Waves “Soul Searchers” (Delve deep to find your true self) (Audio CD)

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Soul Searchers 2009
About the CD

Sea waves, natural form of energy, help a person travel deep inside his/her self smoothly. The pull of Moon's gravity and the axis of Earth affect the pattern of waves greatly, which in turn, have a great impact on the human mind, In the span of 24 hours, waves undergo the following stages:

Alpha waves - range is between 7-12 HZ: - Alpha waves draw the mind's attention towards the inner bodily senses and sensations which are felt during this period of meditation.

Beta waves - range is between 13-40 HZ: - Mind's activities reach their peak during this phase .An urge to respond quickly to external events is felt now.

Theta waves - range is between 4-7 HZ: -Theta waves bring to the fore all the emotional stress and tension and help in releasing them for a better day and working capabilities, Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is controlled during this period.

Delta waves-range is between 0-4 HZ: - This level helps one to trigger the very core of the cells and DNA to work for our development, regeneration and growth.

Meditation Technique
Preferable position is to lie down and close your eyes Relax and keep the hands on side with palms facing the sky

1. Duration: 20 minutes
Inhale and exhale fast
Gently place the left hand over the floor
Bring your complete focus on the whole body
2 Duration: 14 minutes
Inhale and exhale slowly
Focus is completely on the breath
3 Duration: 6.30 minutes
Inhale and exhale slowly (1 /2 the speed of step 2)
Part the lips slightly
4 Duration: 6 minutes
Inhale and exhale slowly (1 /2the speed of step 3)
Benefits: helps improve insomnia, sinusitis, migraine, stress, tiredness, emotional blocks. Better meditation is possible.

Caution: People with epilepsy should avoid.

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