Waking, Dream and Deep Sleep

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Author: Swami Jyotirmayananda
Language: English
Edition: 2012
ISBN: 8185883459
Pages: 79
Cover: Paperback
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Fully insured
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Sri Swami Jyotirmayananda founder of international Yoga Society and Yoga Research Foundation USA, has unveiled the mysteries of three states of consciousness is simple yet most profounl way.

How is it that a person loses hold of his innate possibility of being happy without the object of the world when he wakes up? How is it possible for him to maintain the relaxed state of sleep even during his day to day activities? An winsight into these vital questions has been presented is this book.


Publisher’s Note

Once again, Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda bestows upon us his invaluable insight clarity clarity and unique vision in the field of the highest knowledge of the soul. Different from other books on the subject, it has a depth of felling and understating in a pithy direct manner.

Particular attention must be given to this extraordinary book, “Waking Dream and deep Sleep” Because of its extraordinary quality of converying a message of intense importance. All human experiences are classified into these three states, walking Dream had Deep Sleep. Even the experience after death and before birth fall into the category of death unconscious experience of death, unconsciousness and swoon, Fall into the tegory of sleep state. Therefore these three states comprise the entire world-process that is experienced by the soul until it attains full liberation.

Apart from this profound range that it covers of a luminous philosophical insight into one’s daily experience a doubt of the greatest propelling force on the direct road to the attainment of ultimate goal. It is a great asset in comprehending life hand its vast mysteries. The insight is the foundation on which one is able to build and reconstruct a dynamic personality.

The author Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda, with his incredibly penetrating insight into the profundity of Vedanta philosophy and it practical application gives you a definite course of action to be taken in your life. Not to be regarded just for an intellectual satisfaction rather it is for urgent help needed to climb higher and higher on the ladder of spiritual evolution. This most valuable and informative book reveals a rare and extremely necessary study into the Vedanta philosophy based on the scriptures of India, which have been used by the greatest yogis for centuries.

The dynamic study captured in this energetic book is for all those interested in Yoga Oriental mysticism and Vedanta philosophy. They will gain an abundance of serenity and an enormous dimension of knowledge of the inner Self which power beyond comprehension.

This is the gateway to the realm of the highest attainment of Nirvana or Self-realization. Consequently the insight that author gives will prove to ve of the greatest value in perceiving the true spirit of all the religion of the world.

Our deep gratitude and supreme adorations to his Holiness, Sri Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda for his precious gift o all

May the Lord grant you the piercing eye of intuition that brings communion with all life and reveals the oneness of the Universe.



Of all philosophical systems of the world it is the Vedantic philosophy that has given the greatest emphasis on the study of the three states of consciousness: Waking Dream and Deep Sleep that are experienced by every human being in day to day.

The world which teems with so many problems possibilities, expectations of life seems to assume a different perspective the moment one enters into sleep.

The magic wand of mind weaves a different world during dream. it pursues a different set of objects a different form of relationships; it seeks solutions for different problems. It is so amazing that within minutes the most vesing problems of the waking state give way to a totally different world of problems in dream.

And still more mysterious us the sleep state wherein all realities of the world are drowned in a mysterious stillness. One is not even aware of Time and space much less can he be aware of the problems, relationships, and realities of day to day life. A mother who yearned to be constantly with her loving child but within moments of sleep she exists fully satisfied with herself. All communications from this world are stopped during sleep.

It is by delving deep into the mysteries of these three states that the philosophy of Vedanta shows that the innermost self in man is beyond the three stats of consciousness. The worlds of waking state and of dream state are phenomena of relativity caused by the projections of the mind. The fructifying Karma of a person conditions his mind in a particular manner. This conditioned mind reveals one’s life and its realities in the waking state as well as in the dream state of consciousness.

As the inner structure of the mind changes the realities of the day to day world become like dream fantasies. In course of time the conditions that were once considered so real are hardly recalled by one’s mind. Viewing the soul as a sojourner through the world of time and space the waking realities are described as experiences in a “long dream” from which the soul must wake up to realize its essential nature- the self.

Though separated from all realities, relationships and conditions of the world of objects yet a person continues to exits happily during deep sleep. How is it that he loses hold of his innate possibility of being happy without the objects of the world when he wakes up? How is it possible for him to maintain the relaxed state of sleep even during his day to day activities? An insight into these vital question has been presented in the following pages of this book.


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