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Bamonn- Story of a Konkani Roman Catholic

Bamonn- Story of a Konkani Roman Catholic
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Item Code: NAZ682
Author: Na D'Souza
Publisher: Manipal University Press
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9789382460664
Pages: 168
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About the Book
Konkani Roman Catholic Christians were converted from other groups by Goan Missionaries long ago, keeping the caste system tradition to a large extent in layers such as the Bamonn, the Charodi, the Gawdi, the Nendar, the Shudra, etc. At the time of weddings and other social gatherings they continue to consider caste system norms and customs in the community. Caste system in Indian Christians is vividly described in the novel Bamonn.

Christopher Pai of Kalyanpura hails from a Bamonn family and takes great pride in his ancestry. He believes in the stories about his Konkani Roman Catholic ancestors from his elders and about their being true Christians, holding on to their faith despite tremendous pressure to convert to Islam during Tipu Sultan's regime. He also believes Bamonns are superior to other Christians in the community.

After retiring from his job of a Headmaster, he refuels his obsession to retrace his roots and find out the truth about his ancestors. In his journey of self-assurance and faith, will he succeed in his mission to convince his family, his children and the community at large of his glorious ancestry and instill pride in the next generation? ...

About the Author
Norbert D'Souza, popularly known as a D'Souza in Kannada literature was born on 6 June 1937 in Sagara, Karnataka. A Konkani Roman Catholic, he belongs to the Charodi community, the second largest Konkani Roman Catholic community in the region. He is the son of Philip D'Souza who came from an artisan family i.e., builders of house called Maista from Murdeshwara, the South Kanara District of Karnataka. He was a Government employee for more than 37 years. He has more than 40 novels, short stories, plays and literature for children to his credit. He is a recipient of the Central Sahitya Akademi's Bala Sahitya Puraskar for his children's novel Mulugadrya Origen Bandeau, the Karnataka Sahitya Academy award (1993), the Karnataka Rajyotsava Award (1998), and the Alvas desire Award (2006). His two novels Dweepa (Island) and Kadina Benki (Forest Fire) were made into motion pictures and won national awards. His novels Mulugade and Kolaga are prescribed for study in Mangalore University and Bangalore University. He has an Honorary Doctorate (Delight) from Kuvempu University, Karnataka.

There is a saying that says, "Not much of details have been revealed on Canara Christians in Kannada literature." Canara Christians are Konkani speaking Roman Catholics found in North and South Canara districts of coastal Karnataka, who trace their origin to Goa.

True, the lives of the people of other Christian communities have been well described and elaborated in Kannada Literature.

Whereas, there is a lot of shrouded mystery, ignorance about Konkani Christians and, at the same time, there is a tremendous curiosity regarding the lifestyle, culture and social customs of this minority that follows the Roman Catholic faith.

The purpose of writing this book is to reveal the faith, belief and the way of life of the Roman Catholics. I assert the idea that this small community must expose itself to light, invite true unbiased criticism and must subject itself to self-evaluation. When this shrouded mystery is cleared, they would become more exposed and more self-reliant.

I have written a few articles and many small stories keeping the above ideology in my mind.

Now, I present this novel Bamonn to the readers.

I have seen many a person like Christopher Pai, the hero of this novel, in every community. The sense of high birth and their belief in high birth have kept such persons apart from the crowd.

I have observed such people in Christian community of my native land ...

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