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This Amber Oval Ring is a fusion of organic charm and refined craftsmanship. The centerpiece is a smooth, oval amber, a gemstone cherished for its warm, honeyed tones and the ancient secrets it holds within. Encased in a sterling silver setting with a textured design that mimics natural forms, the ring bridges the gap between the natural world and artistic expression.


Amber, the fossilized resin of prehistoric trees, often contains tiny inclusions of ancient life, making each piece a unique window into the past. The sterling silver setting enhances the amber's natural beauty, providing a secure and stylish frame for this prehistoric treasure.


Suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions, this ring is not just a piece of jewelry but a slice of history, fashioned into a timeless piece that carries the whispers of the earth's long story.

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Item Code: JSD66
Sterling Silver
Dimensions 9 mm Height
Weight: 3 gm
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Fully insured
Fully insured
Shipped to 153 countries
Shipped to 153 countries
More than 1M+ customers worldwide
More than 1M+ customers worldwide
100% Made in India
100% Made in India


Amber is an organic material coming from the fossilized resin of conifers on the earth millions of years ago. According to Greek Myth, amber was made from the tears of the daughters of the sun. Christian folklore has it that amber was the tears of the trees that were condemned to disappear after the flood.

The Greeks called it electron because it not only is conductor of current but when rubbed against a piece of cloth it produced an electric charge that attracted light objects such as a piece of paper. Amber is an object of superstition: it is said to take away the wearer’s discontentment to protect from the evil eye and to predict bad luck by changing color. In Muslim countries amber is used not only for jewellery but also for medicinal remedies. Babies were given amber necklaces to wear to prevent irritations reduce redness in the folds of the neck ease teething and protect from convulsions and sore throats.

Amber is transparent translucent and also opaque in various shades of yellow orange brownish red and dark red.

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