Gulzar’s Mirza Ghalib: Naseeruddin Shah as Mirza Ghalib (2 DVDs with Subtitles in English)

Item Code: ICK086
Jagjit SinghSaregama (2007)
From the DVD

The Ghalib legend, his art, have struck a deeper root with every new decade. The ghazals of the 19th century genius form one of the purest parts of our cultural heritage. His chaste poetry has lended itself to innumerable compositions and recordings, each one with its own specific interpretation.

The attempt on this serial is to present Ghalib’s ghazals within the context of his life and of his outlook, both to the people and the conditions around him. In that sense, the ghazals hopefully reflect the spirit of Ghalib and his times in their true essence.

The ghazals written by him should flow with his biography Jagjit Singh agreed wholeheartedly with this idea. He read the script for the T.V. serial “Mirza Ghalib”, and the compositions came spontaneously.

In sum, this is our very small tribute to the genius of Ghalib.

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