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The Absolute Truth (Does God Exist?)

The Absolute Truth (Does God Exist?)
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Item Code: NAR313
Author: Jabahar Mohapatra
Publisher: Notion Press
Language: English
Edition: 2014
ISBN: 9789384049706
Pages: 298
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.4 kg
About the Book

Some say God exists and some say He doesn't. As we know both parties cannot be right, one is terribly wrong. So the question is which one of them is the wrong one. Does God exist or He exists not? What is the absolute truth? What is the purpose of life? Does karma really exist? Fate or free will, what determines life? How can life be made better? These are some of the questions that this book answers. It opens up with a discussion to determine the existence of God basing upon (one of) the oldest religion on Earth and takes you into a religion-philosophical exploration of happiness, life and the human mind. When you get the picture that this book wants to show, you will certainly find it enlightening.

About the Author

Jabahar Mohapatra is a programmer by profession. He has done a bachelor's degree course in electronics and telecommunications engineering. However, most of his effort and interest was always about understanding life and finding out its true nature. This book is a concise account of his findings so far.


People often question the suitability of a person who writes or speaks about an important subject matter. So when it comes down to a serious subject like God, the question nevertheless becomes more serious. However, without concerning myself with such questions, I am only going to explain in this book whatever occurred to me as a sudden jolt of realization. So I am not bothered about the correctness of what I have written. You may complain how I can be such careless when writing about such a delicate matter like God. But what I actually mean is I am indifferent regarding whether you find what I have written to be right or wrong. With eyes that are essentially the same, people see the same world differently; with brains that are structurally the same, people interpret the world differently. So I have only tried to explain and share here whatever my mind interpreted the world as. Without trying to claim or reinforce anything, I leave it entirely up to you to think and decide for yourself. The desire to understand the world and find out the absolute truth put me into a spectator's position where I found myself lost in the silent observation of the mind and its nature. Then on a fateful day as I was thinking about some philosophical problems regarding nature of God, a certain realization came which washed away every doubt and everything became clear. However, whatever realization my mind got hold of was certainly unconventional. But as it cleared all my doubts and gave me new insights, it offered me peace and serenity that I was lacking internally. As it is possible that many people are also troubled by similar existential and philosophical questions, I thought of writing down my realizations in form of a book to provide them an outlook. Only my heart knows the pain and suffering I have gone through to understand the world and find out its true nature. And when I think of it, I don't want anybody else to suffer the same mental pain and anguish. Devoid of friends and families, living in seclusion, I have pondered over the truth to find out the conclusion. And whatever conclusion I reached, although unconventional, needs to be discussed so that it may help other seekers in their quest for the truth. As I found some people only accept an idea when scriptural proofs are given, I have also included verses from prominent scriptures for their satisfaction. We all face problems of different sorts, some are physical and material and some are philosophical and intellectual. Whatever may be the nature of the problem, as long as it persists peace simply cannot be obtained. So through this book I have tried to answer some of the philosophical questions so that it may bring peace to the minds of people who are troubled by them. If by reading this book some of your doubts get cleared, then I'll consider the purpose of the book fulfilled.

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