Om (AUM) Ganesha Pendant

Om (AUM) Ganesha Pendant

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Lord Ganesha is the Hindu deity for new beginnings. He is also called by names Ganapati and Vinayaka and worshipped as a lord for success and wisdom. His name is often invoked at the beginning of major life undertakings and this made Lord Ganesha one of the most widely revered gods in Hinduism including its many traditions and beyond. As the lord of learning, the concept of buddhi or intelligence is also associated with him. Stories of his life, cleverness, and intelligence were abundant during the Puranic period.

This Om Ganesha pendant is an aesthetic mix of two most holy symbols in Hinduism: the Om and Lord Ganesha. In Hinduism, the Om is believed to be the sound of the universe. Despite its shortness, this mantra is a symbol of the Inner Self, the Atman, as well as the Brahman, the Cosmic Principle. The Om is mentioned at the beginning of other pujas, prayers, or incantations for the gods and it makes this pendant—and its association with the lord of new starts itself— a great gift to someone who will undertake a big life change or who needs a constant reminder of the faith through the OM. The pendant is crafted from gold and features the OM as well as Lord Ganesha’s most iconic attribute, the elephant head.

Lord Ganesha, as the mighty remover of obstacles, is often turned to by people seeking blessings and guidance before making important life decisions. His being the god that can rid of obstacles and pave way for new beginnings make him important to the lives of those who believe. Meanwhile, the Om as the holiest syllable, the first sound that leaves the mouths of those who pray bears the weight of millenniums of faith and prayers to the gods. This Om Ganesha pendant is a good piece to wear to inspire the bearer and anyone who sees it of better days and beginnings ahead.

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