The Healing Sounds of Mahashakti Durga (CD)

Item Code: ICB027
Dr. Shri Balaji TambeTimes Music (2002)
Shri Mahashakti Durga -The world Mother

With the blessings of Shri Mahashakti Durga, one surely gets heath, popularity, power, victory, family love and happiness. When one has difficulties, particularly huge problems which seem impossible to overcome, or when one realizes that one must fight against some unseen and evil forces, one immediately remembers Shri Mahashakti Durga, the world mother. For solving all problems and gaining protection, the child always turns to the mother.

The text and musical compositions have been specifically selected based on proved traditions and scientific research. The compositions based on ragas Madhuvanti, Basant, Malkauns and Durga have been selected to suit the energy of Shri Mahashakti Durga and the related bio-energy centers. All the compositions on the album are useful for daily listening and particular during Navaratri time.

About the Tittle

1. Prayer -Shri Durga Shloka
2. Shri Bhagawati Stotram
3. Shri Durgashtottarashatanama Stotram
4. Tripura Sundari Stotram
5. Shri Durga Mantrah
6. Shri Durga Navarna Mantrah
7. Mahishasuramardini Stotram
8. Bhavanyashtakam
9. Shri Durga Aarti

Project Conceived, Music Composed & Vocals by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe.
Music Arrangement:
Sunil Tambe
Vijay Tambe
Raju Tambe
Nirada Gaumann
Flute: Vijay Tambe
Sitar: Umashankar Shukla
Harp & Santoor: Ulla Sachers
Harmonium: Nirada Gaumann
Keyboard: Raju Tambe
Rhythm: Hari Bagade, Uday Mhopkar & Sunil Tambe

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