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श्रीमद्वाल्मीकिमहर्षिप्रणीत योगवासिष्ठः- The Yoga Vasistha of Valmiki: With Study, Text, Commentary Vasistha Maha Ramayana Tatparya Prakasha and Sloka Index (Set of 3 Volumes)

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Item Code: AZE472
Publisher: Nag Publication
Author: Kanta Gupta
Edition: 1998
ISBN: 817081409X
Pages: 2606
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Book Description
About the Book
The Yogavasistha is the earliest work on Yoga or speculative and abstruse philosophy. It embodies in itself the science of ontology, the knowledge of Sat and As at. the principle of psychology, the speculation of metaphysics, the tenets of ethics and practical morality, precepts on theology. discussion on Atma, Parmatma, sprituality and theosophy in great details through manifold illustrations and allegorical stories with ultimate goal to attain final beatitude i.e. 'MOKSA'. Besides its religious and philosophical importance, the Yogavasistha envisages a multi-dimensional study and can be a source of inspiration for scholars and researchers to plunge deep into its ocean full of precious gems of literary poetic beauty and embellishments.

To facilitate its study, the entire Sanskrit text of the Yogavasiṣṭha (32,000 verses) with Tatparya prakāśa Commentary' written by 'Bodhendra Saraswati' along with a brief introduction in 3 volumes. The first volume comprises of (i) Introduction of Yogavāsiṣṭha (divided into six chapters); and (ii) Text and commentary of Vairagya, Mumuksu, Utpatti and Stithi Prakaranas; The second volume contains the text & commentary of upaśama and Purvärdha of Nirvana Prakarana; Whereas the 3rd volume has (i) Text with commentary of Uttaradha of Nirvana Prakarana, (ii) Ślokānupramaṇikā and (iii) Metrical Analysis of the Yogavāsiṣṭha.

About the Author
Dr. Mrs. Kanta Gupta M.A., LL.B., Ph.D., Jyotish Visharad, Yoga Shiromani, is Reader in Department of Sanskrit, Kalindi College, Delhi University, Delhi. Her entire academic career en visages thorough study of Vedic Scriptures, ancient legends and lores, Hindu Dharma, Philosophy, Yoga, Meditation, Astrology and other classical literary compositions. She has disseminated Hindu values through university education by inspiring the students to practice them in their lives, the only way of spiritual upliftment leading to universal brotherhood and happiness. She has been invited to participate in several International Conferences in India and abroad: World Aryan Conference in Mauritius (August, 1973), 1st World Yoga Conference in Delhi (December, 1986), 33rd International Congress of Asian and North African Studies in Toronto, Canada (August, 1990), 8th World Sanskrit Conference in Vienna, Austria (September, 1990), 34th International Congress of Asian and African Studies in Hong Kong July, 1993), IXth World Sanskrit Conference in Melbourne, Australia (January, 1994); Xth World Sanskrit Conference in Ban galore, India (January 1997), 35th International Congress of Asian and North African Studies in Budapest, Hungary (July, 1997). She was awarded the title of YOGA SHIROMANI by His Excellency Giani Zail Singh the President of India in 1986.

"Yogevasistha' is a profound and illuminating on diverse aspects of Hindu philosophy. fascinated spiritualists like Vidyaranya past, and Prof B.L Venkat text It has and Vignanbhikshu in the Jyotirmayananda and Swami Atreya, Swami esananda in recent "Yogavasistha years, Dr Kanta Gupta's A Study constitutes another important contribution in this particular area.

This three-volume work seeks to encompass the text as well as a brief account of the commentaries offered so far on the Yogavasistha. Also it attempts to trace its sources in the Upanisads Valmiki's Ramayana, the Mahabharata, the Bhagvata Gita, the Mandukyakarikas and other texts. Moreover, it underlines the significance of the Yogavasistha as a repository of disparate philosophical systems that do not fall into Na synthetically design. However, the work of the sage Vasistha did act as a formulative influence on Sankara's Advaita perception.

The Yogavasitha is the earliest work on Yoga or Speculative and Abetruse philosophy delivered by the most renowned Vedic sage "Vasistha" to his royal pupil Rama' the hero of the Adi-Kavya Ramayana Millions of men, women, rich, poor, intellectuals, philosophers from the lowest to the highest strata of society and culture find solace, pleasure and spiritual peace in the study of this unique work, one of the greatest productions of Indian mind.

The Yogavasitha embodies in itself the science of ontology, the knowledge of Sat-Real Entity & Anat-Unreal Entity, the principle of psychology, the speculation of metaphysics, the tenets of ethics and practical morality, precepts on theology and the nature of divinity, discussions on Atma and Parmatma, spirituality and theosophy. These various philosophical principles are discussed in minor details through manifold illustrations and stories leading to the main goal-the final beatitude (Mokga) "summum bonum of all true philosophy". These topics are discussed with much ease in a simple style and its tenets are understandable and accessible both by juvenile and senile classes. Moreover, the varied topics discussed in this book have singly and jointly contributed to development of several systems of science and philosophy in succeeding ages.

The influence that the Yogavastha has exercised on history of Indian thought and its philosophers like Sarhkarácārya, Madhavacārya, Nārāyaṇa Bhatta and others and its verbatum influence in the composition of few minor Upanisads reveal that the Yogavasistha has stood on a very strong foothold similar to that of Upanisads or Bhagwata Gità in the history of Indian thought.

The Yogavasistha, one of the most renowned treatise on Indian philosophy, strangely enough didn't receive the status and laurels it deserved. It is really shocking to note conspicuous absence of its proper mention in works of most of the contemporary scholars of Indian philosophy. Some eminent scholars like Farquahar, Dr. Radhakrishnan & Winternitz considered it to be a work more of religious nature than philosophical. Prof. B.L. Atreya was perhaps the first scholar whose attention and endeavors in the form of various articles and books have brought this magnanimous work into lime light. Besides Prof. Atreya many other reputed scholars like Prof. Raghvan, Prof. S.P. Bhattacarya, Dr. P.C. Diwan, Dr. S.N. Das Gupta, Dr. T.G. Mainker, Swami Jyotirmayananda and Swami Venkateshnanda and others have given their valuable contributions to the Yogavasistha studies.

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