Shaant: Spa Music for Healing - Includes Guide to Healing By Mandy O’Neill (Audio CD)

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Mandy O’Neill Times Music (2007) 60 Minutes
From the CD:

Healing is a broad term which covers all aspect of holistic therapies, Spiritual Healing, Aromatherapy Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Healing, to name but a few. All of these therapies work with the mind body and spirit balancing and promoting a sense of well being.

We are all cable of healing ourselves if we did but know it, just by looking after our bodies and nurturing them as nature intended.

When we consider healing the majority of people have a certain view of what it entails. Most are surprised that there is an alternative to the everyday orthodox medicine that so many of us associate with in our modern day society. There are miracles in medicine every day. This type of miracle is so often taken for granted and never ever questioned but when we flip the coin and focus on holistic treatments as an option the general opinion is that if you haven’t been given a prescription from the doctors with a bottle of tablets to show for it, or undergone surgery then nothing else could possibly work, or could it?

“Music is now universally recognized as an important component of healing therapy. This series can complement any medical prescription.”

Dr. Hemant P. Thacker (Consultant and Cardiologist at leading hospitals)
Shaant- Spa music for healing, performed by Aetherium, is ideal or healing, massage, meditation or sleeping. The album includes detailed sleeve notes by the Reiki Master Mandy O’Neill

1. Rainbow Light
2. Ether Prayer
3. Elestial Glow
4. Frozen Lake
5. Beacon of Light
6. Ocean Deep
7. Onward
8. After The Rain

Composed and performed by Aetherium
Produced by Kevin Kendle
Executive Producer Llewellyn

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