Moolamantra 2: Enhance The Divinity within You by Meditating with This Chant (Audio CD)

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Item Code: IZA042
Kosmic Music Pvt. Ltd. Chennai. (2005)
From The Audio CD
Voices: Uma Mohan, G. Ghayathri Devi
Vocals arranged by Steephan
Mastered by: Manoj Kumar
Catlogue No: KM 1053D
Format: Audio CD

About The Audio CD

This mantra evokes the living God, asking protection and freedom from all sorrow and sufferings. It is a prayer that adores the great creator and liberator, who out of love and compassion manifests, to protect us, in an earthly form. This Moolamantra has given great peace and joy to people all over the world, who have chanted, or even listened to it. It has the power to transport ones mind to the state of causeless love and limitless joy. The calmness that the mantra can give is to be experienced, not spoken about. Dear listener, here is a key with which any door to spiritual treasure could be opened. A tool which can be used to achieve all desires. A medicine, which cures all ills. The nectar that can set man free! All auspiciousness and serenity is yours by magnificient Moolamantra. The mantra given by Lord Shiva to Parvaty Harihi Om tatsat the primordial chant has also been interwoven, to make one experience divine grace in life, knowing that the “absolute reality” is only being in the present and experiencing “what is”. This experience has elevated the minds of so many, to enjoy creation. His very presence in our every breath, and His ceaseless guidance in every step we take. We submit our humble gratitude to Him for giving us this bliss fullife, as we chant Aum Satchidananda.

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