Hanuman Upasana The Complete Set of Daily Prayers (MP3 CD)

Item Code: ICC069
Pandit JasrajEMI (2007)
From the CD

Upasana is submitting to ones favoured Lord and seeking to imbibe His ideal attributes in order to daily prayers to achieve this oneness with the almighty.

Dhyaan Shlok: We invite Lord Hanuman to our home
Manojvam Vocals: Pandit Jasraj

Hanuman Gayatri Mantra: Invite His energy
Om Marutputray Vidmahe Vocals: Pandit Jasraj

Jaap (Meditation): Concentrate on Lord Hanuman with the Beej Mantra
Om Shree Hanumate Namah Vocals: Pandit Jasraj

Stuti Bhajan: Song of praise
Hanuman Lala Mere Pyare Lala Vocals: Pandit Jasraj

Ashtottarshat Naamavalee: Worship the 108 forms of Lord Hanuman
108 Names of Lord Hanuman Vocals: Chorus

Aarti: Expressing our heartfelt indebtedness
Aarti Keeje Hanumaanlala Ki Vocals: Chorus

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