Jute Cotton Front Zipper Modi Jacket


The Jute Cotton fabric is a marvelous combination of the two most sustainable fabrics: Jute and Cotton. Both fabrics are natural cellulose fiber and are known to be easy on the skin. This Jute Cotton Front Zipper Modi Jacket is a harmonious blend of sophistication and cultural finesse that uses the goodness of cotton and jute fabrics. The textured jute cotton fabric exudes a unique charm, ensuring a distinctive look for any occasion. The front zipper adds a modern touch to the traditional Modi jacket silhouette, offering ease and versatility. The diagonal checks bring a formal touch to the jacket. Whether you're attending a celebration or a formal event, make a lasting impression with the impeccable craftsmanship and distinctive design of this Jute Cotton Front Zipper Modi Jacket, embodying the essence of timeless style.

Item Code: BAA980
Jute Cotton Modi Jacket
Dimensions SIZE # 36 (Small)
Weight: 400 gm
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