vellrakkat 154
45 Sree Kaikulangara Bhagavati temple Katangot 156
46 Sree Sasta Temple Ticchoor 157
47 Sree Viruttanan Bhagavati temple ticchoor 159
48 Sree Tirumattaliyappan Siva Temple Tali 161
49 Sree Keezh Tali Mahadeva temple Tali 163
50 Sree Karttyayani temple Aarangottukara 165
51 Sree Bhagavati temple Kottambattoor 166
52 Sree Siva Temple Kattavattoor 168
53 Sree Kalakanthesaram Siva Temple Desamangalam 169
54 Sree Manikutti Anchumoortty temple Desamangalam 171
55 Sree Kotapuram Ramaswamy temple Desamangalam 173
56 Sree Netumpura Tali Siva Temple Kulasekharanalloor 174
57 Sree Trttazhapra Siva temple Vettikkattiri 177
58 Sree Kozhimamparambu Bhagavati temple Cheruturutti 178
59 Sree Tiruvanchikkuzhi Siva temple Cave temple Painkulam 180
60 Sree Panamkunnatt Kaav Bhagavati temple Killimangalam 181
61 Sree Palunkil Siva Narayana temple Killimangalam 182
62 Sree Nayarkulangara Ayyappan Kaav Pannal 185
63 Sree Lakshmi Narayana temple Pannal 186
64 Sree Karttyayani temple attoor 188
65 Sree Tiruvanikkaav Bhagavati temple Milloorkkara 190
66 Sree Irunilamkot Dakshinamorrtty temple cave temple mullorkkara 192
67 Sree Panattukaav Ayyappa temple Nelluvaya 194
68 Sree Dhanwantari temple Nelluvaya 195
69 Sree Azhakumala Siva temple Chittanta 198
70 Sree Karttyayani Bhagavati Temple Chittanta 199
71 Sree Kotumba kaav Ayyappa temple Kannirakkot 201
72 Sree Rudhiramahakali Kaav (Utrali kaav) Enkakkat 203
73 Sree Veeranimnagalma Narasimhamoortty Siva temple Enkakkat 205
74 Sree Kotalani Kaav Karttyayani temple Enkakkat 207
75 Sree Maha Vishnu temple (Ayyappan Kaav) Mangalam 208
76 Sree Karumarakkat Siva Temple Watakkacheri 210
77 Sree Pallimanna Siva temple Kumblangat 212
78 Sree Dakshinmoortty temple Vyasagiri 214
79 Sree Patirikkott Kaav Bhagavati temple Minaloor 215
80 Sree Kuttiyan Kaav Bhagavati temple Minaloor 217
81 Sree Aanetatt Maha Vishnu Narasimbamoortty temple Minaloor 218
82 Sree Karttyayani Bhagavati temple Panangattukara 220
83 Sree Kulappuramangalam Siva Temple Tekkumkara 222
84 Sree Pariharam Siva Temple Pangarappilli 223
85 Sree Antimahakalan Kaav Chelakkara 224
86 Sree Tiruvembilappan Maha Siva temple Venganellor 227
87 Sree Chovva Kaav vana Durga temple Pulakkot 229
88 Sree Trttamtali Maha Siva Kriatamoortty temple Kontazhi 231
89 Sree Trkkumarakutam Siva Subramanya temple Mayannoor 232
90 Sree Kalamkantattoor Narasimhamoortty temple Mayannoor 234
91 Sree Kurumba Bhagavati temple Mayannoor 235
92 Sree Angaloor kaav Durga Bhagavati temple Mayannoor 237
93 Sree Karinkutti Ayyappan Kaav Kaniyarkot 238
94 Sree Aivar Matham Krshna temple Pampati 239
95 Sree Someswaram Siva temple Pampati 241
96 Sree Vilwadrinthaswamy temple Tiruvilwamala 242
97 Sree Pootanakkara Siva temple Tiruvilwamala 248
98 Sree Siva Temple Kotattoor 249
99 Sree Vettakkarappan temple Pazhayannoor 251
100 Sree Bhagavati temple Pazhaynnoor 252
  2. Trssoor Taluk 257-418
1 Sree Durga Devi temple Itakkalattoor 257
2 Sree Tiruvanikkav Bhadrakali temple Puttoor 258
3 Sree Pisharikkal Bhagavati temple Peninganoor 260
4 Sree Mahadeva temple Muntayoor 262
5 Sree Siva Temple Velappaya 264
6 Sree Utramkulangara Vishnu temple Velappaya 266
7 Sree Pisharikkal Bhagavati temple Velappaya 267
8 Sree Dharma Sasta temple Mulankunnattukav 269
9 Sree Vatakurumba kaav Bhagavati temple tiroor 270
10 Sree Neitalakkaav Siva Bhagavati Bhadrakali temple Kuttoor 272
11 Sree Sasta Ayyappaswamy temple Puzhaykal 275
12 Sree choorakkott kaav Bhagavati temple Puzhaykal 276
13 Sree Mutuvara Siva Vishnu temple Puzhaykal 278
14 Sree Maha Vishnu temple Puranattukara 280
15 Sree Ramakrshna temple Puranattukara 282
16 Sree Keezpattiri Dharma temple puranattukara 284
17 Sree Utalakkaav Sasta temple Atatt 285
18 Sree Ambalankaav Bhagavati temple Atatt 286
19 Sree Bhagavati temple Pazhaynnoor 288
20 Sree Tiruvanatt Krshna temple Ayyanto 290
21 Sree Karttyayani temple Ayyanto 292
22 Sree Varappilli Siva temple Vyyoor 295
23 Sree Siva Temple Vyyoor 296
24 Sree Manalar kaav Bhadrakali temple Vyyoor 298
25 Sree Siva Temple Kuttumukku 300
26 Sree Marutoor Karttyayani temple cheroor 301
27 Sree Dharma Sasta temple Nettisseri 303
28 Sree Maha Vishnu (dhanwantari) temple Peringavu 306
29 Sree Karttyayani temple chembookkaav 308
30 Sree Cherumukku Maha Vishnu temple Chembookkaav 310
31 Sree Asokeswaram siva temple trssoor 312
32 Sree Kacchanapilli Ayyappa temple Patturaykal 314
33 Sree Kuttankulangara Maha Vishnu temple Poonkunnam 315
35 Sree Siva temple Poonkunnam 316
36 Sree Sankarankulangar Duraga Bhagavati Temple Trssoor 318
37 Sree Paramekkav Bhagavati temple Trssoor 321
38 Sree Vatakkunathan Maha Siva temple 326
39 Sree Kulasseri Lakshmi Narasimhamoorthy temple Trssoor 334
40 Sree Maheswara temple Koorkkancheri 347
41 Sree Karttyayani temple Laloor 350
42 Sree Sasta temple Kanimangalam 351
43 Sree Pookkattikara Karamukk Durga Bhagavati temple Valiyalukkal 353
44 Sree Durga Bhagavati temple Kuttanelloor 355
45 Sree Druga Bhagavati temple Etakkunni 358
46 Sree Prakkulangara Bhadrakali temple Taikkattusseri 361
47 Sree Ayyappan Kaav Manakkoti 362
48 Sree Satram Urumbin Tevar Siva temple Manaloor 364
49 Sree Trkkunnattt Siva temple Kannni 365
50 Sree Kallattupuzha Siva temple Patiyam 366
51 Sree Bhagavati Tempel Choorakkot 368
52 Sree Patyala Bhagavati Temple Kantassankatavu 369
53 Sree Karttyayani Devi Temple Antikkat 370
54 Sree Aavanangattu Kalari Vishnumaya temple Peringottukara 373
55 Sree Pazuvam Subramanyaswamy temple Pazhuvil 375
56 Sree Pazhayannoor Bhagavati temple Chazhoor 377
57 Sree Karttyayani Bhagavati temple Pullu 379
58 Sree Kotannoor Sasta temple Sastamkatav 380
59 Sree Aykkunnu Pandhavagiri Durga Devi Temple Paralam 382
60 Sree Tiruvullakkav Sasta temple Cherppu 383
61 Sree Bhagavati temple Cherppu 387
62 Sree Tayamkulangara Subramnayswamy temple Cherppur 389
63 Sree Irattayappan Mahadeva temple peruvanam 391
64 Sree Oorakattamma Tiruvati Durga Bhagavati temple Oorakam 396
65 Sree Mampilli Siva temple Oorakam 400
66 Sree Sasta temple Aarattupuzha 401
67 Sree Pallisseri Bhagavati temple Oorakam 405
68 Sree Dharma Sasta temple Chattakutam 407
69 Sree Pisharikkal Bhagavati temple Katalasseri 410
70 Sree Siva Temple Kanakkasseri 412
71 Sree Mampilli Siva temple Ponnokkara 413
72 Sree Chemboor Ayyappa temple Kainoor 415
73 Sree Bhagavati temple Tanikkutam 416
74 Sree Kotungalloor Kaav Bhagavati temple Chembotra 417
  3. Chavakkat Taluk 419-482
1 Sree Govindapuram Maha Vishnu temple Punnayoorkkulam 419
2 Sree Siva temple Paroor 421
3 Sree Siva temple Tiruvalayannoor 422
4 Sree Manikantheswaram Siva Temple Vatakketkkat 423
5 Sree Mahadeva temple Mammiyoor 425
6 Sree Nenmini Balaram temple Guruvayoor 428
7 Sree Peruntitta Siva temple Guruvayoor 430
8 Sree Tiruvenkitachalalpati temple Guruvayoor 431
9 Sree Parthsarathy temple guruvayoor 433
10 Sree Krshna temple Guruvayoor 435
11 Sree Siva temple Tiruvatra 447
12 Sree Viswanatha temple Manattala 448
13 Sree Kozhikulangara Bhagavati temple Chavakkat 449
14 Sree Nagayakashi temple Manattala 451
15 Sree Kotakulangara Bhadrakali temple Taikkat 453
16 Sree Siva temple Brhamakulam 454
17 Sree Ayyappan Kaav Kakkasseri 455
18 Sree Durga Bhagavati temple Elavalli 456
19 Sree Vamanamoortty temple Venmenat 459
20 Sree Parambu tali siva temple Mullasseri 461
21 Sree Trkkulasekharapuram Annapoorneswari Maha Vishnu temple Annakkara 463
22 Sree Karuvantala Bhadrakali temple Eanammav 465
23 Sree Sankaranarayara temple Venkitang 467
24 Sree Siva temple Tirumangalam 469
25 Sree Siva temple Trttalloor 470
26 Sree Durga Bhagavati temple Vatanappalli 471
27 Sree Sankaranarayana temple Talikkulam 473
28 Sree Ramaswamy temple Trprayar 474
29 Sree Bhadrachala Subramanya temple valappat 479
30 Sree Bhagavati Bhadrakali temple Palapetti 481
  4. Kotungalloor taluk 483-522
1 Sree Sasta Ayyappan Kaav temple Etattirutti 483
2 Sree Kannanamkulam Siva temple Chendrappinni 484
3 Sree Ayiroor Maha Vishnu Temple Kaippamangalam 486
4 Sree Palliyil Bhagavati temple Perinnanam 487
5 Sree Trppekkulam Siva temple Matilakam 489
6 Sree Siva temple Kazhuvilang 491
7 Sree Krshna temple Sreenarayanapuram 492
8 Sree Krshnapuram Parthasarathy temple Pulloott 494
9 Sree Pantalalukkal Bhagavati temple Pulloott 495
10 Sree Kunnatt Trkkovil Siva temple Pulloott 496
11 Sree Kurumba Bhagavati temple Kotungalloor 497
12 Sree Rajagopalakrshnaswamy temple Kotungalloor 505
13 Sree Tiruvalloor Siva temple Eriyat 506
14 Sree Siva temple Kantamkulam 508
15 Sree Siva temple Srmgapuram 509
16 Sree Keezh tali Siva temple Mettala 511
17 Sree Mahadeva temple Tiruvanchikkulam 512
18 Sree Krshna temple Trkkulasekharapuram 517
19 Sree Natuvattasseri Bhagavati temple Poyya 520
  5. Mukundapuram Taluk 523-612
1 Sree Bhagavati Temple Ponnanam 523
2 Sree Pattanapuram Maha Vishnu Anantapadmanabhaswamy temply tanisseri 525
3 Sree Ittikkulam Karttyayani temple Kuzhikkattukonam 526
4 Sree Vayaloor Siva temple Nellayi 527
5 Sree Maha Vishnu temple Aanandapuram 529
6 Sree Kunnatrkkov Siva temple Muriyat 532
7 Sree Aanaruli Siva temple Pulloor 533
8 Sree Maha Siva Vishnu temple Pulloor 534
9 Sree Kootalmanikyam Bharata temple Iringalalkkuta 536
10 Sree Sreekantheswaram Siva temple Iringalakkuta 543
11 Sree Pottani Siva temple Etattirinni 544
12 Sree Satrughnaswamy temple Payammal 545
13 Sree Krshna temple Kombara 547
14 Sree Trppayya Trmoortty temple Natavaramb 548
15 Sree Durga Bhagavati temple Katupapasseri 550
16 Sree Siva temple Avittattoor 552
17 Sree Kotaykaparamb Sudarsana temple Puttanchira 555
18 Sree Trppekkulam Siva temple Puttanchira 556
19 Sree Trppekkulam Siva temple Puttanchira 558
20 Sree Siva temple tazhekkat 560
21 Sree Peroor Kaav Durga Bhagavati Vatama 561
22 Sree Mahadeva temple Ashtamichhira 562
23 Sree Pambumeykat nagaraja temple Vatama 565
24 Sree Subramanya temple kuzhoor 567
25 Sree Mahadeva temple Airanikkulam 569
26 Sree Mahadeva Temple Kuntoor 574
27 Sree Durga Bhagavati temple keezhadoor 575
28 Sree Mahadeva temple Annamanata 577
29 Sree Mulavalli kaav Bhagavati temple koratti 580
30 Sree Kannampuzha Bhagavati Vhadrakali temple Chalakkuti 581
31 Sree Kootappuzha Subramnayaswamy temple Chalakkutti 582
32 Sree Pisharikkaav Durga Bhagavati temple Chalakkutti 584
33 Sree Sreedharamangalam krshna temple Chalakkuti 585
34 Sree Tanayannattil Siva temple Chalakkuti 587
35 Sree Poonilar kaav Durga Bhagabati temple Kotakara 588
36 Sree Kurumali kaav Bhagavati temple Putukkat 590
37 Sree Mathattupruam Mahadeva temple Matavakkara 592
38 Sree Chakkamkulangara Dharma Sasta temple Talore 593
39 Sree Mahadeva temple Cave temple Trkkoor 595
40 Sree Metamkulangara sasta temple Pookkot 597
41 Sree Kalleli Sasta temple Peetikkaparamb 599
42 Sree Trkkol or Trkkayil Balabhadrawamy temple Nandippulam 601
43 Sree Bhadrakali temple Payyoor kaav Nandippulam 602
44 Sree Korecchal Bhagavati temple Padi 603
45 Sree Aareswarm dharma Sasta temple Vasupuram 605
46 Sree Kalikkal Durga Bhagavati temple Kalikkalkunnu 606
47 Sree Etatrakaav bhagavati temple Pulani 608
48 Sree Mahadeva temple Konoor 609
49 Sree Chirangara Bhagavati temple Koratti 611
Section 3: Temple Directory
1 Talapilli taluk 614-695
  Key to map showing names of municipal towns panchayatts and villages rough map (facing key to map) 614
  Directory 615
2 Trssoor Taluk 696-777
  Key to map showing name of municipal corporation panchayatts and villages Rough map (Facing key to map) 696
  Directory 697
3 Chavakkat taluk 778-815
  Key to map showing name of municipal towns panchayatts and villages Rough map (Facing key to map) 778
  Directory 779
4 Kotungalloor Taluk 816-837
  Key to map showing name of municipal towns panchayatts and villages Rough map (Facing key to map) 816
  Directory 817
5 Mukundapuram taluk 838-909
  Key to map showing name of municipal towns panchayatts and villages Rough map (Facing key to map) 838
  Directory 839
  Procedure of Transliteration 910-914
  Glossary 915-944
  Photographs Between pages 72 and 73
  Talappilli taluk trassoor taluk (plates 43-71) Chavakkat taluk (plates 72-86) Kotungalloor taluk (plates 87-96) and Mukundapuram (plates 97-116)  
  Front cover sree krshna temple Guruvayoor  
  Book cover Kooti kazheccha trssoor pooram  

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