Swami Chinmayananda on Adi Shankara (Audio CD)

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Central Chinmaya Mission Trust (2011) Approx 47 Mins.
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Catlogue No: SCD033
Format: Audio CD

About the CD

Hinduism has faced numerous situation, threatening its existence. And each time, it has found a leader, who rallies the masses to stay united and understand the essence of this great ethos. One such leader was Adi Shankaracharya. At a very young age he gained the knowledge of the Vedas, traversed the length and breadth of Bharat and wrote numerous treatise and compositions of his own. Swami Chinmayananda paints vividly the life and work of Adi Shankara a saint a visionary and missionary.

Swami Chinmayananda the founder of Chinmaya Mission is a saint from India who had brought about a spiritual renaissance throughout the work. He is a powerful orator, with his own brand of wit humour and vocabulary; he paints vividly the wisdom of the ages in front of us. His commentary on the Bhagavad – gita and Upanishads are considered one of the best ever for their clarity and crisp logic.

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