Lady with Her  Messenger

Lady with Her Messenger

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AnupGomay is known for his artistic ability to provide picturesque backgrounds to his amazing paintings. In this painting, he encapsulates a baby blue sky decorated with cotton-like clouds and contrasted with a lush green setting, capturing rich American sycamores that give it an eye-catching look. The painting is bordered by a red brick pillared balustrade that is imprinted with ethnic patterns and turns out to be the seating area of a beautiful Indian damsel who is complexioned in a lovely golden sand color with her countenance being etched with almond shaped cat eyes and guarding soft angled eyebrows that compliment her watermelon pink full lips and her pierced Greek nose which is ornamented with a gorgeous nose pin.

The lady is appareled in an azure blue crop top choli which is imprinted with copper floral designs and bordered with intricate banarsi designs that reveal her perfect waist extending over to a matching lehenga with the ditto designs and bordering gotas. Her hands are embellished with jade colored bangles that are enclosed in thick gold bangles going along with her delicate stone embossed rings and chandelier kundan earrings that extend to reveal a triple layered strings that loosely drape behind her head. Her neck is adorned with a pearl necklace and a stunning gold plated choker necklace that matches her amulet like morganite studded armlet. The lass's lovely charcoal black hair is enhanced with a perfect gem studded headband and a gold plated maang tikka that beautifies her red bindiya.

The gorgeous damsel takes hold of the scarlet red Bhagavad-Gita in her right hand as she attends a blue and yellow tinted macaw with her left hand as it opens its wings in a welcoming pose. The amazing lady and her messenger bewitch the spectators in the lovely charm of this fantabulous painting making it one of the best pieces ever witnessed in the history of art, thus, the top choice of all buyers in town.

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Item Code: OU32
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
36 inch X 48 inch
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