Lakshmi-Ganesha-Mahesha With Lifelike Eyes

Lakshmi-Ganesha-Mahesha With Lifelike Eyes

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This unusual Lakshmi-Ganesha-Mahesha triad would make for a fine addition to your home decor. Devi Lakshmi is the presiding deity over wealth, Lord Ganesha over initiatives, and Lord Mahesha over cosmic annihilation. Juxtaposed in a strip of fabric, the deities have been executed in super kalamkari (kalamkari is a portmanteau of the words ‘kalam’, which means pen, and ‘kari’, which means handiwork).

The folk art of kalamkari is instantly recognisable by the statement black lines. They are minimally filled in, with miniscule traditional motifs in the dhotis the figures are wearing. Intricate black curves define the unique adornments on each of the deities - sleek and feminine designs on Lakshmi, chunky ones of Ganesha, and androgynous jewellery on Mahesha. While the crowns of Lakshmi and Ganesha have been drawn in great detail, thickly wound jataayein (dreadlocks) grace the head of Mahesha.

Despite the parallels, the iconographies of the three deities are perceptibly distinguished. While Lakshmi is seated on the wings of the owl, Her vahana, and Mahesha on Nandi, the bull, both in lalitasana, the boy-deity Ganesha is on the floor with the mouse looking veneratingly up at Him. The halo of the central deity is the largest in diameter and makes for the lack of a distinct throne. A deep crimson colours the background, hints of which are to be found in some details on the subject such as ornaments and facial features.

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Kalamkari Painting on Cotton
Artist - D. Lakshmamma (Andhra Pradesh)
52 inch X 23 inch
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