From Misery to Enlightenment (Discourse 1-10)

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The words that I am speaking to you are ordinary words, you know them I do not like to use any kind of jargon. But in another sense the words I am using are extraordinary because they are coming from a depth, from a space within me and certainly they are carrying with them some perfume, some fragrance of that space.

If you are silent, the words becomes inessential and the fragrance that it is carrying becomes essential.

If the fragrance reaches you, you have listened.


01. Your birthright: to take flight
02. Meditation –jumping board to your being
03. Initiation: when one and one add up to none
04. Above all, the truth of man – beyond that, nothing
05. Sex to ecstasy
06. From pseudo-faith to your original face
07. Politics brings out the beast in you
08. From idiotocracy to meritocracy
09. Courage is a love affair with the unknown
10. Drop god, drop guilt –become religious

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