Sri Kali Sahasranamam and Other Stotras (With Free Book Containing the Kali Ashtottara Shatanamavalli in Sanskrit and Roman, Making it Ideal for Chanting with the CD) Sanskrit (Audio CD)

Item Code: ICN013
Dimensions Super Audio (2003)
About the CD

Goddess Kali is the manifestation of Shakti. The worship of kali is popular in India. It is believed that prayers to her, cures diseases and offers relief from poverty and grief. She is represented as dark, terrible, holding a sword and a severed head. She also has the hand gestures Abhaya-to remove all fears of her devotees: Varada-to grant boons. She symbolizes jnana or knowledge. She is the representation of many philosophical concepts. As stated in the Sahasranamam, the reciter of the listener, is freed from heinous sins, attain children, get their wishes fulfilled, get rid of diseases, and secure wealth and overall prosperity!

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