Seeds of Revolution: My Most Loved Gospel on Jesus (MP3 CDs) (Set of 2 Volumes)

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The words that I am speaking to you are ordinary words, you know them I do not like to use any kind of jargon. But in another sense the words I am using are extraordinary because they are coming from a depth, from a space within me and certainly they are carrying with them some perfume, some fragrance of that space.

If you are silent, the words becomes inessential and the fragrance that it is carrying becomes essential.

If the fragrance reaches you, you have listened.


Discourse 1-11
01. The Mustard Seed
02. Jesus is very paradoxical
03. The Marvel of Marvels
04. Take no Thought
05. The Strangest of Saying
06. Absurd! Illogical
07. The Treasure which Endures
08. Make the Two One
09. What’s wrong with my Wife?
10. Just Enjoy Yourself
11. Choose the Eternal

Discourse 12-21
12. Come Out and I’ll show You
13. Fe is an Open Secret
14. Hurry Slowly
15. Poet of the Ultimate
16. The Taste of the Pudding
17. Movement and Rest
18. Sailing in Rough Waters
19. God is not a Utility
20. Mind is Drunk
21. Become a Gardener

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