Tibetan OM (AUM) Pendant

Tibetan OM (AUM) Pendant

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Carry your fashion style with a Tibetan OM pendant with the mark of charm. This eye-catching jewel features the letter OM  hinged from the pendant in a mesmerizing way. This tempting jewel with the fetching versatile design depicts the deep meaning.  With the hint of obsessiveness, this pendant will elevate your look. Wear this  Tibetan OM pendant casually or formally and add extra charm to your look.


The word Om is also formed by the sound of the AUM. Which express various powerful three properties. The three characteristics of matter and the triads of the worlds of heaven, atmosphere, and earth; action, speech, and thought. It also includes the three divine Vedic scriptures that are  Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Rigveda. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the Syllable OM is considered sacred. OM is also recognized to be the most all-embracing sacred formula and mantras. 

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Sterling Silver
1.2 inch Height
0.5 inch Width
1.80 gm

OM is recognized as the sound of the universe which is very sacred and divine. Om is the sound that is sacred and it combines all things together in the universe. The OM sound vibration stimulates all the chakras of the wearer's body. OM especially energizes the crown chakras and the third eye which aid the wearer to connect with his Divine selves. OM is the most sacred or spiritual symbol of all of the symbols.  

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