Super Fine Rainbow Moonstone Ring with Rubies Made in Sterling Silver

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Whimsical with the hint of grace, this rainbow moonstone ring is craved with rubies shimmers with a mesmerizing charm.  The moonstone styled in the middle of the bauble shines glamorously. The moonstone gem redefines empathy and compassion, it promotes clairvoyance and psychic abilities.


Moonstone is known as the stone to calm emotions and of new beginnings.  As the name proposes the gemstone is firmly linked with intuition to the moon. As the moon tells us, this stone also reminds us that all things are a segment of a cycle of change.

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Item Code: LCM97
Sterling Silver
Dimensions 12 MM HEIGHT
Weight: 11.90 gm
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide

The moonstone can balance emotions and have an optimistic effect on hormonal balance. This stone can improve the sleep cycle as it can give peace and make you feel relax. This precious gemstone also works as a good luck charm to the wearer.  The moonstone varies from opaque to semitransparent and white to colorless.


Besides the significant meaning of moonstone, the rubies are also worked as a good luck charm. Rubies are linked with the enhancement of concentration, loyalty, energy,  compassion,  loyalty, and loyalty. Rubies are also connected with the heart chakra that incites spiritual wisdom while protecting the psychic attacks.


Ruby enhances your passion or love for life beneficially and also helps to maintain your goals and encourages motivation.

The one important mystical property of rubies is that it controls the pineal gland, which manages for activation of the production of melatonin during gloomy hours.


The moonstone and ruby gems in the ring enhance the power. As the moonstone signifies inner strength and growth, the rubies signify nobility and passion. Wear this ring to add extra charm with the dash of enchantment.

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