J. Krishnamurti: Why are You Being Educated? (DVD)

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J. KrishnamurtiKrishnamurti Foundation Trust Ltd. (1980)
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Artist: J. Krishnamurti
Format: DVD

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If the robots and the computes are going to take over all the oprations of man, then man throughout the world will have leisure. Society is going to be changed completely.

What will you do with that leisure? You will seek entertainment, football, cinema, rugby, you know the whole entertainment world. And what is the nature of society when you will have very little work?

What is going to happen to your brain?
What is going to happen to your mind?
Will leisure give you time to watch things you can watch a tree,
Watch the mountains, the rocks, the river, you can look at yourself.

What is happening to your mind if you are living all the time in the past?
So gradually you are destroying your own capacity, your own vitality, your own strength; you are merely imitating.

You have to find out what you mean by learning.

You are always accumulating knowledge and acting, therefore it becomes mechanical. So find out for yourself if there is a different way of learning.

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