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Author: Dr. S. R. Jindal
Language: English
Edition: 2023
ISBN: 9788120724501
Pages: 86 (B & W Illus: 4, Figures: 71)
Cover: Paperback
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From the Jacket:


This sound informative guide projects alternative method of cure for back pain without recourse to medicine and drugs - naturopathy, yoga, diet and acupuncture being some of them.

Back pain is one of the most common tormentors of mankind. Statistics reveal that about 70-80 per cent of adult population have either suffered or are likely to suffer from back pain.

Those who know and practice yoga claim that the spinal cord is the reservoir of energy. Quite naturally, any distortion or malfunction of the spinal cord will lead to health problems, the chief among them being an aching back.

Written by a knowledgeable health-care professional, Dr. S.R. Jindal, who is an eminent naturopath, this book will help us understand the basic concept about the spine, how it works, what ails it and how to take proper care.

Refreshing in its clarity and simplicity!



Spine in our body, as aptly described by Dr. S. R. Jindal, is like the trunk of a tree. The central nervous system, connecting all parts of the body with the brain, passes through the spinal cord and extends down the back within a canal protected by the vertebrae. Yogis and mystics proclaim that the spinal cord, with its seven chakras, is the mystic reservoir of energy and coiled serpentine power lies locked in kundalini. Quite naturally, any distortion or malfunction of the spinal cord would inevitably lead to a health problem, the chief among them being an aching back.

Back pain is one of the most common tormentors of mankind. Millions of working days are lost all over the world because of aching back. Statistics reveal that about 70 to 80 per cent of adult population have either suffered or are likely to suffer from this malady. The majority of those afflicted, experience acute pain, disturbing their well-being and, in severe cases, crippling and forcing the victim to live a sub- human life.

Dr. S. R. Jindal, an eminent naturopath, has taken time and effort to produce this useful book to make us understand the basic concept about the spine--how does it work and what ails it. He has also made innovative suggestions on how to take proper care in our daily chores to help cure and prevent the ailment altogether.

I am pleased that a positive attempt has been made in this book to cure and prevent backache. The book projects alternate methods of cure, such as naturopathy, yoga, diet, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc., without recourse to medicines and drugs.

The book is written in a language which is simple and clear, and at the same time, informative. It contains number of sketches and photographs which have made the information and instructions easy to follow. Indeed, the author has made a holistic approach to solve the nagging problem of backache.

I am sure the book will benefit not only those who are suffering from backache, but also those who want to keep themselves free from that problem lifelong.



Pain is the single biggest problem that sufferers have to face. It causes more misery, more unhappiness and more despair than all other syndromes put together. If left unattended or badly treated, it may lead to physical and mental anguish, disablement and chronic depression. For many years, researchers have been trying to identify new ways of dealing with pain. Many of the techniques they have discovered are safe, effective and inexpensive. But the drug companies have no interest in the known drugless therapies, and so, a majority of practising doctors, who get much of their education from drug company-sponsored literature, continue to ignore these treatments. Good health is nature's gift to man, but man, being preoccupied with a mechanical lifestyle, has alienated himself from nature.

Our ancient therapies, including chiropractic and acupuncture, to cure spinal diseases, are more practical, effective and affordable than the scientifically invented treatments and drugs of modern technology. For various reasons, such as wrong postures, modern food habits, negligence, lack of exercise, tension, luxurious and comfortable living, migraine, neck and back problems are on the rise in our times, but a little bit of knowledge about the spine and its problems can help the patient immensely. Please remember, the spine in the body is like the trunk of a tree.

I have great pleasure in introducing the book Treat Your Back Pain Without Drugs. The authors explain the techniques for treating migraine and various cases of cervical syndrome, backache, etc. by employing nature cure, yoga, chiropractic, acupuncture and ayurvedic methods effectively.

I am pleased to dedicate this invaluable book to the reader. The book makes a humble effort in finding a genuine relief for many people and I sincerely hope that it will help them. This preface will be incomplete if we do not acknowledge with gratitude, the dedication which Mr. K. R. Raghunath has put in with keen interest and his painstaking efforts in compiling and finally printing this book through the press.




  Foreword v
  Preface vii
1. Introduction


2. Anatomy of the Spine
The Spinal Column; The Cervical Region; The Thoracic Region; The Lumber Region; The The Sacral Region; The Coccyx Region


3. Common Causes for an Aching Back
Ageing and Degenerative Changes; Degeneration of the Disc; Degeneration of the Joint; Degeneration of the Ligaments; Indigestion and Stomach Ulcer; Sudden Twisting and Bending; Exercising Without Warm-Up; Lifting Heavy Object; Obesity; Bad Posture; Broken Back Due to Accident; Backache in Women


4. Pain in the Spine and Its Treatment
Self-Diagnosis; Pain in the Cervical Region; Pain in the Thoracic Region; Pain in the Lumber Region; Pain due to Prolapsed Disc; Sciatica; Treatment Modality for the Above Problems; Other Causes for Back Pain Requiring Special Attention; Consult Your Doctor


5. Nature Cure Treatments
Hot and Cold Applications; Hot and cold Contrast Treatments; Massage with Hot Oil; Ayurvedic Massage; Enema


6. Role of Diet in Spinal Problems
Role of Water Intake


7. Yogic Exercises for Health Spine
Shavasana; Ardha-pavanmuktasana (simple); Pavanmuktasana; Pavanmuktasana (forward stretching) Tadagi Mudra; Setubandhasa; Katichalana; Side Touching Movement; Upper Body Rise (spine); Uttantadasana; Naukasana; Ardha-shalabhasana Shalabhasana; Sarpasana; Bhujangasana (simple) Bhujangasana; Marzarasana (angry cat); Janusirasana (simple); Vakrasana; Parvatasana; Yogamudra (simple); Neck Movements (A); Neck Movements (B); Neck Movements (C); Shoulder Rotation; Katichakrasana; Ardha-katichakrasana (back bending); Katichakrasana (triyaka); Swiso Exercise; Points to be Observed Before Starting Yogic Practices


8. Physiotherapy


9. Acupuncture


10. Chiropractic


11. Tips to Keep Your Back and Neck Strong
Warm Up; Walk Everyday; Wear Cushioned Shoes; Exercise; Diet; Overweight; Assume the Position; Rest and Relief; Precautions; Forces Acting on the Back; Postures




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