Memory Of A Woman

Memory Of A Woman

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A young woman emerges in the dreams of her lover. She is doubled up within the folds of a white silk sheet, which she holds in place with a single hand. Her wheatish, lifelike hand clutches at the sheet over the creases that betray her restlessness. Her face is contorted with misery, a misery that has driven her to the brink of insanity.

Over the white of the fabric spreads the length of her wavy black hair, its mass and colour painted with considerable skill. Note the detail of her wide-set brow and the aquiline nose of her face, which convey that she is a handsome woman. The lines on her upper cheeks and the whites of her eyes are as if caught amidst a bout of convulsive sobbing.

Perhaps the lover knows well how she had suffered in his absence. She had written expressive letters where she described in great detail the travails of going through life without him next to herself. Those letters, old and aged and yellowed, are lying in his drawer, and it is from those musty handwritten papers that the memory of her rises to haunt him.

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Item Code: OV27
Oil Painting on Canvas
Artist: Anup Gomay
34 inch x 45 inch
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