Vision Training Programme (For Better Eye Sight In Just Four Weeks) (Includes Full Size Distant and Near Vision Testing Charts)

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*Do you take your eyes and vision for granted?
*Have your deluged their well being to chance?
* Do you ignore the early warning signs of future visual defects or wear glassed without seeking out the real source of the problem?

Then you are asking for trouble

A person’s relations with others his occupation his personality his life style, his success and most other things in life depend upon efficient eyes and good vision. Caring for eyes should be every person’s foremost responsibility.

In Fact you can change the way you see for the better
Vision therapy

• If your eyes tire or water easily
• If you can’t tolerate even mind sunshine
• If you wish to learn how to correctly use or rest your eyes
• If you wish to increase your visual perception and flexibility
• If you wish to make reading a pleasure again
• If you wish to lesson your dependence on glasses
• If you wish to prevent visual problems
• If you wish to detect and correct your children’s eye problems early and effectively


It is our belief that as patients we are too passive about our health and well being. With scant and sometimes incorrect information we are often not able to make intelligent choices about the protection and enhancement of our vision. The attitude in the past has been to leave the development of vision and eyes to change. But we maintain that because of the demands our technological culture places on vision development by change will no longer suffice. We cannot alter the society or the situation we can foster such eyes and vision as would meet the needs of the time we can improve on out stone ages eyes.

With this in mind we are providing information from a wide variety of field optometry, nutrition child development psychology and physiology. All of these are related to out visual sense. We are sure the this information will enable the reader to take the right steps to protect not only his or her own vision but also that of the generation to come.

Many of us suffer from some degree of vision impairment inefficiencies, fatigue, discomfort, strain, near sightedness farsightedness pr minor muscular imbalances. Many a time we remain unaware of the fact that the trouble stems from our eyes pains. Undue tiredness, lethargy, mental tension, easy irritability anger rigidity all these can be symptoms or results of visual problems. Inefficiency of eyes can go a long way in playing havoc with out moods and bodies. Even when aware of the visual problems we often feel resigned to them. At the most we put on glasses ignoring the real sources of our problems we often feel resigned to them. At the most we put on glasses ignoring the real sources of our problems. As a result vision grows worse over the years and glasses grow stronger and thicket.

However we need not watch helplessly such deterioration of vision. We can greatly improve the efficiency of eyes and the quality of vision through vision therapy.

Some time back a young man who had failed the vision test required to become a pilot came to us. It was his life’s dream to fly and he was disappointed and discouraged. Although he believed that he was condemned to spend his life on the ground he came to see us. Very wary of trying and failing again he approached the vision training programme skeptically. But within a month skepticism had given way to enthusiasm. He passed the next vision test with flying colors. To he is a happy pilot in fact every person who undertakes vision therapy experiences enhancement in the acuteness as well as the quality of vision.

We sincerely hope that this book will prove a stepping stone to a lifetime strong eyes and healthy vision.


Eyes are invaluable philosophers have called them windows to the soul. Yet they are probably the most neglected of all organs. The testimony to his is the fact that almost fifty percent of our populations wear glasses. An author has mentioned in a lighter vein that if eligible young men choose to sidetrack bespectacled girls, their pickings are slim indeed! The statement may seem a bit exaggerated but it is nevertheless true. Visual problems are propping up at an alarming pace.

Only 2 to 3 per cent of the populations have eye problems at birth yet possibly a full 70 per cent run into some kind of trouble with eyesight during their lifetimes. Statistics show that we are becoming a generation of visually handicapped. Nearsightedness astigmatism and a variety of hidden visual problems they go undetected and consequently untreated. They include erratic eye tracking sluggish or inefficient focusing unstable fusion reduced peripheral awareness inadequate depth perception and awkward eye to body or eye to hand co-ordination persons suffering from such defects may experience trouble tracking a line across a page shifting focus from far to near difficulty in converging on an object or judging the distance and position of an object correctly some persons do not use both eyes together but one at a time.

Impaired visual skill’s narrow our field of vision and limit our perspective sometimes leaving in their wake bizarre symptoms which seemingly have nothing to do with eyes or sight undue fatigue easy irritability mental tension a stiff neck or an aching back all could be symptoms of a visual defect.

Had we still been living free in the wilds out eyes probably would not have run into the kinds of trouble they do today when we require them to take on tasks for which they are not biologically prepared. It is like asking someone who has never run a mile to compete for the marathon in the Olympics. Our eyes valiantly try to go the distance but may fade in the stretch and breakdown. It does not always put us in eyeglasses or become as obvious as a crossed eye but it does cause confusion at the subconscious level and often leads to those vague aches and pains or fatigue at the end of the day which drags us to the bed as soon as we walk in doors. Those who listen to their bodies will quit before the spin is permanently curved or the burning in the stomach has been converted into an ulcer or the migraine has comet to stay but not all listen well or at all. The attitude of this society is to prize the mighty intellect and to reward the indefatigable student.

What are we doing to ourselves to impair our vision and wear out our eyes while the rest of our body remains strong. You are doing it right at these minutes as you concentrate on little black marks on a page which you translate into meaning. Now there is not much wrong with that it is doing it hour after hour without respite that I harmful. The problem is that we have left over eyes. They evolved during the ages to work well for the life we lead today. A city dweller uses his eyes in vastly different ways than did the man who hunted and gathered fruits or edible roots all day long. Today we rely upon our eyes for between 80 to 90 per cent of the information we receive about the world. Our eyes have always done their best to accommodate us but they cannot change over night or in a century.


1Introduction 5
2What is vision Therapy? 8
3The Eye and the vision 14
4`How to use the Eyes? 18
5How to Rest the Eyes? 22
6Self assessment : Part One26
7Self assessment : Part Two42
8Vision training exercises64
9Vision Training Programmes 96
10Decrease the dependence on glasses 101
11Maintenance of Improvement 106
12Prevention of Visual Defects 108
13Nutrition and vision 109
14Magnet Therapy and acupressure 118
15Future Sight : Care of children’s eyes
Right form childhood
16Contact lenses 126
17The Operation to reduce eye numbers
Radial Keratotomy
18A backlog of essential questions & Answers 134
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