28" Handmade Bodhi Tree- Wall Hanging

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"I think I have learnt something of the value of stillness. I don’t fret so much; I laugh at myself more often; I don’t laugh at others. I live life at my own pace. Like a banyan tree. Is this wisdom, or is it just old age?" - Ruskin Bond, A Book of Simple Living: Brief Notes from the Hills


It's said that a Banyan tree is the heavenly residence of Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma. This magnific work is devoted to the majesty of the Banyan tree or the Vata Vruksha, and oozes regal nobility. The roots growing down give this tree the stability to survive thousands of years, and hence the tree symbolises eternity. This brass tree was adroitly drafted and displays a harmonious combination of brass, a long- continuing material, and natural beauty.

Brass- coloured birds perch gracefully on the branches, adding to the majesty of the scene. The massive roots of the tree reach down to link with the blessed earth bear validation to the fabulous description. A glowing display of beauty is handed by a spectacular array of painstakingly designed brass leaves that expands outwards. This work of art is a must- have for everyone who appreciates incorporating tradition into their home decor.

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Item Code: HLA331
Dimensions 24.50 inch Height X 28.50 inch Width X 4.50 inch Depth
Weight: 8.93 kg
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