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The Art of Magnetic Healing

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Author: M.T. Santwani
Publisher: B. Jain Publishers (P) Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2010
ISBN: 9788131901915
Pages: 256 (20 B/W Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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About the Book


In our search for healing agents, we have unravelled the scientific aspects of treatment through magnets. Like any therapeutic system, the science and art of magnetic healing needs to be mastered to obtain the desirable cure. We must learn the following for this.

·Basics of magnetism

·Effect of magnets on living tissues

·Magnetic affinity of the human body

·Cellular magnetism

·Techniques of application of magnets in various diseases

·Individual susceptibility to magnets, etc.

This book includes all the above mentioned aspects including case taking, preparation of healing water and healing oils, etc. It is as comprehensive as possible, providing consummate guidance on all practical aspects.




Since time immemorial the man has strived to find all such healing agents that offer even slightest promise to alleviate the suffering of the ailing humanity. Our ancestors sifted out almost all such remedial agents, be these of plant or animal or mineral origin. The search has continued till today. Of the many curative elixers and secret formulae left behind by them and which form a part of the rich legacy inherited by the modern generation, the simplest form of cure is offered by magnetism. Today, we I have unravelled the scientific aspects of the treatment through magnets by planned experiments.


Like any therapeutic system, the science and art of Magnetic Healing requires to be mastered to obtain desirable cures. Hence every student of Magnetotherapy-as it has now come to be known-must learn the basics of magnetism, effects of magnets on living tissue, magnetic affinity of the human body, cellular magnetism, techniques of application of magnets in various diseases, individual susceptibility to magnets, and the practical aspects of magnetotherapy. Thus, the scope of the present book includes all the above aspects as well as other accessory information on related aspects like case-taking, preparation of healing water and healing oils, concept of suppression and rational cure, and necessary precautions in magnetic application. Therefore, the book has been made as comprehensive as possible along with the description, causes, effects and precise techniques of application of magnets in various diseases as well as numerous case studies to provide consummate guidance on all practical aspects.


It is the long-cherished desire of the author that the serious-minded magnetotherapists and students of this scientific and rational system of treatment will be motivated by this book to strive to appreciate better the aspects of health rather than disease and would probe deeper into the human organism. This would help them to verify the scientific facts given herein and to corroborate the findings of numerous magneto therapists all over the world. This, by and by, would place this system on a scientific footing. The author has unhesitatingly shared his vast experience with the fellow magnetotherapists with the fond hope that some of the so-called incurable and painful afflictions of the mankind would find an easy and permanent cure through this novel method of healing which is based on the natural laws.


This book includes answers to almost all the searching enquiries which a rational mind is tempted to put forth to any practitioner of this system of treatment. These enquiries generally arose at a number of scientific meetings at which the author had occasions to talk on this subject. During the past few years a number of articles have appeared in leading Indian magazines which have generated considerable interest among the medicalmen of various systems of treatment. The promising results that this new therapy has offered in a score of diseases like cervical spondylosis, rheumatism, kidney-stone and disorders of bowels have now aroused world-wide interest in this therapy notably in India and in the countries like USA, USSR, Peurto Rico, Japan and Germany. Gradually, this ancient system of treatment based on the wisdom of our ancestors is being revived for the ultimate benefit of the man- kind irrespective of the caste creed, religion and sex. Surprisingly, inspite of the tremendous advances made in the medical science, the medical scientists are now looking hopefully at the benevolent effects of magnets in the cure of the most dreaded diseases like cancer and a number of physicians are engaged in the exclusive use of magnets in the treatment of cancer.


As a number of clinical reports on the therapeutic uses of magnets are pouring in, all magnetotherapists the world over feel proud of the simple and effective medical tool in their hands. Let us therefore join hands in this mighty task of health and disease and serve our suffering brethren who desperately wait to be released from the tortuous clutches of disease.


It is therefore with this motive that the author undertook the preparation of this book. It is his fond hope that the profession will find the work useful in their day-to-day practice. Even if this book helps any physician in the mitigation of the pain and agony of a single hapless patient, the author will feel that the enormous effort put in the preparation of the book is amply rewarded. Any suggestions, verifications and corrections covering the contents of this book will be gratefully acknowledged.




Ancient wisdom in the spheres of art, sculpture, architecture, religion, spiritualism and medicine has stood the test of the time. The ancient sages and seers understood the importance of living in consonance with the laws of the Nature which brought peace, harmony and tranquility in their living and equipped them for higher purposes of the existence. They realized the use of pure air, pure and simple food and living in surroundings as natural as possible which purified their thoughts, their intentions and made them live a healthy life. These surroundings also endowed them with kindness, wisdom and powers of intuition. Or else how can we explain the astonishing details of different planets, their celestial courses and configurations, when a telescope is only a recent development.


How did the rishis and munis understand and describe the therapeutic properties of almost all the minerals, plants and animals and their utilization in numerous diseases. The devotion and knowledge combined with their intuitional powers has given to the modern man such versatile medicines and elixirs that these are used through centuries down to our so-called modern age. Charaka and Chyavan are among those who are well known for their masterly exposition of life and disease. For instance, Charaka has covered almost the entire range of principles and practice of medicine which is valid even today. Chyavan rishi with his deep knowledge of wild plants and trees prepared a number of medicines like chyavan prash. which are used against debility and cough and cold, even today.


Why should we use these ancient formulae today in this atomic age when the miracle medicines have replaced the good old granny's recipes? The answer is simple. Our ancestors derived more from the all-wise nature than from the artificial salts and synthetic drugs. They perceived into the intricate human organism as a whole and not a mere assembly of assorted organs which apparently had no inter- relationship. They perceived into the grand design of nature- the negative and positive forces. They sought for the positive therapeutic sources from the nature for the negative disease forces and defined various constitutions and hence were capable of bringing about a perfect cure rather than a short-lived relief which is often to the detriment of the patient.


Our ancestors also approached the concept of health and disease on a more rational basis. They understood all the factors that deranged the vital force in a man and accepted with an open mind everything that had therapeutic properties. Thus they could use with wisdom all the agents from the obviously innocuous garlic to magnet, from amla to arsenic, from turmeric powder to snake poison for the cure of various ailments. That is the real scientific attitude tempered by sincere devotion, wisdom and intuition


It is difficult to guess how the ancients understood the magnetism of the earth and the other celestial bodies in the universe and its effect on life and disease. The age-old concept of fasting on new-moon and full-moon days when the lunar effect on the liquids and all other fluids is tremendous have now been properly understood and considered as scientific. On those days, all the martial humours (all the fluid and semi-fluid substances in the body containing iron) are attracted under the influence of moon and can thus lead to severe mental and emotional problems. The fasting therefore ensures reduction in body fluids on those days to avoid these abnormal effects on the human organism.


Similarly, we come across instances, where the magnet or loads tone as it is also called was used to cure disease, especially .for stopping bleeding in women. Atharva veda which is the basis for Ayurveda includes a number of slokas (verses) where .the use of magnets (often called ashman or ashma in Sanskrit) -were used against bleeding. Thus two of the typical slokas translated in English are as follows,


Of these hundred entails of thine

As well as of the thousand canals (carrying blood), 'Of all these have I closed

The openings with a, stone (magnet)

The upper part of the womb do I place below There shall come thee neither offspring nor birth I render thee sterile and devoid of offspring

A stone (magnet) do I make into a cover for thee.


Similarly, it was believed it) the early days that a person in the last moments of his life should be made to sleep in the north-south direction, head towards north and feet towards south-to induce magnetic parallelism between the earth and the body. This brought peace, tranquillity, mitigation of pain and less suffering while departing from the world.


Coming to the comparatively recent civilizations like those of Egypt we find the astounding knowledge and use of magnetic forces in the day-to-day life of the nation. The pyramids are the living testimony to the scientific and strategic entrapment of the magnetic forces which can preserve the mummies from decay and degeneration. We look at these giant preservers of culture with inexplicable awe and amazement even with all the modern resources at our command.


An interesting episode in a British museum sometime ago may come as a proof to the intricate magnetic designs of the Egyptian mummies. The British museum obtained and kept for display an Egyptian mummy. One day in the forenoon, the visitors to the museum were fear-striken at the loud explosion and ran helter-skelter to save their skin. Later it was found that the glass-covering of the casket accommodating the Egyptian mummy broke off violently-the mummy rose up to it's waist, rearranged the direction of the casket and 'slept' again. It was later realized that the casket was unknowingly placed without due regard to the earth's magnetism which resulted in the explosive rearrangement. The episode is described in great detail in the museum records.


The extra-ordinary beautiful princess of Egypt constantly- wore a small magnet as an amulet on her forehead which is believed to be the secret of her beauty and youthful charm.


Following the line right in the 4th to 8th century before Christ we find Greek philosophers Aristotle, Plato and Homar describing and using magnets for different purposes. Thus the line continues and brings us to Mesmer and Hahnemann- two contemporaries in the eighteenth century who brought the touch of magnets to the healing level-Mesmer by human magnetism, that is by personal touch and Hahnemann by magnetic rods. We find their observations and astonishing cures of human ailments recorded clearly and beautifully in various books. Today, with the advances in the sciences like physics, chemistry, biology, magnetism, electricity, pharmacology and bio-magnetic engineering, the scientists have not only corroborated the findings of our ancestors regarding therapeutic value of magnets but have also added wealth of information on the biological effects of magnets. They have carried out the experiments with magnets on bacteria, virus, plants and animals to ascertain the precise nature of physical and physiological changes in them as well as the therapeutic effects. These experiments which will be discussed in a later chapter have proved in no uncertain terms that the magnetic fields have a positive and strong influence on all the living creatures in the world. Certain countries like USA, USSR and Japan have excelled in such studies and have been able to precisely define the benefits through magnets. For instance, in Japan a number of magnetic articles like magnetic neck- laces, magnetic belts, magnetic bands and magnetic chairs are being used to treat patients suffering from different pains, frozen shoulders, rheumatism and arthritis; while in USSR magnetised water (the water which has been subjected to magnetic emanations for some time) is being used against painful urination as well as stone in kidneys and ureters. Some of the enthusiastic farmers in the above countries irrigated their plants with magnetised water and have surprisingly produced giant-sized tomatoes, brinjals and pumpkins In the United Kingdom, magnet is now a valuable aid in separation of red blood cells from other type of cells and plasma of the blood which now replaces the age-old tedious chemical method of the separation of the red blood cells. In USA, more emphasis with regard to the use of magnet is placed on the treatment of cancer as the scientists have been convinced with the effects of the magnets in retarding and remission of tumours as well as checking the proliferation of the malignant cells in the body. Therefore, a strong line of therapeutics now developing in the above countries In the treatment of numerous diseases that plague the mankind.


Some of the scientists who have. been working on the effects of the earth's magnetism as well as the effects of solar flares and sunspot activities (the unusual storms of the sun, cause solar flares ; the activity of the sun is measured by the number of sunspots visible on the solar disc which show the alternate cycles of activity and relative calm) have found that these cause disturbances in the earth's magnetism thus leading to many biological changes in the living beings including the heart' attacks. In addition, the solar wind and the inter- planetary magnetic field of the solar system provide further links between the sun activity and- the spin of the earth. Thus, it has been found that sudden fluctuations in the earth's magnetism can result in grave consequences for the living, beings.


It has also been found that different organs of the human body produce fluctuating magnetic fields due to the different chemical activities in the body which means that every cell in the human body has a specific magnetic value and thus suggests the obvious link between the body and the external atmosphere. The highest magnetic field is produced by the brain during sleep followed by the magnetic field of the heart which can now be precisely measured through various instruments and any change in the magnetic value can lead to a fruitful forecast of an impending danger to an organ. The scientists are now working on the theory that the magneto-encephalograms (MEG) and the magneto-cardiograms (MCG) provide much more relevant information about the damage to the brain and heart as compared to the traditional electro-- encephalograms (EEG) and electro-cardiograms (ECG) respectively.

















Human Body-Nature’s Perfect Design



About Magnet and Magnetism



Physical and Biological Effects on Magnets



How a Magnet Heals



Healing Water



Healing Oils



Suppression of Cure



Taking the Case






How To Use Magnets in Disease



Cases Treated with Magnets









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