72" Super Large Goddess Lakshmi Bronze Sculpture Standing on Lotus

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Sri- the auspicious one, is one of the earliest epithets of the goddess Lakshmi in the ancient Rig Veda, where she emerges as the bestower of fortune and fertility from the depths of the cosmic ocean during Sagar-Manthan (churning of the ocean). In this majestic six-foot bronze statute, the sculptor seems to have captured the very moment of Sri Lakshmi’s ascendance from the ocean.


Standing on a beautifully delineated blossomed lotus flower, goddess Lakshmi is in her four-armed or Chaturbhuja Roopa, emanating a youthful luster that defines beauty and femininity. Placed on her gorgeous tresses which are delicately defined on the reverse of the statue, the regal crown frames the countenance of the goddess brilliantly. Ornate jewelry- Kundala (earrings), haar and Malika (necklaces), Skandhabhushana (shoulder ornaments), girdle, and aangulikya (rings)- each ornament is delineated with precious and artistic essence, making these secondary elements, works of art as well.


The delicateness and translucent quality of the cloth on Lakshmi’s torso, the flow of her dhoti (lower body garment), the sway of his waistcloth, and the lyrical fall of the piece of cloth hanging around her form are captured with such finesse by the makers of this Panchaloha, that it transcends the limits of metal’s solidity.


Such icons of goddess Lakshmi either accompany Vishnu’s standing icons, as his Shakti and consort, or are established and worshipped as stand-alone murtis, of the great mother who nurtures the Universe and empowers all acts with her benevolent presence.

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Item Code: DDG009
Height: 72 inch
Width: 34 inch
Depth: 25 inch
Weight: 350 kg
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100% Made in India
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. Is the statue hollow or solid ?
    A. Panchaloha bronze statues are made through a process of lost wax casting, hence they are solid. To know more about how bronze statues are made, please read our article on Panchaloha Bronze Statues. Whereas, brass statues are made through a process of clay casting, hence are hollow.
  • Q. Can I see the original photo of the product ?
    A. For original pictures of the statue, kindly email us at [email protected].
  • Q. Can I return the statue ?
    A. All returns must be postmarked within seven (7) days of the delivery date. All returned items must be in new and unused condition, with all original tags and labels attached. To know more please view our return policy.
  • Q. Can you customise the statue for me ?
    A. For any customisation, a new bronze statue has to be made. To know more, kindly email us at [email protected].
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