Tibetan Folk Tales

Tibetan Folk Tales

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Author: A. L. Shelton
Publisher: Pilgrims Publishing Varanasi
Language: English
Edition: 2004
ISBN: 9798177692012
Pages: 192 (Black & White Illustrations: 11)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details: 5.4"X 8.4"

It is found among the old, old histories of the Tibetans that a female demon living among the mountains in Northern India mated with a monkey from the forests of Tibet, and from this union sprang the Tibetan race of people. The greater part of their literature is of a sacred nature, telling of their creation, of the formation of the world, of Buddha and his miraculous birth and death, of his reincarnations and the revisions of his teachings.

A kind of almanac, a little astronomy, plans for costing a horoscope, and many books filled with religious teachings and superstitions, including the worship of devils and demons, are about all that can be found.

The little stories in this book are told as the people sit around their boiling tea made over a three stone camp-fire. They are handed down from father to son, from mother to daughter, and though often filled with their superstitious beliefs, through them all run a vein of humor and the teachings of a moral truth which is quite unexpected.

These tales were gathered by Dr. A. L. Shelton on his trips among the Tibetans, around their camp-fires at night and in their black tents high up in the mountains.

Every Country has its folk- lore that have always been a joy and pleasure to the children, not only of their own land, but of other lands as well.

May these stories add a little to this pleasure and enjoyment everywhere, in whatsoever tongue they may be translated or in whatever land they may be read.

Back of the Book

Tibet a land mystery and mysticism has for centuries hidden itself from the outside world. For this reason Tibetan folktales have always attracted a vast audience. Many of these tales steeped in mystical imagery give the fertile imagination plenty of scope to work. Garnered from wandering herdsmen of the trans- Himalayan regions of Tibet as they sat around their campfires at night these tales delve deep into the traditional psyche of the Tibetan people.

Shelton has selected these stories very carefully so that they may reflect the true culture of the Tibetan people. The fifty stories contained in this book will fascinate and entertain you time and time again. Whether you are old or young you may relate to these tales and derive your own meanings for each one.

As with all eastern tales Tibetan folk tales also have deeper meanings that may not be immediately understood and thus one may ponder over each tale to look for a deeper and hidden meaning. As with the Jataka tales associated with the Buddha and his teachings tales from Tibet are also adaptations of the same style and often the communication between men and animals forms the basis for these stories.




1 The Wise Bat 17
2 The tiger and Frog 21
3 The Cony who Got Into bad Company 26
4 The Story of the Donkey and the Rock. (A Black Tent Story) 29
5 Story of the foolish Head man 34
6 How the Fox fell a Victim to His Own Diceit 36
7 The Interatitude of man 39
8 Covetousness 44
9 The wise Carpenter 46
10 The Story of Drashup and the Goddesses 50
11 How the Louse Got the Black Streak Down his back 55
12 The man and the Ghost 57
13 The Wicked Stepmother 62
14 Story of the Two Devils. ( Frontispice and color plate) 70
15 The wise Woman 76
16 The three friends 78
17 The Rabbit and Bumblebee Bet 80
18 How the Rabbit Killed the Lion 81
19 How the King Lost his Great Jewel 86
20 The Story of the Three Hunters 87
21 The Hunter and the Unicorn 91
22 The Decision of the Official as to who Owned the One Hundred Ounces of Silver 92
23 Story of the Prince's Friend 94
24 How the Raven Saved the Hunter 103
25 The Two Thieves (A Black tent Story) 105
26 The Golden Squash (A Black tent Story) 107
27 The Story of the Bald-Headed man 112
28 The man with Five Friends with Different Colored Eyes. (A Black tent Story) 114
29 The Story of the Violinist 117
30 How the Sacred Duck Got His Yellow breast 123
31 The Two little Cats 128
32 Story of a Juggler's Tricks 131
33 How the Wolf the fox and the Rabbit Committed a Crime 136
34 The Pewter Vase 138
35 A Rabbit Story 141
36 The Story of a Juggler 144
37 The Story of a Turquoise 147
38 A wise Idiot 151
39 The man and the Monkeys 155
40 The Story of the tree of life 159
41 The Story of the man with the Goitre 163
42 The Story of the Beggar 166
43 The Wily Poor Man 167
44 The Quarrel of the five friends 172
45 The Frugal Woman 178
46 The Story of Yugpacan the Brahman from Jaschke 184
47 The Story of Dajang from Amundsen 187
48 Like Unto Solomon From Jaschke 190
49 Tibetan Song Translated from the Tibetan with music 193

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