A Treatise On Buddhist Philosophy Of Abhidhamma: Consciousness, Mental Properties and Particular Concomitants in Consciousness

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Item Code: IDF593
Author: Dr. C. L. A. De Silva
Publisher: Sri Satguru Publications
Language: English
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 8170301742
Pages: 191
Cover: Hardcover
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Fully insured
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100% Made in India
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23 years in business
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Book Description

From the Jacket:

The greater the knowledge one possesses of Abhidhamma, the more easily and sooner will he be able to eradicate the erroneous views of a personal entity-ego-theory of soul or atman and cast away the sixteen types of doubt which impede one's spiritual progress, and contemplate from the knowledge which is qualification for the path and gain emancipation.

The present book is divided into three parts in 13 chapters. In the beginning there is a detailed introduction. Chapter I is on a Planes of Consciousness, Chapter II is Consciousness without Hetus, Chapter III is on The Great Types of Moral Consciousness, Chapter Iv deals with Consciousness as Experienced in Rupaloka, Chapter V deals with Consciousness as Experienced in Arupaloka, Chapter VI explains Transcendental Consciousness, Chapter VII describes Mental Properties, Chapter VIII compares Mental Properties with drugs, Chapter IX deals with Particular Mental Properties, Chapter X deals with Immoral Concomitants, Chapter XI is on Morality Beautiful Concomitants, Chapter XII is on Consciousness and Chapter XIII deals with States, Roots, Rebirth etc. Wherever necessary notes have been provided in the end of the Chapters.

Preface I,ii
Introduction 1-10
Introductory 11-13
Part - I
Chapter I Planes of Consciousness 14-21
Chapter II Consciousness Without Hetus 22-28
Chapter III The Great Types of Moral Consciousness 29-36
Chapter IV Consciousness as Experienced in Rupaloka 37-42
Chapter V Consciousness as Experienced in Arupaloka 43-49
Chapter VI Transcendental Consciousness 50-60
Part - II
Chapter VII Mental Properties 61-68
Chapter VIII Mental Properties with Drugs 69-74
Chapter IX Particular Mental Properties 75-82
Chapter X Immoral Concomitants 83-92
Chapter XI Of. Morally Beautiful Concomitants 93-110
Chapter XII Consciousness
Part III
Chapter XIII Deals with States, Roots, Rebirth 150-189

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