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Anthology of Kumarilabhatta’s Works (An Old and Rare Book)

Anthology of Kumarilabhatta’s Works (An Old and Rare Book)
Item Code: NAR543
Author: P.S. Sharma
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publishers Pvt. Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 1980
Pages: 100
Other Details: 9.00 X 6.00 inch
weight of the book: 0.29 kg
About the Book

The present work is an anthology of Kumarila Bhatta's works the Slokavarttika and the Tantravarttika which deal with such subjects as the nature of the Atman; the nature of the Dharma; the nature of the Sabda; the Self-Validity of the Veda; the Concept of Sphota; the nature of the Svarga; Generality; Individuality; Negation; Sunyata; Vijnanavada; Apohavada, etc. according to Mimamsa School. A reader can derive a fair knowledge of the tenets of the Mimamsakas on different subjects. Kumarila Bhatta was an expert exponent of the Purvamimarmsa. After Jaimini and Sabara, he was considered an authority on all aspects of Purvamimarhsa. He was the founder of a separate school named Bhatta which claimed a good following.

Besides, the author has supplied a short history of the Purvamimamsa in addition to details about Kumarila Bhatta, Sabara-svamin, Mandana Mira and other important writers of the Sastra, in his elaborate Introduction.

About the Author

Dr. Sarveswara Sharma Peri was born in 1926 in an Orthodox Brahmana family in Pedanandipalli Agraharam, Andhra Pradesh. He belongs to the Taittiriya Sakha of the Krsnayajurveda and the Apastambasutra. His family is a living tradition of the Mimamsa Sastra. After preliminary studies at the Andhra University, he proceeded to Varanasi for higher studies. He studied different Sastras in the traditional way with renowned Pandits : Chinnaswamy Sastry Dravid, Rajanarayana Pandeya, Kaliprasada Misra, and others. He received training in the methodology of Indological research having studied under eminent scholars like Dr. Baladev Upadhyaya, Dr. P. L. Vaidya, Dr. Veera-mani Upadhyaya for over a period of seven years from 1944 to 1951. From 1951 to 1964 he worked in India in different capacities. Since 1964 he has been teaching Indian languages at the Philipps University, Marburg, under the guidance of Dr. Wilhelm Rau, Director Institute of Indian and Far-Eastern Languages. His doctoral thesis Kala-samuddesa of Bhartrhari's Vakyapadiya (with Helaraja's commentary translated into English for the first time) has been published by us.

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