All You Wanted to Know About Acne

All You Wanted to Know About Acne

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Author: Dr. Poonam Jain
Publisher: New Dawn Press
Language: English
Edition: 2007
ISBN: 9788120723351
Pages: 160
Cover: Paperback
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Acne is the bane of beautiful skin. Most of us face it at some stage in our lives.

This book endeavours to inform the readers of the biomedical causes of acne and reveals how acne can be controlled or cured with a little effort, and where necessary, a bit of guidance from a dermatologist.

Use the guidelines in this book and watch your skin grow blemish-free and beautiful.


Today, in the 21st century, we live in a rather heavily polluted environment. This, together with our hectic and stressful life, causes various ailments-acne is one of them.

The book deals with each aspect of Acne - the various types, their causes and their preventive measures.

In a simplified way, this book provides you with the biomedical aspects of acne and to counter it, its medical as well as home remedial measures- so that you can look forward to a smooth and glowing skin.




Preface 7
Introduction 9
Types of Skin 11
What is Acne? 16
Causes of Acne? 22
Measures for Preventing Acne 30
Types of Alternative Diets 52
Some Do's and Don'ts 60
Types of Masks 73
Homoeopathic Solutions 93
Ayurvedic Solutions 97
Frequently asked questions
Even after washing your face several times why do you still get acne? 103
Does stress cause acne? 105
Why do you get acne as an adult? 106
What role does diet play in acne? 108
Does the sun help acne? 110
What is the best way to treat acne? 112
What kinds of cosmetics and cleansers can an acne patient use? 113
Can squeezing blemishes be harmful? 116
Can anything be done about scarring caused by acne? 117
How long is it before you see a visible result from using acne medication? 119
Would using medication more often speed up the clearing of acne? 121
Topical treatment seems to work, but blemishes reappear. Why? 123
If the face is clear, can the medications be stopped? 124
Does the time of medication matter? 125
How can you remember to take your dose in time? 127
Why are antibiotics ineffective for acne cure? 129
If the sun is so damaging to the skin, then why does it seem to clear up acne? 131
Why don't sunscreens help? 133
How is stress related to acne? 135
Can we get rid of acne entirely? 137
Do special soaps help? 139
Is there something to speed up the healing of existing acne sores? 140
Giving up on sugar does not seem to help. Why? 141
Do specific products or foods cause breakouts? 143
What are the home remedies to help relieve breakouts? 145
For further information 147
Glossary 149

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