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Buddhist Text Literature: What the Buddha Said and Taught

Buddhism is one of the most followed religions or spiritual paths in South Asian countries propounded by Siddhartha Gautam (Lord Buddha). Lord Buddha is mentioned in various Vedic scriptures as the incarnation of the Supreme Lord Vishnu who will descend on the earth in Kaliyuga, the age of hypocrisy and quarrel, to defy the authority of the Vedas to bring atheistic people back to the path of spiritual culture. The Buddhist scriptures explain the ultimate goal of every living entity which is to know about the nature of the material world and to get liberated from the cycle of repeated births and deaths. Renowned Buddhist practitioners and philosophers have written many books based on the teachings of Lord Buddha and other authoritative personalities.

Exotic India offers a comprehensive collection of Buddhist philosophy books that tap into the inner chambers of Buddhism that not many people know about. The Pali language in which the Buddhist scriptures have been compiled is not understandable to all, so these English translated books will help readers understand the philosophy more thoroughly. Included in the collection are Tibetan Buddhism books, Zen teachings for beginners, books on mindful meditation, Dalai Lama quotes, and many more. Some books shed light upon the philosophical aspects of different branches of Buddhism. Although these sects preach different opinions and principles, they intersect at one point which is that we should go higher in our conscience and aim to achieve that for which we are actually meant to.

As you go through these books, you will be introduced to new concepts, in-depth knowledge, and practical approaches to advance in your spiritual life. The realm of the transcendental world awaits you.  Explore this hand-picked collection and buy the book which aligns with your inquisitive mind and interests.

Q. Are there any Buddhist philosophy books for beginners?

Yes, some of the good Buddhist philosophy books for beginners are: “Advaita and the Buddha” by Ramesh S. Balsekar, “Invisible Protection” by Acharya Buddharakkhita, “Philosophy of Buddhist, Jaina and Six Systems of Indian Thought” by Surendranath Dasgupta, and “No Water No Moon: Talks on Zen Stories” by Osho Rajneesh.

Q. Can a non-Buddhist read Buddhist Philosophy books?

Yes, definitely. Buddhist philosophy books are not only confined to Buddhist followers but are open to anyone interested and inquisitive to dive deep into the traditional, cultural, and spiritual aspects of Buddhism. They are beyond the background or religion of the reader.

Q. What are the benefits of reading philosophy books?

Reading philosophy books is like the nectar for which our hearts always hanker. They let you dive deep into complex philosophical concepts based on ancient traditions, the Absolute Truth, and questions like what, how, and why. Transforming your perspectives on things around you and beyond helps you develop critical thinking and awaken your true spirit to know everything as it is.